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  • Hong Kong Finish Tutorial

    A Hong Kong seam finish has to be one of my all time favorite seam finishes. This clean finish is a thoughtful detail that adds luxury to unlined or partially lined garments. This technique works beautifully with our new pattern coming December 8th. What is a Hong Kong finish? A Hong Kong finish is a …

  • Sew a Centered Zipper + New Pattern Coming Soon

    I think everyone remembers their first zipper. Zippers are intimidating, but mastering them opens up a whole new world of sewing possibilities. I am always surprised to find out how many accomplished seamstresses have never installed a centered coil zipper. I get it, invisible zippers have tons of appeal, but there is something about a …

  • Tips for working with sweater knits

    When I taught sewing classes, I loved teaching knitters. They were some of my favorite student because they were always so thrilled with how fast sewing is in contrast to knitting. I was always envious of these people. I learned to sew before learning to knit. I have since found it so hard to knit …

  • 8 Tricks for Perfect Topstitching

    Topstitching is my secret weapon. It can take a garment from plain to put together, and when executed correctly it can be a stunning detail. I find that so many people are intimidated by this simple technique, because of it’s stand out nature. Mastering topstitching is just a matter of practice and a few key …

  • Free Pattern Hack: The Florence Slip

    When I lived in L.A. I had a drawer full of vintage slips and nighties. These were all items I had picked up from thrift store over the years. These items were exclusively from the 1950’s onward. This meant that while they were pretty, they were synthetic. When I made the move from Los Angeles …

  • Make the Ultimate Lounge Bra: Florence in Jersey

    What is the first thing you do when you arrive home after a long day? My ritual goes as follows: Greet my boyfriend and cat Unload my purse and gym bag Take off my underwire bra (sometimes this even happens before my shoes come off) I look forward to that moment everyday. It’s the little …

  • Free Pattern Hack: Shaped Hem Mabel

    I love a good chameleon garment. Take your favorite pair of jeans for instance, no matter your mood, you rarely feel out of place wearing them. Mabel is one of those pieces. Made up in a grey french terry and worn with your favorite t-shirt it is perfect for a lazy Sunday, or worn with …

  • How to make an easy elastic waist Mabel

    I have a sewing confession. Sometimes I am a lazy sewist. I love that sewing is an activity that forces me to slow down and immerse myself in the process. It is meditative and relaxing. On the other hand, sometimes you just want to make something, not to revel in the process, but to have …

  • Tutorial: Add Corset Inspired Ties to the Cinnamon Slip

    Today, we have one more tutorial from Devon, for a more lingerie-inspired look for your Cinnamon. -Sarai Add a little bit of ooh-la-la to the back of your Cinnamon slip with these corset-inspired ties! No special skills required – just some bias tape and pretty ribbon. We’ll start out by doing a few pattern alterations, …

  • New pattern hack: The Cinnamon maxi dress

    I’ve been saving up this pattern hack for a long time. In the fall, Kenn and I cashed in some airline points and took a quick trip to Panama to celebrate our anniversary. I knew I wanted to make something special to wear there, something romantic and flowing and long and breezy. I decided to …

  • Tutorial: Add a Fagoted Seam to the Cinnamon Slip

    One of the great things about vintage sewing books is finding instructions for techniques that aren’t quite so common any more. When looking through one of mine, I came across a page about how to sew fagoted seams. A fagoted seam is a seam in which both edges are hemmed, then hand stitched together with …

  • Tutorial: Creating Adjustable Bra Straps

    Adding adjustable straps to your sewing projects is a simple way to bring an incredible level of functionality to your clothing. Whether you’re making lingerie, a layerable camisole, or a strappy summer dress, knowing how to make a strap adjustable is an important skill that you can use on a variety of different projects. The …

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