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Seamwork 18: Women to the Front


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This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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The May issue of Seamwork is up and ready for you to read!

In this issue:





Some favorite quotes from this issue:

“Other women give us courage to become more than what’s expected of us. When we share our experiences – whether it’s a life-changing experience like having a child, or a small victory like making a new dress – we see ourselves reflected and contrasted. The individuality of our female friends helps us to be more fully ourselves.” -Sarai Mitnick, Celebrating Women

“There are so many things in life that you can’t take back, but sewing is filled with opportunities to begin again. It is filled with a million ways to try again.” -Aimee Davis, P-O-W-E-R

“What makes MMM compelling is the way it challenges sewists not only to make garments, but also to actually wear them in our real lives—and so to consider how our handmade wardrobes relate to consumption, self-image, and how we present ourselves to the world. ” -Tasha Griffith, The Woman Behind the Sewing Challenge

And here are the two new quick-to-sew patterns in this issue:


As the weather heats up you’re going to have a lot of outdoor events to attend, and with Layton there’s no better way to make a simultaneously stylish and laid back appearance at all of those festivals and fairs. Add an adorable vintage leather belt and layer it up with a cropped cardigan to create the easiest outfit you’ve ever assembled.

This little tank romper is playful, comfortable, and so easy to sew you’ll be stitching them up all summer long. Layton features a fully lined bodice that gathered into a flattering elastic waistline. The style lines, angled armholes, and slits at the hem of the shorts all make for unforgettable fashion forward details. Best of all, Layton is seamlessly interchangeable with 3037, so you can mix and match the tops and bottoms to create an entirely new look!


Date night calls for a dress that is as fashionable as it is comfortable. With its sleek style lines, seductive front skirt slits, keyhole, and romantic sleeves, Perry is an easygoing frock that helps you bring your A-game. Pair it with a well-tailored jacket, your favorite pair of heels, and a bold lipstick for a look that can hold up through dinner and drinks.

Perry is both fun and flirty. You can go from cutting to hemming in just a few hours, meaning this will become a wardrobe staple—not just for date night. Best of all, this dress is seamlessly interchangeable with Layton, so you can mix and match the tops and bottoms to create an entirely new look!

You can visit to read the issue, download it from the current issue page, or subscribe to get the patterns.

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The mix & match striped dress is so cute!!!


After last month and this month I am feeling a little disappointed in the patterns. My credits are starting to like up unused. I am a fourty-something woman with two small children who works full time. None of these patterns are suiting my needs or lifestyle. I’d love to see your next few patterns cater more to those of us who need a little more coverage around the neck and more leg coverage with more substantial fabrics. I don’t mean to sound like a nun. I’m far from it! Thanks for your consideration.


MJ; I kind of agree, though I find the Perry dress cute and very usefull, eventually after lenghtening it a bit? In generel I like the aim of producing “easy sewing fixes” that can be finished in less than three hours, but I think it limits the range of patterns? To me, it seems quite fair that we are not getting the same kind of “advanced” patterns when paying only 6 $ every month for 2 patterns – though; I´ve had a dream, that maybe some months, the wonderful seamwork people will make only one, slightly more advanced pattern, and other months continue their great work with making those easy sew-ups? I also see my seamworks point being unused, and wonder how to use them , I don´t know if you have given this topic any thoughts on Seamwork?
That said, I still absolutely love my Seamwork Magazine, and I´m looking forwaard to autumn (not the autumn itself, but the sewing -season here at Seamwork ;-)), it seems that the autumn patterns is a bit more “mature” than the spring-ones?


Thanks for the note about your unused credits, Mette, and those are some great ideas. We are definitely cooking up some new ways for you to use them in the future :)

Francesca a

Good to hear.


I totally agree with MJ. And i have been thinking of unsubscribing for now, but it’s really unfair that i will not be able to access my account or use my credits!! You guys should really fix this issue. We should be able to access/download the purchased patterns and use the credits we have accumulated.


Hi Amanda – sorry for any confusion, but you will still be able to download and use any patterns you currently have in your library. You just can’t exchange credits for more patterns without a current subscription, so just be sure to use up your credits before you cancel. If you do cancel, we will keep your credits safe until you are ready to subscribe again!


I’m with Mette. What I love about these offerings are that they have very simple style lines that you can play with. I always look at line drawings. Then before I decide whether or not I dislike the pattern, I think about easy changes I could make. It’s easiest to think of the samples as ideas for how to interpret the design but since you are sewing this yourself, you’re in charge!

I have to “petite” every single pattern I work with, which requires a lot more than just adjusting lengths. So I really like these easy patterns. That’s about the only thing I ever buy from anyone else anymore: patterns with simple style lines that I can re-work.

So please, Seamwork, continue offering these exactly as they are. And I’m 42, with a young child and I work (I can add a sleeve and lengthen a hem or two).


Thanks, Lisa! I’d love to see some of your projects :)


Thanks for the feedback, MJ! It’s always appreciated. And yes, we are working on new ways that you will be able to use your Seamwork credits, so hang on to them, as they do not expire.


Thanks Meg! I appreciate the response. I’ve loved the patterns up until recently and I honestly wonder if it is because a lot of your samples are being sewn up in slinky fabrics. Just a thought, anyway, I’ve been a subscriber since the beginning so my credits are starting to pile up. At some point I will either need to ditch the unused credits and cancel because $72 a year for an online magazine with patterns that don’t suit me is a lot of wasted money. Looking forward to what’s next for Seamwork as I do love the concept!!

Francesca a

Snap, me too.

Francesca a

Except for the kids I’m in the same boat.

SJ Kurtz

Regarding the home sewn shift dress: you have the same problem we have at home with photographing dark fabrics. If you could lighten up the later photos, we could see the details AND remember a few photos on what lovely, color saturated material it’s made of.
Hem photo? Hey, it’s Spring! All is understood!

Betty Jordan Wester

The patterns are super cute & I love that the tops are interchangeable. Great work.


Ha, I’m going to make that romper (never thought I would say that). How does one get in and out of it though? I’ve never tried anything like it, but it looks so comfortable for when the weather gets hot.


It sure is comfortable! You step into the romper and pull it up – the waist has elastic so it will stretch around your hips :)


I’m not one who’d wear Layton out-and-about (shorts are not my thing!), but I was thinking it would make cute and comfy summer pjs. A summer onesie, if you will. And it would be fun to make in a more bold and bright print than I’d usually wear on the streets as well!

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