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Pattern of the Month: We’re celebrating Adelaide!


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This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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It’s starting to get hot here in Portland, so we’re celebrating Adelaide this month. You can add one of our favorite Seamwork patterns to your collection for just $5! The sale runs through the end of May.

Here are 6 reasons why Adelaide belongs in your closet:


  1. Two words: polka dots! By @emma_made_this
  2. Sometimes you have to bust out the hammer, which is really fun. By @theruffledstitch
  3. Adelaide is great for showing off prints. Have fun with how the patterns lay on your placket. By @karu_aru
  4. Rachel from House of Pinheiro sewed one of my all-time favorite Adelaides, for a perfect retro look.
  5. Adelaide sews up wonderfully in Nani Iro fabric, by @kalliesews
  6. Delaney proves that Adelaide also looks great in cats! So bust out those big, bold animal prints you’ve got hiding in your stash.

If snaps intimidate you, don’t worry, Haley’s got you covered with this tutorial for set-in snaps.

What’s your snap style? Would you sew a solid-colored Adelaide or one that makes a statement?

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I have been in love with Adelaide since is came out, but have refrained from making it as I wasn’t sure if I would wear it enough. It has just been put on my sew next list and I am off to hunt for polka dot fabric!!


Thanks for featuring my photo! I really like this dress and another one I made in beautiful cotton print too.


Thank you so much for featuring my photo! The pattern is so great, I have more on my to-sew list!


What a great basic pattern.

Has anyone tried sleeves with this?


I haven’t seen a version with sleeves, but I have seen Adelaide layered over a bodysuit or long sleeved tee, and it looked great!


I’d forgotten about Adelaide languishing on my laptop, thank you for reminding me. Planning to make it in lightweight denim and adding in some side seam pockets (because why not) and will use buttons not snaps. I learned my lesson with snaps on a bus with a toddler…. mortification is not a feeling I will repeat if it can be avoided by use of the buttonhole function. I plan to wear it as is or with a cardigan for spring and summer but will definitely layer up with long sleeved tees in the winter as denim is truly cross season.


Oh no, how embarrassing! At least buttons will look just as cute as snaps.


I was really excited to try this pattern but I can’t find a set of good grommet punches (i know that’s not exactly what its called!). Any suggestions? or should i just sew buttons? :)


In the tutorial linked above, we also show you how to install them using a hammer and anvil. Buttons are an option, but also check out or even Amazon for some specialized snaps and tools if you can’t find them locally.


I love Adelaide, but past (bad) experiences make me refuse to “PDF”. Any chance you’ll actually print Seamwork patterns? I’d also like Oslo, and lots of others too. Happy to pay!

A computer guy at Staples told me that it actually costs 50 cents for every copy made at home. That certainly makes PDFs expensive, as well as frustrating futile PITAs.


We don’t have immediate plans or capacity for printed patterns, but if you don’t like assembling patterns at home, you can ask that computer guy at Staples to print our wide format version. They can print it on a single sheet of paper so you don’t need to do any taping!

Brook Neumann

Hi: I am starting to work on Adelaide now. I started learning to sew clothes about 6 months ago and am completely self taught.
I have a question about the interfacing piece for the dress. Do I apply the interfacing to a piece of fabric and then attach to dress? How do I attach it? Hope you can help. Thanks. Brook


You will apply the interfacing directly to the wrong side of each dress front piece (piece A). Apply it to the center front, so the interfacing sits within the fold line that is marked on piece A. There is no need to attach a separate piece of fabric!

Brook Neumann

Thanks, that helps a lot. I wasn’t sure what that line on pattern was for. So I guess we fold the edge of the fabric over the already attached interfacing to cover it, and on both sides?

Renae capizzano

Hello, I’m about to sew the placket and i’m finding the instructions a bit confusing.
for Step 1 – clip the SA to the small circle am i clipping top of neckline to small circle?

any help would be great. thanks

Brook Neumann

I’m stuck here too! I can’t figure out what and how to tuck inside the fold.
I think I made the interfacing too wide or something because it extends a lot farther than the fold line.

Brook Neumann

I’m so stupid, look what I found. It is a good demonstration.


That is a great tutorial to use :)


Hi Renae – check out the tutorial for Aster’s placket that Brook posted below. It has more pictures! Yes, you clip the top of the placket at the neckline.


Great timing with this post – I’d forgotten about this dress. It’s not something that would suit *me*, but my tween daughter is growing up fast and just beginning to fit the smallest sizes. With an NBA (non-existent bust adjustment) and some reduction in length, I think this might work well on her. Some nice examples in the photos here, too. Off to use up some Seamwork credits.

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