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This week: Getting ready for Fall


Hey there & thank you for reading the Colette blog!

This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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Summer is always a surprisingly hectic time of year.

All I want to do is go outside and enjoy the sun, but there is so much to do in order to get ready for Fall.

We’ve sent two new patterns off to print and now we’re working on the photo shoot. Or, I should say that Caitlin is working on the shoot. She’s doing doing lots of sewing, fitting a new model, planning the logistics, and working on styling.

You can see a few garments she’s made above right. (Don’t try to guess on the designs, though. All three of those garments are older patterns we’re incorporating into the shoot.)

The new designs will be available in September, and I’m quite excited about them. We’re also talking to some shops on the west coast about doing a bit of a road show once they come out. Kenn and I will be hopping in the car, visiting stores, and doing some events in cities from Vancouver to Los Angeles.

In the meantime, I’m going to continue trying to enjoy summer while it lasts.

Here are some links Casey rounded up for us this week:

  • Learn how to make a version of hairpin lace from Threads Magazine.
  • Whether a vintage fashion collector or someone who reuses old material, this fabric guide at the VFG is really helpful.
  • This hack for Ikea drawers would make a more attractive way to stash little notions!
  • An explanation of “turn of the cloth” allowance, and why it’s useful.
  • Another DIY craft table, mounted on the wall and cleanly folds up and out of the way when not being used.
  • Use up some pretty scraps and make a practical travel laundry bag.
  • With the rise in popularity of print-on-demand fabric, here’s a handy tutorial on how to format your designs for printing.
  • This kite pincushion is just too darn cute!
  • Pointers for adapting a straight-of-grain pattern for bias.
  • Do you have a garment hanging in your closet you’d love to make a copy of? Here’s how to do it.

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Świetna strona. Tak jak wy jestem fanką stylu vintage i bardzo się cieszę, że istniejecie. Dziękuję także za rewelacyjne tutoriale


Oooh, I can’t wait to see the new patterns! Every time y’all release something new, it’s basically Colette Day :)

The smell of fall is definitely in the air here, and while I look forward to it… we don’t really get much of a “fall” here in Tennessee (well, we do get the pretty leaves!). It stays mega hot until November, then goes straight into winter. Oh well!


Wow, it seems like summer patterns just came out and now we’re looking forward to Fall patterns! How time flies! I can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with for fall! ^__^ Please let us know when you’re gonna be in Vancouver! If you’re doing any events here, I’d love to go!


oh, i hope you come to vancouver! it would be great to meet you and buy some more patterns in person! XO


I hope the Vancouver you’re talking about is the Canadian version. Please cross the border! So excited to see the new patterns!


Haha, yes. Vancouver, Washington would not be much of a road trip being only about 20 minutes from here! :D


I LOVE that polka dot fabric on first top in the top right photo! Where did you get it/where can I get it!?


Caitlin bought it locally, at Mill End in SE Portland. It really is lovely, isn’t it?

Maddie Flanigan

I’m excited to see your fall patterns! That’s super exciting! I too hope that you find some time to relax and enjoy the rest of the summer!

Miss Crayola Creepy

I’m excited for the new patterns! Hopefully I can make it out to one of your stops in LA. I will try to convince my husband to come with me by saying that a guy (Kenn) will be there and maybe they can talk about their common love of hardcore haha


If you live in the US, you can’t do the Ikea drawer hack unless you already own the drawers. Ikea USA doesn’t sell the Moppe drawers in the US anymore. Boo


New patterns? very excited to see what beautiful styles you’ve come up with :-)


Yay, new patterns!! Right now it feels as though it will NEVER cool off (so hot here!) and thinking about fall is good for my mind. :) I agree with Lladybird – new pattern release is definitely Colette Day!

You need to do an East Coast tour! There’s this terrific shop in Hamilton called Needlework that stocks your patterns and has classes scheduled to sew Hazel this August.


The fabric guide is awesome. Also, I have the same dress she’s wearing. :-)


I also would love to come meet you when you’re in Vancouver.

I was thinking last night that I need some linen capri’s… any chance you’d be up to making a capri pattern? Or maybe that’s already one of your new ones?


We do have the Clover pattern, which has a cropped length. But they may be a little fitted for linen (I’m speculating that a looser capri might be what you had in mind, with linen’s propensity for wrinkles?)

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