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Sewing Chatter: What is your sewing resolution for 2017?


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Whether you feel energized for a new year of sewing or completely stuck with your current projects, it’s always fun to make a sewing resolution as the year winds to a close. Especially this year, since it was a doozy.

Your sewing goal can be very ambitious, something slow and steady, or maybe even general sewing housekeeping or machine maintenance.

My sewing resolution is to make a rain poncho for biking here in Portland. I have my fabric all set and ready for 2017! Here are some more goals from the team, to get you started:


“My sewing goal for 2017 is to create a well-fitted, personalized wardrobe that I look and feel my best in.” -Delaney, Product Manager

“In 2017, I really want to work on sewing more separates and accessories, such as hats and bags. I also want to keep up my momentum of sewing at least one thing a week.” -Anna, Designer

“I’m a very project-minded sewist and have a backlog of projects to make. In 2017, I’d love to actually sew up a killer pair of gingham cigarette pants, a neutral midi skirt, another Oslo cardigan, and tons of bralettes.” -Katie, Producer

If you’re more project oriented like Katie, we’ve got something fun planned for the beginning of 2017 to motivate you to meet your goals.

So, what about you? What’s your sewing resolution?

  • Does setting a sewing resolution help you plan?
  • Do you have a major sewing accomplishment from 2016 to share?
  • Did you learn any hard lessons in sewing this year?
  • What will you change about your sewing habits next year?

Share your thoughts below and we can all give each other support for the new year!

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I sew mainly for children, and have dabbled in sewing for me with mixed results. This year my goal is to create a list of women’s patterns I want to make, and sew myself at least 3 of those items.


I have only 3 goals for 2017 and one of them is sewing related :)
I want to increase the ratio of handmade in my closet. And because a good goal should follow the SMART approach, my goal can be specified in the following terms:
Specific – to draft and sew 1 pair of trousers, 1 skirt, 1 dress, 2 tops (woven and knit);
Measurable – 5 items;
Achievable – 1 item/2 months (my normal rate of clothing production)
Resources – drafting and sewing material (I already have), specific fabric/notions and Wardrobe Architect series to help me with the general pieces design.
Time frame – Until Dec 21th 2017


What a great acronym! Thanks for sharing.


I set a wardrobe goal 2 years ago, to have a skirt, a bodice, and something-waistcoat-jacket-like that I could wear to work but still be me. I had no planning in the strictest sense, I just knew that what I was working on should be contributing toward that end goal.

The first year I spent figuring out what sort of style I actually felt really good in. Not a lot of wearable garments got made, just lots of muslins. I spent a lot of time measuring myself and crawling into a calculator and then drafting “master” patterns that I could riff on. I thought I was into pencil skirts, but as it turns out I’m into corsets and petticoats and ruffly trim.

This year I made a whole summer wardrobe (because that was all unlined and sheer-ish and therefore not that time or resource consuming), and I got a few skirts and bodices into Spring, Autumn, and Winter, but I haven’t got to the jackets yet. My greatest accomplishment was my Christmas party outside, a red/white striped bustle skirt with a matching bodice and a big red bow on my butt. All the stripes matched.

I learned that I will happily hand sew miles of trim and hand bead all manner of things, but that I hate buttonholes with a fiery passion. Nothing I wear will ever include zippers, they don’t play well with the extreme curves that come of corsetry. Old methods of clothes making can be super satisfying (go on, ask me about underlining and facings and when trim gets attached and whether you should wear another petticoat) (you should). I can wear whatever I like to my very serious finance office job, even a chemise a la reine style dress (it’s like underwear!), if I have the courage.

Next year I want to be more organised and clean about my sewing, which I think will make the sewing room a lot less, ahem, blue.


“All the stripes matched.” ‘Nuff said.

Well done!! Very inspiring. :)

Katie Cunningham

In 2016, I set a goal for myself to sew 16 items, and it worked super well! Some of them were smaller projects that I could get done in a day, while others took a bit more time.

I’m setting a similar goal for myself in 2017: Sew 17 items. I’m not getting any more specific than that, because I never know what will start to appeal to me in the next twelve months. I may decide to do more clothing… or I may decide to make more quits, or accessories, or whatever pops up on my feed.

I have the same goal for a few other things in my life (knitting, writing, making videos, and doing pins), because 17 is a number that’s manageable, but also forces me to push myself a bit.

[And for those that I know will ask, once I hit 2020, I’m going to stick to “20 in 20XX”, rather than keeping scaling up ;) ]


Setting a resolution does help, and some are big, some small, so that I know I can accomplish at eleast some of them.

My major sewing accomplishment was to better support my efforts by purchasing and setting up an inexpensive wire cube shelving system to organize and display all of my fabrics and many notions and projects in progress. This is a great improvement over a nice but almost useless large lidded wicket basket, where nothing could be seen and therefor no plans made for. I needed the basket for a diy project aleswhere in the house so it was kismet. A second huge accomplishment was recently refitting my pricey fencing uniform with new elastic parts so I can get back into the sport competitively. Now I just need to lose the final 10 pounds to be able to fit into it…

My hard lesson was I will likely never again wear a professional office uniform, and all of the fancy classic clothes that go with that. My new job involves a uniform provided by the company, and I am up in years and likely to never need much of my wardrobe anymore. Many of my stash fabrics are too high end for my job and the area I live in. Sigh…guess I have to find a way to let it all go.

So next year I hope to finally let go of a lot of it. But I am also losing weight, so there are maybe some pieces that can be selvage or reworked for a more practical fit with my lifestyle.

Thanks for asking – great questions!


I started sewing this summer (chose ver.2 Dahlia as my first ever machine-sewn garment – I have problems with being overly ambitious!) Fully intend to keep sewing through 2017, as soon as I’m settled somewhere.

My main sewing goal is to add to my hand-sewn wardrobe with some skirts (I’m eyeing a Brooklyn and Sewaholic’s Hollyburn in particular), a Delavan jacket, and a blouse or two. Secondary resolution: learn how to sew knits!

(Knitting resolution: to pare down my stash a little, and to start converting some of it into the sweaters I’ve been yearning for. (2017 might have to be a year for mostly-selfish knitting.))

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies

I want to make the patterns I have in the fabric I have bought for them before the children grow out of them!! It’s a modest goal but hopefully achievable with a bit of planning


My goal in 2016 was to make less but make them as perfectly as I could and to really work on improving the fit. That worked well and I now have a small number of me made garments that I really love to wear. This year will be more of the same but I am really going to concentrate on finishing – all the little things that make a garment look professionally made.


That’s a great goal!! I’m planning something very similar and really focus on quality over quantity in my finished pieces.

Good luck!


My goal is more selfish sewing. I made one or two items this year that really expanded my sartorial comfort zone, and I want more. My goal is to replace my dull basics with edgier pieces as they wear out, and where possible to shop second-hand and vintage, and sew more than anything else. More bras, more underwear, and casual/house wear that I could run downtown in without feeling like a slouch.
I’m going to two spring/summer weddings, so I want party wear for those.
And (hah, this never happens) sew down my stash!


My goal is to sew 2 garments per month (at least); and to sew lingerie for myself.


Have you read the book sewing lingerie you can wear? Its super helpful.


Is that “Sewing lingerie that fits”? By karrn Morris?


Yes. I botched the title. But, apparently you were already on the ball. I love that she includes some cute PJs. I got a lot of great ideas from reading it.

miss agnes

My sewing goal is simply to learn how to sew, and go beyond the step of putting the thread in the needle of my machine. I’ve been reading sewing blogs for years now but I am scared to try.. even though I can tackle the most complex stitches in knitting, sewing seems so daunting to me. So my first goal is to get friendly with my sewing machine and take a few classes to learn the basics, and finally get started.


I’ve been teaching some friends sewing and I find the Seamwork patterns are awesome for new sewists. Generally, they have fewer pattern pieces, simpler lines, sew up quickly, don’t take a ton of fabric, and many are looser fitting so you won’t lose all your momentum with trying to match your body type.

I’d try some nice lounge clothes/pajamas. Comfy, satisfying, simple, and if they’re not perfect, they’ll still be something you can wear around the house.

Have fun and don’t be worry: there’s a wealth of help out there if you run into trouble. :)

miss agnes

Thanks a lot for the encouragements and the great tips. I’m really looking forward to making my first item. Pyjama pants are top on my list when I reach the point where I can tackle my first garment.


My goal in 2016 was to acquire one of our empty-nested bedrooms as a sewing supplies room. Thankfully, that goal was achieved, thanks to a daughter who wanted to move to her big sister’s former room, leaving me a sunny space with a large closet. I love that space. I don’t sew in it because I use our lovely sunroom downstairs, nearer the hub of the home. Suffice it to say that I don’t like to sew in seclusion.

My goal in 2017 is to sew a little bit every day, unless I’m out of town. I don’t care if it’s only 10 minutes. But I know that 10 minutes can give me energy and joy like nothing else. When I was in graduate school, I used to do this, and it worked. I want to return to it…without guilt that I should be doing something else.

I really enjoyed reading everyone else’s goals for 2017.


My only goal is to have even more fun than last year! Futhermore I would like to test my new shirring, hemmer, binding and pintuck feet.

Lisa W

Currently working hard to get my new sewing space remodeled. Even made a temporary space upstairs because I don’t want to stop sewing. I’ve had a hard look at my clothes (ones I’ve made, and I make most of them). Do I wear them? And if I do I should wear them till they wear out. Slowing down on “let’s make make more stuff constantly”. I want to wear what I’ve made. I want to carefully pick my new pieces. This past year I picked a pattern and made it multiple times with different fabric. I wear them, I’m wearing them out. This feels good. I’ve also realized I like to wear only certain colors (navy, black, grey, and maybe a few more). I’ve tried to force colors and patterns into my wardrobe but then I don’t wear them. Done with that. Sticking with my colors and I’m very happy. I’ll step out of my comfort zone (woven natural fibers) and move into knits because I got a serger this year. I’m excited about this.


I am participation in. UFO project-one a month. Its actually for quilting, but Ive made a lust of clothing as well. I make strech goals and work to get there. But I realize that a reasonable goal is needed too. So Im planning on making/finishing 1 previously started project each month. I would like to take some time to make new seamwork items to add to my (non-yearly)goal of having a completely me made wardrobe.


My goal is to make 2017 a “slow fashion” year. (As opposed to fast fashion, aka cheap, disposable clothing.) That means making more of my own clothes, but also when I do shop, I opt for pieces that are sustainably made, good quality and will last. Like the slow food movement, but for fashion.


2 tee-shirts and one pair of coulottes. I already have the material for the t-shirts.
I don’t need a lot of clothes; I’m retired and chief-caregiver for an elderly relative. But I need to replace a couple of blouses that say “I gave up” more clearly than words could.


I have made complicated patterns – Daisy Kingdom dresses, full on steam punk Victorian outfit with corset and yards of pleated trim, BUT I don’t really have great skills and these last two years stepped away from sewing completely (while still reading colette and gertie hirsch). This year – start slowly, learn some skills, learn to use my serger. Any good recommendations on starting?

Jenny Sandoval

Kate, do you have any kids to sew for? Knits + serger + small amounts of fabric = less stress for you!
I learned to serge/sew with knits first, for my little one, basics and cloth dipes. When I screwed up, less than 1/3 yard was waisted. No tears, mama!
I still use my scraps to make clothing for preemies in the NICU, as well as for battered women, women and children in recovery. All my wearable muslins and scrap busters go to those in need. Win-win!

Kate Randall

My kids are 43, 28, 26, 22 and 19. But I have granddaughters of 6 and 2 and other assorted little ones. Maybe a good place to start. Thanks for helping me focus.


My goal for 2017: firstly is the be fearless- I win some and lose some with creative attempts- accept and move on- embrace the process more than finished product is my new mantra- secondly is improve (head) proficiency refine a few patterns through fit alteration into classics that I can use over and over- I am at the age where I know I just love certain pieces/styles and will always have a few of them in my wardrobe- I am signed up for a wardrobe intensive in January for a jump start and will use that time and instructor support to get the fit and cut on a pair of slim slacks, tunic length button up shirt with variable collars/sleeves/sleeveless and a tie belt unstructured jacket-
First whack for those three things is packable interchangeable travel clothes( similar to Threads article and Cutting Line video).
Also lastly, for the heart in queue 2017 is 9 -12 month micro wardrobe capsule for granddaughter: couple swing blouses, a dress, coat and matching hand knit sweater or two-
The latter is of course the most fun and satisfying as that size clothing goes together so quickly and brings such joy to this belated first time Nana :)
This being said.. life happens and best laid plans can be derailed by the most wonderfully unplanned !


My first goal is to finish at least half of the quilts sitting in the WIP stack. However the first thing I sew may be a dress made with the 5 (!) yards of navy and white Cotton & Steel fabric I just bought at an end-of-year sale. I’d like to get a serger, but I don’t know what I could cut back on to afford it…yet.

SJ Kurtz

I have a raincoat idea that is half patterned, and I need to test out the second toile.
I have several patterns I’ve been revising to put back up on Craftsy (kids, they don’t charge a sales or listing fee!); that needs to happen sooner.

Mostly, I have a stack of unmade promises for my patient younger son. Someone said earlier something about sewing the things for the kids before they grew out of them.

That has happened. Not any more!


My goal for 2017 is to wear out and use up what I already have… and refresh/replenish only with handmade clothing. I also have plenty of shoes at the moment. So in summary: No purchased clothes or shoes in 2017. If I find I really want or need something, I will make it.


Like many folks, I have a closet full of clothes, and nothing to wear. My resolution is to stop buying impulsively and settling for poor-fitting garments that are just okay. I’ve resolved to go “Mostly Me Made” from here on out, getting rid of my less than perfect items as I complete new garments. Eventually all my clothes will be mine, but I’m not going to stress about when that is. I’ll let myself off the hook for coats, lingerie and most accessories. I’m going to figure out my style, plan wardrobe items that will really work for me, carefully source patterns and materials, then sew them as well as I possibly can.

I’m not normally a shill for the house, but my new Colette sewing planner is helping me do this. It just arrived, and I felt more empowered and hopeful about my resolution, just looking through it.

I am so inspired by the community’s resolutions! Many of you have stated my resolution in terms far better than mine and my vision is already getting clearer. Thank you all for sharing.


My goal is to attempt a Marfy pattern

Jenny Sandoval

I learned to not be so upset about not having time to sew. I have a special needs son, who’s my loving parasite/leech, and I’m eternally grateful for him. Sewing, although it’s my love, pales in comparison to my beloved baby.
This year, though, I plan to make 17 in 17. This is not including 30 minute knit tops, nor basics for my little one. I’m doing a lot of meaty projects and my first semi-meaty project is the Anise!!

Cheryl Hillman

I retired in 2016 and bought a new Bernina after many years of not sewing. Got to know the machine and started to sew with “big 3” patterns as I had when in college. Discovered that nothing fits the way it used to! After hours spent making 3-4 muslins per garment, I watched some modern videos online and tried making patterns from clothing I already had that fit me well. This worked much better, though time consuming before I get to the sewing part. I set no quotas because my first priority is always outdoor activities with horses, but plan to use those patterns with variations, and try another one or two, especially lightweight unstructured jackets and assorted T-shirts.


Last year I had a list: it started out with the question.
If I could only make one thing what would it be? (Doorway theater/hand puppet collection for my church class.) so I made that in time for an Easter play.
Eaxh puppet had a hand-embroidered face and a little robe. So sweet!

I made small embroidered gifts, too: masks, book covers, book marks, stuffed animals,. Also worked for a designer to make grommeted drapes for her client. Good $$ but what a hassle. Put that on the Never again list!.

Having a list helps but I’ll always take a detour and get lost in the woods.

This year I’ve committed to nine makes. I’m obsessed with Seamwork, so I’m making Florence again and again (slip hack and jersey hack) Neenah, Monroe and Charlotte.
I’ll be the last woman alive to make the Tilly Coco pattern, and there’s an Indigo Junction tote and a bunch of guest room pillows to embroider and stitch up. Oh, yeah Pinup Girls’ Shelley bra in all the lacy colors.

That’s the list but life sidetracks me. This is the year for my 10-year old granddaughter to learn to sew. Her older cousins (the boys) already love to. My husband — Lord knows what he’ll come up with!


I’m going to continue working on sewing pieces for my Wardrobe Artchitect project ??


For 2017 my sewing resolution should be: NOT going near fabric shops or buying fabric at all! 2016 has been a bit of a lazy sewing year for me and my fabric addiction got a bit out of hands the last few years, so I have to start sewing again and using all this beautiful fabric. My projects to start the year: well fitting wool trousers, a silk blouse for me and a party dress and a hoodie for my daughter. It would be a good thing if I could do at least an hour of sewing every weekday. I am a ME patient and my body isn’t always coöperating the way I want, wich is frustrating for a sewing enthousiast like me. But I think my body can handle the hour of sewing a day.
I recently have a new sewing space, my husband has made me a good cutting and sewing table, so that’s a good start!


Priority #1 is writing and photographing the tutorial for my cyclops/puny human soft sculpt pattern. I’m very happy with the design, step-by-stepping it is taking some time though.


2016 was the year I got over my fear of blowing up my sewing machine and made multiple pairs of pajama pants. Then there were family health issues that dominated most of my non-work time. So my goal for this year: as a warm-up, PJ pants as late holiday gifts for my mom and a close friend. (I want to take them to Joann’s near where they live so they can choose their own fabric.) Then some simple woven tops — a Sorbetto, a Sencha and a couple of Grainline Scouts — and onto some skirts — a Ginger and a Sew Over It Ultimate Pencil Skirt to begin. That’ll probably take my whole year, but then . . . dresses! Tops with collars and/or buttons! Hurray!

Diana Madden

As ever, goals probably exceed time to achieve them, so … organize fabric stash (get to reoccupy my eldest daughter’s room for sewing space, thank you college apartment for freeing up the floor), use my Colette planner to get priorities ordered (top is fit a pair of flat-front wearable trousers), master my new serger and finally make that moneta, finish my Sophie swimsuit by summer! Guess that’s a doable list ?????


I paused my learning-to-sew adventure (just when I was making confident progress) to fully inhabit the spare room I was using a corner of, and also bought a serger. Then got the feeling a major change was on the way in my life so instead of creating I’ve been going through every cupboard, drawer, file, pre-dig photos albums etc etc to de-stuff. The public areas of the house are very minimalist but not in cupboards or in my office and creative spaces. I’m so missing creating but until my mission is complete I can’t bear the thought or get my head around anything new. I’m also committed to no commitments so I guess that includes no goals but to continue de-stuffing to feel more flexible and free for the new whatever it will be .

I hope we all have the best year ever…..


This year I would like to slowly replace my wardrobe with memade clothing. I just started sewing clothing this year and I’m completely addicted. Apart from that I would like this hobby to be self funded by my Etsy shop, 406 Creative Vibe, where I make and sell up cycled accessories and more from vintage fabrics, especially wool.


The New Year is bringing me my first dedicated sewing room! The Goal is to maximize use of this admittedly tight space on an even tighter budget. The idea is to use research and collaboration to find creative solutions and where the money is going to have the most value. I’m really looking forward to it!


My goal for 2016 was to not buy any clothes, only make them. And I did it! I even made a bra and a week’s worth of underwear. The year before I had used the konmarie method to clean out my wardrobe so I started out needing to fill a few gaps. But now all my clothes spark joy :) I’m going to keep it going this year. Reading Seamwork helped keep me inspired. It’s nice to know other people don’t think sewing is crazy!


Happy New Year, Colette!
I’m a sucker for New Year’s resolutions related to my creative life. I usually set a lot, but this year, all I want to do, is to continue making clothes that are 100% my style.
Plus, I am determined to start sewing my own bras. So sick of expensive low quality ready-to-wear lingerie :-D


My goals for the year are to sew as much as possible, in order to maintain my mostly hand-made wardrobe (right now the RTW is confined to coats, jeans, lingerie and a handful of T-shirts) while at the same time attending grad school half time, working full time and being a wife, mother and shepherd.

This means I will need to be intentional in what I sew to make sure it fits into my wardrobe architect.


In 2017, I will re-dedicate more time to sewing! My goal is to make one garment item per month. Over the past few years, I have not prioritized time for sewing like I used to – I was so prolific! My first project of the year: A simple, silky tunic.


This is going to be a year of unselfish sewing. With a baby on the way I plan to sew a lot of cute baby things. For now, I am getting a head start on it by filling up my stash with adorable prints. I also have a shirt (Negroni, perhaps?) that I promised my special someone half a lifetime ago and which got put on the back burner when I turned my attention to making maternity wear.

Phyllis Chambliss

I want to finish all the project that i started in the past year.

beth @ Thrifted and Sewn

I plan to sew one thing for myself each month. I also have some sewing projects planned for the kids. Right now. finding the time seems to be my biggest issue and since I don’t have room for a dedicated sewing space, I feel the need for a block of time to make setting up the sewing machine make sense.


Like a lot of others, I am working on “my style” and creating a wardrobe that reflects that. I am going to make sure everything I make this year is from a pattern I love the look of and hopefully ones that help to further my sewing skill arsenal. I have also started a hexagon quilt for my reading chair, but this is going to be a very long slow all hand sewn project and I am making a few dolls with complete wardrobes for gifts (Wee Wonderfuls).


I have been sewing for years and I want to get back into a mostly well made me made wardrobe that fits my retired lifestyle, is in flattering colors and fits my aging body. I’m tired of the junk out there and now that I have found some wonderful websites for quality fabric, I’m ready to go.


My resolution is to try and divide my project over the weekday evenings instead of sewing a whole garment during one day in the weekend. I hope this will make me enjoy each part of the process more, instead of getting tired of whatever I’m making towards the end of the day when I’ve concentrated for a long time on the same thing.

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