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The Colors of Mexico City + Weekend Links


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This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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As I mentioned earlier this week, Kenn and I were in Mexico City last month. We were thrilled to be able to get there for Dia de Los Muertos, which was breathtaking. The flowers, the colors, the costumes, the ofrendas, the music, the food were all unbelievable. I highly recommend a trip. If you’re on the west coast of the US like we are, it’s a shorter flight than going to New York!

The city itself was beautiful too, and though it’s sprawling it’s incredibly easy to get around on public transportation. I’ve now added Mexico City to perhaps my top five cities that I’ve been.





I love these popsicles that come in a million flavors. This one was tamarind.







This was one of my favorite moments of the trip. We wandered into this old courtyard garden with flowers and skulls everywhere, and there was this amazing live music. I could have sat there all day.






Here are some links for your weekend reading. There are some really good ones this week.

  • Love this post on ethical consumption that challenges the “experiences over objects” dogma in a thoughtful way. This is my favorite bit: “So basically, if the things we owned or did involved others, they were more likely to make us happy than if they were bought or experienced alone.”
  • This came up in the discussion on fashion and disability the other day, and I thought I’d link it here: The ensemble and false legs created by Alexander McQueen for athlete Aimee Mullins is very reminiscent of Frida Kahlo.
  • What are the real costs of the low prices you see at holiday time?
  • Lauren made a festive tree skirt that can be worn by people!
  • This is all kinds of brilliant. Dear Kate makes cute panties specially designed for your ladytimes.
  • The Uniform: A Philosophy of Dress is a great read on a subject I’ve been thinking a lot about lately.
  • Closet Case Files has an extensive review of this lovely-looking book on draping.

Have a great weekend. And don’t forget that 20% off all digital patterns ends today!

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Beautiful pictures! Looks like a great time.


I love this! I’m seriously trying to finagle a trip to Mexico City next year, and your photos are such great inspiration! It was never a place I thought about much, but the more I research it the more everyone seems to love it.
Looks like such a wonderful time, thanks for sharing.


Beautiful photos!! I have always wanted to see Dia de Los Muertos in person… maybe someday :) I love the red dress you’re wearing in the courtyard, btw :)


I second what Amanda said! LOVE that red dress did you make it yourself? If not who did!?!


Thanks for the link to the Utne Reader story. The uniform question hit me when I worked in development at an arts organization. The ‘devo dollies’ ended up spending their paychecks either on the clothes to fit in with the clients or the drycleaning to maintain those clothes.

This is why I sew. Looking at my closet/collection, considering what will expand the wardrobe/refine the wardrobe. What fits in, what adds, what is a special treat that doesn’t have to follow the rules. Fabric choices limit this, but careful shopping in big yardage helps.

Which reminds me, Alexander Henry has brought back its Frida print, in a larger format, on bottom weight cotton. I always get the “where did you buy that” when I wear the culottes I made from this. I am going for pants in the new year.


Enjoyed the uniform article very much as well.

Two pregnancies and three moves in five years had me aching for simplicity and a new wardrobe. It was a great time to put the two together. After getting rid of most of my clothes and basking in the joy of a rather limited wardrobe, I’m much more careful about what gets added to the closet and quicker to take things out.

The whole process is even more interesting if you add the possibility of making your own clothes, especially basics. Suddenly the skirt/t-shirt issues is sorted. You have something that always fits, is always your style, but still infinitely subtly variable.


Absolutely loved the Utne article on uniforms. I’ve been thinking about it a lot since I heard a fashion editor from Vogue talk about hers in a documentary. White jeans, black scoop neck top. Very interesting idea and I think it might be the answer to my chaotic frustration filled closet.


your trip to Mexico looks like it was an amazing experience, but the warmth is what is getting to me. It’s the first day of winter and I’d do anything for that kind of heat! Anything!


I like this trip !


Beautiful Mexico City pictures! Such a colorful, vibrant place!

Jeri Sullivan

Thanks for the heads up about Dear Kates. I ordered some and absolutely love them!

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