Seamwork is here! Get these 3 patterns for just $6 when you subscribe



It’s time for all of us here at CPHQ to let out a collective deep breath as we release one of our biggest projects ever into the world: Seamwork magazine.


Those of you who signed up to our preview mailing list have heard a lot about the design process and thinking around Seamwork. Today, I’ll stick to telling you what you’ll get from Seamwork and why you should subscribe.

Get these 3 patterns for $6

The concept behind Seamwork is different, but it’s simple.

Seamwork is an online sewing pattern magazine, specializing in projects that can be made in 3 hours or less. But more than that, each project is designed to help you explore something new, introducing you to sewing topics you might not be familiar with in a quick but hands-on way.


Oslo, the cozy cardigan

Our first pattern is Oslo, a long and cozy cardigan with a relaxed shape and slightly dropped shoulder. I made my first Oslo cardigan in just 1 1/2 hours!

The greatest thing about this pattern is how different it looks depending on your fabric choice. You can use almost any knit, from French terry to cotton jersey, but I like it most of all in a lush sweater knit.




If you’re not familiar with sewing sweater knits, read our article all about the ins and outs of choosing and stitching all kinds of sweater knit fabric. You’ll learn how to keep them from unraveling, how to maintain their texture, and a handy helper fabric you can use.


Madrid, the workhorse tote

Who doesn’t need a good tote bag? Madrid is a lovely and simple 2-hour tote with subtle details like a tab closure and piping. It looks great in a mix of fabrics, especially when you incorporate leather or faux leather.



Read our article all about making bags, including ideas for incorporating beautiful hardware and sewing with leather and vinyl. Bags are a fantastic way to get creative without worrying about fit.


Valencia, the classic clutch

Finally, we have a bonus pattern for subscribers with this issue: The Valencia clutch. This gorgeous and simple evening bag features a turn lock closure and chain strap that can be tucked inside.



Learn how to install a turn lock in this issue, or try your hand at customizing your bags with leather paint.

Download the issue for free

You can read all of the articles in Seamwork issue 01 online, or you can download the whole issue as a PDF for free.


Here are the stories you’ll find in this issue:

  1. Elizabeth Dye talks draping
  2. The Beautiful World of Pendleton Wool
  3. Embroidered Snow Flurry
  4. The Ultimate Guide to Sparkle
  5. 3 Ways to Paint a Bag
  6. Making Beautiful Bags
  7. How to Install a Turn Lock
  8. How to Sew with Sweater Knits
  9. Behind the Seams


Reader Deals

In addition to the patterns and stories we offer, be sure to check out our Reader Deals section.

There, you’ll find discounts and deals at a selection of independent fabric shops, including shops in the UK and Australia! These are some of our absolute favorite indie shops that we’ve worked with for years, and they’re offering discounts up to 25% off.

Gift subscriptions are available (but you don’t have to wait)

If you’d like a Seamwork subscription for the holidays, we have gift subscriptions available for 6 months, 12 months, and 24 months.

BUT, even if you ask for a subscription for the holidays, you don’t have to wait to get your patterns! If you subscribe today for $6 and someone gives you a subscription, you can simply apply that to your future issues. Think of it as a gift certificate, really.

So, want to learn about sweater knits while you make a cardigan? Care to try your hand at making a leather tote? Want to try using turn locks?

Visit Seamwork and subscribe to get your patterns >

PS: Congrats to Elizabeth T, Tara P, AM, Alanya L, and Carol C who won 1-year subscriptions! We’ve emailed you privately with details.

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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I am so excited about this! As a busy university student, I don’t have much time to sew for myself so small projects like this are great! Oslo, particularly, looks super comfortable and I’m excited to make that!

I’ve also started recently working part-time at a leather store so I know where I’ll be grabbing some leather to make a Valencia!

gabriel ratchet

well. your usual awesome production. full cast, take a bow.

Jeri Sullivan

Website is down :(


Lots and lots and lots of people are trying to see this first issue… your website is down : you can’t get a better prove of success, congrats!!! ;-)

It’s 11PM in Paris, I’ll go to bed and will have a look at all of this tomorrow morning…

gabriel ratchet

(i think your website is getting hammered)


Sorry guys, I guess we’re a little slammed. Should be back up shortly.

Megan thingsthatfloatmyboat,

Oh wow! You guys hit it out of the park! Everyone must agree with me because the server is down. I’ll check back soon–can’t wait to get these patterns. Awesome idea. Love these first three projects and the bags will make great Christmas gifts!!!


Dame un Brussels… End of the day. Eager to be tomorrow morning to check again and try and download the magazine :-). Have a great launch !


Please read “same in Brussels” on my previous comment. Spell check was in French and didn’t get I was trying to write in English :-D


Problem solved, thanks for your patience guys!


Such a gorgeous product and I love the three patterns. Of course I subscribed immediately! Thank you for this wonderful magazine and patterns.


hello, quick question – in the magazine page 5 it says “These patterns are
available to subscribers for a very low monthly cost”

Is that in addition to the $6 a month for the magazine or are they included in the price of the magazine?



They are included! $6 is for the full subscription with 2 patterns each month. :)


Thanks Sarai, I found that a little confusing, thanks for clearing it up for me :)

Isaboe Renoir

I’m enjoying the first issue of the magazine! Can I ask, where did you source the sweater knits featured in the article? Thank you!


Those were purchased locally here in Portland (Mill End store).


So very excited. It made my long day seem not so bad now that I can end it with this.

Heather Lou

** HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE ** Way to go you guys! The first issue is so beautiful, thoughtful and much needed. I made myself a cup of tea and thoroughly enjoyed every page. Can’t wait to see more (and the patterns are lovely! That sweater is basically all I want to wear every day).


Congratulations, Sarai and team. Love the idea, and love the first issue. I will never be without a cardigan again!


Silly me, I’m on a camping holiday in NZ for a month but still remembered to check for the release. I just subscribed using my home email and then realised I could probably get some merino sweater knit here but now don’t know the fabric requirements. Could someone help me with this please. Knits are hard to come by back home.

Jeri Sullivan

Hi Lynda,

Not sure what size you would be making but 45″ fabric requires between 2.75-3 yards and 60″ fabric requires roughly 2.5 yards for the Oslo sweater.

Have a good time camping!


Congrats on creating such a beautiful magazine! Quick question: will back issues of Seamwork be available for purchase after the month has passed?


The back issues of the magazine will remain available, and will be free. The patterns that go with back issues will eventually be available for purchase at some point (it’s on our to-do list). But of course the price will not be so low as when you subscribe and get them that way. :)


Thank you! That was exactly what I need to know. Subscribing right now…


The email just arrived in my inbox :D


Subscribed, will have to download it tonight. And I already know what I will be reading in the plane to Lisboa tomorrow!!!

@Lynda: 3 yards of fabric shall do the trick (it goes from 2 1/2 to 2 7/8). Lucky you to be in NZ!!!!


Love the new magazine!
I just wanted to ask, is it possible to buy one or two patterns without subscribing?


Not at this time. Eventually we’ll build a way to buy them à la carte, but subscribing will still get you the best deal as far as price.


Ok, I’m convinced! I think this will replace Burda in my life. Quality over quantity matters in ny book. Can’t wait to snuggle up in the cardi


Lovely mag and patterns! I’ve subscribed!


I’m loving it! All 3 designs are super cute and perfect for the holiday season!!


I love this! It’s beautiful and a better match for me than most sewing magazines. Also, I can’t wait to make that cardigan. And I can’t help but giggle reading the description for Madrid:
It’s time to replace the ratty, all-purpose tote bag you’ve been carrying with something a bit more grown-up.
That was pretty much written directly at me.


Too bad I already have two books full of bag patterns I haven’t made yet, but I’d pay $6 for the cardigan alone! Definitely subscribing, I need more short projects to fill up the free moments in my busy life.

Stina P

I’m so looking forward to reading your first issue tomorrow for my day-off-breakfast!


The first issue is awesome — now I have an excuse to buy any amazing sweater knits I run across! I’m really looking forward to see future issues, congratulations on the launch!


Congratulations on your new project: I am really looking forward to going through the articles over the weekend. I have always enjoyed your ‘Snippets’ mailing: I do hope they can continue too!? Thanks so much for the great knit cardigan pattern: I have been looking for a loose casual style without too much ‘frou-frou’ (peplums and such) for ages – this is it!


So nice – I was supposed to be working yesterday and got lost in your first issue instead!

Quick note about washing sweater knits – I would use the same products to wash them as I use for hand knits – Soak, Eucalan or Kookaburra. The method is the same as in your magazine but these products don’t need to be rinsed out.


Good tip, thanks! Maybe we’ll do a “reader tips” section in future issues! That would be fun.


Lovely stuff as always!
I would love to see what would happen if you would put yourself on a reasonable fabric shopping budget ($100 per project maybe, all special notions included) and limit yourself to online purchases only. From start to finish. WITH shipping costs counting against your budget. I have yet to live within driving distance (that being 300 miles) of such awesome fabrics as you (and all the other patterns companies) routinely use. Online fabric shopping can be fun and yet so frustrating. I’m coming up empty finding something similar to the black and white print or the nubby cream that is featured in this issue and while I feel like Seamwork will/can fill a huge void in my sewing pattern life my biggest problem (fabric selection) will never be solved. And we all know how any project absolutely hinges in finding the right fabric ;-)


Great point! I actually had an idea for a column in which we’d order swatches online and make recommendations in the magazine for the featured patterns. Sounds like that might be helpful!


Yes!! I second this!! I, too, live far away from any fabric stores, and would love to hear more about where I can find great fabric for the patterns showcased in the magazine. :)

Great work, Sarai and team!! The first issue is amazing – I read it all in one sitting – and I can’t wait to get started on my sweater pattern soon. I’m already counting down the days until the next issue’s release!!


Fantastic! Sign me up!


They’re aren’t enough words in any language to say all the amazing things I want to say about Seamwork. I am thrilled that it’s finally here and, of course, subscribed immediately. Oslo is on my list as a Christmas gift – it’s perfectly pretty.

Jet Set Sewing

Looks like fun, and I like that cardigan. I’m glad you’re showing people how to tackle knits, because it’s really not that hard. Good luck with this venture!


Hi Sarai,
Congrats on the new magazine!
I’m loving it!!
I was wondering whether it would be possible to purchase each of the issues as an individual as opposed to as a subscription.
Would that be possible??


You can download (or read online) all of the articles for free.

As for the patterns, as mentioned above, we’re working on making them available separately in the future (but the prices will remain much lower when getting them through a subscription, much like a magazine on the newsstand vs. subscription). Hope that makes sense!


Hey team! Awesome work, I’m a subscriber now, and I’m so excited!

Is the 3/4 length grey knit dress worn under Oslo and with Valencia an existing Colette pattern?


It’s not, just a RTW knit dress. But you could make something similar with Heather’s Nettie pattern!


Great idea!


This is fantastic! Congrats on an excellent new addition to the Colette world – Seamwork looks beautiful. My mouth fell open over Madrid. I’m very excited to become a member in the very near future. Keep up the great work guys!


Thrilled to bits! Have subscribed and downloaded the Oslo sweater. Can’t wait to go fabric shopping for this!


Beautiful magazine. Subscribed and really enjoying the new patterns. Sometimes the more complicated patterns get started and then sadly end up on the pile of unfinished projects, so a terrific idea to have something for those of us that need more instant gratification. I’m wondering if you could suggest a place to purchase the hardware for the two lovely bags? I’m not having luck finding anything “nice” or Good quality. I’ve never made bags before but these would make lovely presents. Thank you so much for the inspiration!


The article on turn locks has some resources at the bottom for hardware:

We found our bag handles on etsy. Lots of options there!


A very interesting magazine. I am thoroughly enjoying taking my time over reading every page. I too have subscribed and am so glad that I did. I’m looking forward to making some time to sew some of the projects.

This is the best yet. thanks


I am having a hard time getting to the subscription page. I definitely would like to subscribe. Help!


If you’re having any trouble, go ahead and contact us so we can help!

Abbey Garcia

I’m loving these patterns! I want to make them all! Do you have some online resources you could share for purchasing faux leather, real leather, leather straps, and the hardware needed for the purses. I’m searching around online for some good quality leathers and I’m nervous about buying something without seeing it in person. I would really appreciate it and it sounds like from the other comments others would too! Thanks! Can’t wait until the next issue!


I’ve subscribed and so excited, it all looks fab – thank you!

I’m going to start with the Oslo cardi, but when printing the test square, it’s slightly less (3mm) than it should be, will this matter?

I probably know the answer is “yes it does” but I have no idea how to rescale it on my pc – I’ve had several attempts and just can’t enlarge it those extra 3mm :-(

Any help would be appreciated!


Check out our help topic here, where we cover the common printer issues and solutions for this:


Thanks so much Sarai – it’s worked – yippeeeee!!

I’m so pleased :-)


Hi, anyone know where I can buy fabric for the Oslo cardigan on-line in the Uk? Thanks,


Hi Zoe, I’m in France and buy from here and from the UK (online), but I’m having trouble finding any sweater knit fabric for the Oslo cardigan. I would be interested to know if you have managed to find anything.


I’ve found this wool blend fabric which might be suitable………



Thanks for the link, I’ve just had a look and they have a couple of other knitted wools as well which look nice!

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