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Organization Idea: A Tackle Box Sewing Kit


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The longer I sew, the more trinkets I pick up along the way.

For the longest time I simply tossed everything (oodles of thread spools, needles, tracing wheels, sheers etc.) into one little sewing box. But then it started taking ages for me to hunt down the tool I needed. I had a vague notion that I should do something about my sewing organization.

And one day while perusing my favorite second hand shop, I found the most beautiful old tackle box. I snapped it up, happily carried it back to my apartment, and moved half of my sewing gear into it.

Unlike some of the tackle box sewing kits I have seen online, I didn’t put a ton of time into cleaning it. I like the rustic look . The only alteration I made was to tie on a garment tag I’d been saving since my last birthday. Mom wrote my name on it and used as a gift tag. She has the prettiest handwriting.


Plus, it says Wizard on the lid. How great is that?


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Rachel is a nerdy Oregon native with a philosophy degree and classical dance background. She fancies her personal style to be quirky sophistication, focusing on the importance of fit while adding special touches of handmade embellishments. She is also a connoisseur of whiskey and nap-taker extraordinaire.

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i have an old tool box buried in the garage that i will have to unearth for the sewing room! thanks for sharing


I use a tackle box too! But mine is not nearly as vintage or cool as this one. Wonderful pictures and suggestion.


Old luggage train cases (I think that’s what they’re called?) are wonderful too! Beautiful colors, silk lined interiors with pockets.


You had me at “old luggage” and “train.” I’ll have to hunt one down!


This is so sweet. I found the freebie at a local sale and it was a tackle box. Will have to dig it out and clean it up. Thanks for the lovely idea.


I use an old baby changing box. Its similar to a tackle box but plastic and bigger. It has that usefull little hinged shelf that tackle boxes have. As it’s not the prettiest box in the world, I’m covering it slowly but surely in scraps of fabric from my sewing projects. It’s turning it into a “scrapbook” of memories of past projects.


Brilliant idea. I’d love one of those wooden sewing boxes but this works just as well

Amy Peck

I have a tackle box that I use for this very thing! They are so handy, and a great way to stay organized, yet you can tuck them away when not in use. I love that yours looks pink!


I have a tackle box I use for sewing too! Mine is a total mess though, so this has inspired me to try organizing mine.


Was looking at some serious sewing stuff storage recently, and also got a little tackle box. Coolest find was plastic cases with upright sticks for thread spool storage and bead boxes to group buttons together. Have waaaayyyy too many vintage buttons!


I’ve been using a fishing tackle box for many, many years. I have my specialty threads and needles on one side and my poly threads on the other. It’s not pretty but it does the job.


Awesome sewingbox! I found a 60 year old sewing box a while a go, it was used by an old lady who was selling it because she didn’t have the room for it anymore. Pictures are here:


Oh my word, what a stunning piece!


What a beauty that is. Congratulations on acquiring it.


What a lovely piece of furniture. Certainly a “keeper”. Congratulations on your find.


What a good idea! I’m kind of bored with my sets of plastic drawers – the kind you get in the home organization sections of big box stores. The only benefit to them is that they’re all a standard size and that means they stack up nicely. That and I can use my label-maker on them and I don’t feel like I’m defacing something pretty.


Mine is a standard metal tool box. I did find one that was pink, though. ;)


I used to use a tackle box for my pastry making days. I should spring for a new (used) one for sewing sewing and spiff it up by hot gluing scraps where I can. Then I’ll be happy to open it up and use up scraps! My husband has been on the hunt for one for his hobby but they still aren’t cheap at goodwill. Nice find!


I do have plans to eventually line the bottom of the box in fabric. I feel like hot glue would be bulky, so I’ve been trying to think of an alternative.


Cute idea! I’ll have to watch yard sales for a vintage toolbox. I use a 60’s leatherette jewelry box to hold my buttons. It opens up into 3 levels and has little divided squares for holding earrings, rings etc. that work great for sorting buttons.


Love it – this is an awesome idea!

Diane @ Vintage Zest

I love this so much! I have my sewing box absolutely stuffed with probably too many supplies. :) Here’s a link to a blog post of all of the contents I jammed inside!

P.S. – Your shears are adorable!


Omg, how adorable! I love this!


This is how I organize my notions and tools as well! Sewing-specific organizing boxes were so overpriced, and a tackle box is perfectly equipped to store sewing stuff. Plus, it’s easily portable!


I’m now going to do a google search for vintage and/or pink tackle boxes, this is beyond charming and I want/need one (or something like this)!


This is great! Thanks for inspiring me! My dad, a fly fisher, might die, but I think it’s great! ;)


The plastic ones (tackle boxes) work, too. And they are cheaper than the girly versions that are sold as makeup boxes. And they are made by the same companies (Plano makes both – exactly the same except for color and price!)

So if you want a pink “tackle box” and are willing to pay a bit more (but still probably less than those sold as craft/sewing sotrage) look in Target/Walmart in the makeup section!

If you are willing to go with more masculine colors (browns, dark greens), look in the fishing section of Walmart or Amazon! LOL

Oh, wait, I just found this on Amazon – (There are quite a few there, I even saw a pink metal toolbox…)

Ryan LaBriere

Great sewing kit find! That wizard tackle box would surely stir up some excitement while sewing!


I do patch sewing/repairs once a month at our local Harley Davidson dealership, and found that a 3-level plastic toolbox held most everything I needed for any situation–I never know if I’ll have to fix a zipper, repair chaps, hand-sew gloves back together, remove and apply patches, or some other rider emergency. I carry not only sewing supplies, but screwdrivers, pliers, and a rubber hammer. Plus it makes it simple to have everything I need for transport!

Jennifer @ Workroom Social

Love this! I used to use an old tool box for my sewing kit. This has a lot more character!


I use a train case that I Mod Podged with Fabric. It is so cute and I love that its unique!

Dawn giglio

For a very long time, I have used silverware dividers in my sewing machine table drawers. I have found them to be very useful. However, I can see that the tackle box idea would be super for when I travel with my “stuff”. I have a first aid kit for my Girl Scout troop, using a tackle box, and then I have a tool kit with all my repair stuff. Very easy to just drop it into the trunk when I’m camping, etc.


As I have a number of vintage sewing machines in my stable, I have the need for different feet and accessories for each. I have 2 vintage sewing boxes and 1 tool box that I use. One has all my short shank , one high shank and one slant shank. That way when I select a machine to sew with I just select the proper box and I have every thing I need in one place. Before I went this way I would get frustrated trying to find the proper item.

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