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Gifts For Crafters Pop-Up Shop, Now Open


Hey there & thank you for reading the Colette blog!

This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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Our holiday pop-up shop is officially open!

Here is just a taste of all the different types of products we picked out for you. Head over to Gifts for Crafters for the full inventory, and make your orders!


Snuggle up to any one of these beautiful, educational , and inspiring books. You’re sure to find a million new things you want to make. And they’ll tell you how!



Keep clutter in check and display all those beautiful notions.


Sewing Tools

With trusted names like Gingher and Bohin, these quality tools will last you years.




Embroidery Tools

Those little things we forget to buy, but always wish we had handy.



Embroidery Patterns

Complete project packs, stencils, and more.


Knitting/Crochet Tools

Everything you need to get started.



Deck out your projects with special details.



Limited Edition Kits

We picked out a few collections of lovely things, and put them together in our own custom kits. We anticipate these selling out fast, so grab yours sooner rather than later!

cooper-fabric-kit-2 cooper-fabric-kit sashiko-kit

Head over to Gifts for Crafters now!

Rachel Rasmussen   —  

Rachel is a nerdy Oregon native with a philosophy degree and classical dance background. She fancies her personal style to be quirky sophistication, focusing on the importance of fit while adding special touches of handmade embellishments. She is also a connoisseur of whiskey and nap-taker extraordinaire.

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Katie Emma

Lots of wonderful things in there that I will definitely put on my holiday wish list! Can I make a plea for left-handed instruments in the future? I don’t know how difficult they are to source, but I would snatch up left-handed pinking shears in a heartbeat.

gabriel ratchet

love’em, love’em, love’em….

(hoping this comment sticks to this post… it ended up attached to the previous day when i tried before)


Very impressed, so much work and thought must have gone into this. All the alternatives for the Cooper!


Colette team, you guys have hit it out of the ballpark with the shop and the new patterns! Brilliant brilliant! I want everything…


The Cooper kit sold out before I got home from work, will it be restocked???


They were limited edition and we are not planning on restocking at this time. We will have a resource list for Cooper materials on tomorrow’s blog post.


Where can I find how much shipping is and about how long what I purchase should take to reach me? I live right outside of DC and would like to know before I place an order.


Shipping cost is calculated just before you place your order. Shipping is about a week for US customers, and could take 2-3 weeks for others.


Awesome! Thank you.

Donna Stevens none

Wonderful choices! I was so glad to see some pattern drafting tools included in the goodies! One thing very high on my wish list would be the very large sheets of carbon paper used for transferring markings. I’ve looked and looked but only found a couple of sites that sell them in bulk, which is too expensive for me, not to mention how long it would take to use them up … Any chance that you folks might buy some in bulk and sell them a couple sheets at a time? That would be just wonderful and I’ll bet many of us would be thrilled to see them offered. Anyway, thanks for the thoughtful choices, they’re much appreciated.

Signe Marie

I have looked and looked, and I can’t fint any terms and conditions listed in your shop, no FAQ, no return policy, nothing. Very unlike the Colette pattern shop…. So I’ll ask here: Do you ship globally and if so, what courier do you use? Will you be adding a customer service page to the shop with the info mentioned above? Or have I simply overlooked it?



The shipping and ordering information is pretty much the same as the CP shop. We ship anywhere, and we use USPS, which usually passes it off for local delivery.


Sending this list to my husband NOW! *.*

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