The Great British Sewing Bee is seeking contestants!



Just a quick note for those in the UK:

The Great British Sewing Bee is currently looking for sewing enthusiasts to take part in their third season! I’m sure many of you are familiar with this adorable show (which previously featured Tilly and Lauren, amongst many other talented home sewists.

If you think you might be interested, email sewing (at) for more info. Good luck to all!

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I’m looking forward to watching the next series but I don’t think I’d put myself up for it even if my sewing was TV-worthy – the time pressure on the sewing challenges was just crazy in the 1st series! That kind of speed-sewing is the stuff of nightmares for me!


I was going to ask if anyone knew when series 2 was going to start, but I just looked it up and found out it starts on Feb 18th. Can’t wait! Hopefully it will be up on youtube like series 1 was!


I love that show! Too bad i’m not from UK. With a little practice I might consider. Even if i’d be one of the first to go.


I keep being so tempted by this (given that I can’t convince my Mum to enter), but I am just too slow. Any hints (aside from practice) to really get the speed up?


Planning ahead. :) Sequence. Like not getting up every time you sew a seam to press it. Sew all seams you can and then get up and press them all at once.. Plan so you don’t have to change thread, if you use different colours. Organizing – get a system of storing cut and sewn pieces so they do not get lost. Get into a habbit of putting tools like scissors, seam ripper, etc back in the spot where they will not be covered in fabric and lost – usually the best spot is on right side of ewing machine.. Learn to be acurate, so you can measure once, pin, baste or press and trust yourself afterwards that it is precise. There is loads of different small things you can do, to get the speed up, cannot even remember them all.


Thank you! (one of my “favourite” things is putting something critical down in the wrong spot and then spending 10 minutes looking for it…)

A Morris

Love this show. I would enjoy participating but I don’t think I am good enough! I think the Standard will be very high in the next 2 series. My mum would have won the last one, if she was still with us. She had such attention to detail , similar to last year’s winner, she taught me so much, I am very grateful for that. So many hints and tips, you can learn so much through someone’s experience ….Enjoy the series and happy sewing.x

The Hemmed-in Kittiwake

The first season made such an interesting watch! My daughter of 12 years old, who is keen on sewing and crafting, and myself watched every episode with such expectation.

Do you know that France will also have their own Sewing bee very soon? They have started to film I think:
It would be very interesting to see if they follow the nice ethos of inclusion of all types of sewists that the BBC show had.


On a TV show, speed is an element of the drama the show has to create. In real life, sewing is not about speed – it’s about enjoying the process and the result. However, the comments about organization are applicable to everyone who sews.

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