New pattern hack: The cross-back Moneta


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I’ve been listening to the Psychedelic Furs a whole lot lately. I sometimes wish blog posts could have soundtracks, because I’d give this one Pretty in Pink, which is what was playing in my head when I took these pictures of Kristen.

Kristen bought this pink cotton jersey a while back but never got around to making a Moneta with it, so I offered to sew her this one on the condition that she’d model it for us. I just love the girly color and feminine back of this dress with her tomboy haircut.



The cross-back Moneta has a striking back view but looks almost identical from the front.


To make your own cross-back Moneta, get the instructions below. You will need to scoop out the back (you can adjust to make sure your bra is covered), then create two straps to criss-cross along the opening.

This will make a really pretty summer dress. Just make sure to wear sunscreen.



We created this pattern hack in collaboration with our friend Lauren Dahl, who is an amazing lady. Download the pattern hack pack by clicking below to get access to the download link. You’ll get all the pattern hacks we’ve created this year, as well as new hacks as they’re added each month.

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Marsha Nikooforsat

Wow!! That is so pretty!!! I love how with just a few simple details you can up the wow factor of a pattern!!


I adore this hack. I was just plotting a sleeveless Moneta, and now I’m imagining how to include a shelf bra with this for the ultimate of all sundresses.

Miss Crayola Creepy

This is a really cool hack! I’m glad that it can be adjusted to make sure the bra is covered because that was my first concern :)


Oh this is so lovely! I can hardly wait to try it out!

Marike Smit

Great idea! I think one could also use that scooped out neckline on the back for a pretty lace insert instead of straps.

Taylor G

Love! Thank you for that suggestion, Marike!

SJ Kurtz

Hey, this is cool! There’s a lot of this sort of inset work going on in the new knit shell line just being launched by Cake Patterns. We are going to have funky tan lines all over this summer!


Thank you for yet another terrific hack! Gorgeous!


Great hack?! Can the scoop back be done without the cross straps, or would it create gape?


You can do it without the straps if you want. I might stabilize the edge in that case, or bind it instead of turning under for a little more elasticity in the area.

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