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New pattern hack: The Cinnamon maxi dress


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I’ve been saving up this pattern hack for a long time.

In the fall, Kenn and I cashed in some airline points and took a quick trip to Panama to celebrate our anniversary. I knew I wanted to make something special to wear there, something romantic and flowing and long and breezy.


I decided to lengthen the Cinnamon into a maxi dress, with slits up the side.





The fabric is a crimson silk with a burgundy foliage print by Milly. I really wanted something with a tropical feel (and definitely silk), so when I saw this fabric at Mill End, I knew the stars had aligned.




From a technical standpoint, this is an easy hack, but not quite as simple as just lengthening the skirt.

The biggest consideration was whether the long skirt should be cut on the bias as the pattern was originally designed. This is nigh impossible for a skirt of this length without piecing it together from two pieces, because fabric is not wide enough.

So instead, I cut the skirt on the fold and reshaped the sides to allow for more flare.


If you download the hack, I illustrate how to do this, how long to cut the skirt, and how to straighten up the hem.


I had to get a picture walking to show off the flowy side slit action.

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You look gorgeous! I love everything about this — the hack, the color, the print, and the beautiful setting. So classic.


Gorgeous dress and wonderful photos! They really transport me away from the 7 ft of snow outside my door right now….

I totally love maxi dresses – I’ve made several, and my favourite is, of course, my Colette Moneta maxi!


I love that one, Jenny! I used to think I wasn’t tall enough for maxi dresses, but now I realize what I was missing.


OMG this is divine. I immediately want to be pool side in Palm Springs in this number. Hmmm….


Oh yes, a dress like this is a must for PS. With a big hat.


Perfect! You look gorgeous!


this is really lovely, beautiful style and colouring


That is gorgeous and you look gorgeous wearing it!

letitia dijksteel

Geweldig dank u.


This looks amazing on you!


Sarai you look like a million dollars. I am putting together a little collection of garments to be warn on my honeymoon and this hack is top of the list…


Stunning statement dress perfect for your holiday.


This dress I so beautiful and you look beautiful in it.
Thank you for all of your pattern hacks.

Lisa G.

A beautiful dress, beautiful fabric and it looks great on you!


Gorgeous backdrop, dress and feeling… Now we all want to fly to Panama! (I already have the hat!)


I highly recommend it!


Wow! Just gorgeous, your dress also :)


You look very nice! Very well made!

Stacey Smith

That is a beautiful dress looks so comfortable on a cruse or on a beach.


OMG!! You look fabulous! What a terrific idea, taking a quick trip for your anniversary – it must have been fantastic!! :) I hope you had amazing weather, and that you both had a great time!

Oh, and I should thank you for the e-mail regarding your pattern hacks – looking forward to seeing these!


I love this – it has a 1930s evening dress feel. Gorgeous!


How pretty!!! Its freezing up here in Northern Maine and I was wondering if you can do your Albion coat for one of the patterns per month? I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you so much,


I see you were at the American Trade Hotel, beautiful shots and marvellous dress.


Love that beautiful fabric!!


Beautiful Dress! I love getting to see things that you have created. The photographs are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

Pia Sjostrand

Beautiful, just beautiful


I love this modification, but as I’m sewing this pattern, I’m getting the same bunching under the bust that I see in some of the photos. What would you tweak to address this? Thanks for sharing your version!


I’m quite short-waisted, so I’d probably shorten the torso length on my next one.

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