Tutorial: Braided Straps


I’m so excited to share this super simple tutorial with you! Making a braided strap is quick and easy and perfect to replace straps on a summer dress like our Hazel dress, shown here.

The part that will take the longest is making the cording, but if you want to use store bought, that will work just fine. You will need a good amount of cording for this tutorial.

Since you’ll be replacing the pattern’s original strap with a braided one, I suggest pulling it out and measuring it. Add about 5 to that measurement and multiply that by 12. You’ve got a bunch of yards to make or buy! But once you have that all ready to go, the rest of the strap is a snap to sew.

I could also see it done up as a fun belt somehow, or even as a trim along a neckline. And think of all the different colors you could use for the cording.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!

Items Needed

Measure twelve lengths of tubing at least 5” longer than the strap pattern piece. The extra length is to make sure your finished braid is long enough. You will probably have a few inches leftover.

Secure the 6 strands to a stable surface. Begin braiding the tubes. You can braid loosely or tightly, depending upon the look you desire. The looser the braid, the more it will stretch, so keep that in mind.

Measure the braided straps against the pattern piece and make any adjustments needed so that the straps are the correct length. Remember that the tubes will have some stretch. Unless your garment has boning to hold it up independently of the straps, the straps will stretch due to the weight of the garment.

Baste ends to the bodice. Try the garment on to make sure the straps fit correctly. To finish, add the facing according to the pattern instructions.


  • Use different colors for each strand of the braid
  • Use the same color in different lightness or darkness for each piece of the braid
  • Use one contrasting color for the entire braid
  • Use a striped fabric for the cording instead of matching your solid fabric

Any other ideas on using this?

Caitlin Clark   —  

Caitlin is the Colette Patterns design assistant. You can follow Caitlin at her blog, the story girl.

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Fantastic idea! Love it.

Maddie Flanigan

I love this idea! It definitely brings up the level of a garment, making it more special. I wouldn’t have thought about how these types of straps would stretch more than straps just on the straight. Great tip!


This is such a cute idea! I really love this version of the Hazel dress.


Very fun idea! Love it!


Super Cute! I am going to have to try this! Can a girl have too many Hazels?


very cute, you guy are always coming up with such beautiful tutorials. I am always surprised at how simple they are to do. Thank you for sharing :-)


I love this idea. I have a strap-less romper that needs straps. I’m going to have to find some matching ribbon to make my braided straps.


Very cool tut on the rolled cord. Reminds me of a Rouleau (french for roll) that was used in a lingerie making course I took to make a very small and delicate bow on a pair of French knickers. You can also use them as button loops on the back of a blouse high neck or elsewhere. This is essentially made the same way, but without the cord, you simply leave a long thread tail, thread a darning needle with the thread and pull the fabric through. Never thought of doing it with cord though, very nice idea thank you :)


How can I buy the patter for the sundress shown in the tutorial? I love the dress.


Hi Sandy, the Hazel dress is available in our shop. Here’s a handy link for you.


Love this! Those straps are awesome. And the dress they’re attached to is so pretty

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