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Fabric Flower Accessory Tutorial


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This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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Behold the beautiful fabric flower that will compliment your spring wardrobe and is an absolute cinch to sew up! This project is great for utilizing an overflowing scrap fabric stash and only takes about fifteen minutes from start to finish…so it’s perfect for giving you a creative boost when time is of the essence! I sewed the coral flower for our Spring photo shoot using left over fabric for our newest patterns, Ginger and Violet…it looks simply adorable as a head band, tied around the base of a pony tail or bun, fastened at the neck like a collar, or worn as a crown with several flowers. There are also tons of variations possible for this little project: try increasing or decreasing the size of your accessory by experimenting with different sizes of fabric strips, use a few contrasting colors with sheer strips added in for effect or sew a larger button at the center for drama. Trust me, with a project so effortless, you’ll definitely want to make a bunch of these!

Model: Brandi (wearing our Violet blouse and Ginger skirt) Photo: Anja Verdugo

You will need:

  • enough scrap fabric to make sixteen 5″ x 1″ strips. a few small pieces will do.
  • scissors or rotary cutter
  • hand sewing needle
  • thread
  • three small decorative pearl buttons
  • a narrow piece of ribbon long enough to tie around your head

Step 1: Cut sixteen 5″ by 1″ strips from your fabric.

Step 2: Cut the square ends off each strip so the ends are pointy and diagonal.

Step 3: Fold each strip in half lengthwise and finger press it along the crease.
Step 4: Layer the folded strips two at a time in a cross or “x” shape and sew one stitch through them to keep them in place.
Step 5: Keep layering strips and sewing in place, while alternating them about 90 degrees each time so it resembles a flower.
Step 6: Sew on your buttons so it covers the front stitch. (Sorry I forgot to snap a photo of this step!)
Step 7: Sew the flower at the middle of your ribbon and knot your thread so everything is completely secure and intact.
This fabric flower accessory was adapted from The Art and Craft of Ribbon Work.

Rachel Rector   —  

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What a great idea for using up scraps!!! Plus as someone who loves wearing flowers in my hair, I can see this becoming one of those easy projects that will result in loads of little fabric flowers in my accessories box. Thank you so much for sharing this great idea, Rachel!

♥ Casey


très bonne idée! jolie et écologique!
thank Rachel :)


Very cute! I like that it uses very little pieces of scrap fabric.


Hermosos trabajos felicitaciones desde Perú y gracias por compartirlo


Thank you for this great and easy project from Puerto Rico

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