The Wardrobe Architect Week 13: Free Download & Giveaway from 110 Creations!



Today, we have a special treat for you from Beth of 110 Creations, creator of 110 Creations: A Sewist’s Notebook.

If you haven’t seen this book, it’s a wonderful little notebook designed to help you organize and plan your sewing projects. You can use it to sketch ideas, and make notes about details and supplies. So handy!



Beth has also just released a version for kids!

Today, as part of the Wardrobe Architect series, Beth is providing us with a free downloadable worksheet to help plan sewing projects.

She’s also offering two copies of A Sewist’s Notebook, one in the 8.5×11 inch size, and one in the 6×9 inch size.

To enter, leave a comment below telling us about your next sewing project. I’ll pick two winners at random. Enter by Saturday April 19th at midnight and I will pick two winners by random number generator. Good luck!

ETA: Congratulations to winners Shannon and Jamie, chosen by the random number generator!

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Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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I would love to get a copy of this book – I need serious help organizing my mind for sewing. So many projects, so little time!!

My next project is actually a v-neck sweatshirt for my fiance, but for me is a yellow lace laurel!


I plan to make the lovely Moneta as soon as I get my pattern. Just in time for summer!


How neat! I have a couple of projects in the works rights now. I’m hoping to wrap up another Sorbetto this weekend, a Meringue, and then a Mabel!

Gail Nelson

I found the most wonderful denim with a little stretch to it, and it has like a flocked splotches of colour in turquoise and white and blue on it. I just finished Burda 7018, a jean style jacket and had to make a few alterations, so I am feeling brave enough to cut into the new fabulous denim and make another jacket!


My next sewing project is bunny poo poo treat bags to give to coworkers for Easter (the bunny “poops” candy!)


What a cool giveaway!! I am constantly dreaming up ideas on the go, and it’s time consuming to write them down – I am so much faster at sketching!! ^__^My next sewing project will likely be a quick knit dress to get me back into sewing after almost a month hiatus, and then it’s a custom fitted princess seamed dress in a gorgeous copper linen I got when we were in Australia!! :)


My next project is another Hawthorne!

Michelle Fuller

I am making Butterick 5585, the top and overalls for my son in knit for pajamas. He won’t sleep in a sleep sack, and I like his tummy to be covered at night, if he has a two piece set on the shirt ALWAYS rides up. So I thought this might work. I love those notebooks and they are for sure on my Birthday/Christmas list for this year!


I still have to make two Greek muse dresses for my show choir, I just washed and ironed the twelve meters of fabric this is going to take…


I would use the 110 Creations Notebook to help assist the Peony with a FBA I am planning!


I will be working on summer tops for me and my daughter. I am teaching her to sew so the sewer’s notebook for kids sounds perfect.


thank you!!!!!!!


Working on the emery dress! But as soon as I get moneta she will be up!!and I have aParfait waiting too;)


What a lovely way to get organized! It would sure beat my drawer full of messy notes on the back of enveloppes and random papers…

My next project is a striped summer dress for my Capsule wardrobe! I’ve been working on the fit of the bodice for a while now: i’m at the point where I should make a complete muslin. If it turns out anything like I imagine, it will be my favorite dress in the world.

I have to admit that working with stripes for the first time has been making me really nervous. I have read an insane amount about sewing with stripes, so I platonically know many tips (don’t cut on the fold, cut to match the seams, etc.), but I am still super anxious to cut into my fabric. The thing is, I am a stripes fanatic, so I HAVE to tackle this, for my future wardrobe’s sake.

Thanks for the generous giveaway!


I’m actually in progress on another New England dress from Decades of Style in a lovely teal blue floral quilting cotton, but have plans to make up some vintage fabric with a strawberry pattern on it after I finish the NE dress. I’m planning to call it the Strawberry fields forever dress, and my plan is a square neck button down short sleeve bodice with raglan sleeves and a 6 gore medium blue attached skirt and a self-belt. I’m sort of Frankensteining together a few different patterns for it.

The idea book looks lovely–I’ve just started sketching ideas for future sewing projects, just using a little spiral bound notebook, but this organizing tool would be great! Thanks for the chance to win one!!


My next project is going to be Sewaholic Thurlows if I am feeling brave. If not, I’ll make a top.


I would love to have a sketchbook. My next project is a dress in blue and floral denim.


I’m working simultaneously on a Crescent Skirt and Cambie Dress but desperately need to make a mini-Cooper, followed by summer dresses.


Oliver+S shorts for my girl and Iris shorts for me. Thanks for the opportunity.


My next project is either a Moneta or a loose fit top – probanly Moneta though!


I am finishing up a Plantain, and then planning on a Moneta in galaxy print. I am new to sewing and excited for my knits book to arrive!


I’m making myself a black knit top for a choir concert next month. I’ve been eyeballing this notebook!


If think that my next sewing project is going to be a simple quilt. I have never made one before, but I just organized all my fabrics and all the little pieces I never knew I had are just calling to be made into a quilt!


My next project is constantly changing!

I have an uncut, unassembled Lady Skater Dress sitting on my sewing table, with some lovely red knit. But I also have some African wax print fabric sitting on the table that has been taunting me and wanting to become a dress. Or, if some lycra I just ordered shows up this weekend, I’ll probably attempt a bikini top.

Perhaps I would benefit from a workbook like that to organize my plans.

Nancy K

I am working on drafting patterns for a cowl backed knit top and a draped front knit long skirt. I’d love to be entered in your drawing. The free download looks really useful.

julie mowbray

I am currently working on a winter coat upcycling my grandfather’s coat from the 1930’s.


My next two projects are shorts for my husband and hopefully the Moneta (need to make a dress to attend a wedding).


I just received my copy of the Colette Guide To Sewing with Knits and I will make the Moneta dress next. I’m so excited about this book!


I just bought fabric and a pattern to make a pair of slouchy track pants, but am thinking that a new dress for Easter is in order.


My next two projects:
1) A Crepe in “Koi”fabric – it’s from Ikea in (very) dark blue with white circles and red/white fish on it – looks a bit japanese
2) I got a black fabric with dancing skeletons in many color for my birthday – that’s going to be a blouse!


Thank you!! My next project is cute coral pants for my two daughters (4 and 6 years old). I am going to use the After-school pants pattern from Oliver + S, which I have used before with very good results. My next “me” project might be Mabel :)


Last week I made a dress failure. My next project will probably be a skirt I’ve made a dozen times. Need to get past the failure with something easy.


What a great idea. As much as it’s fun to sew, it’s just as easy to end up with tonnes of things that you wouldn’t know about until you found them again. I also think that you can’t get enough tips and lessons when it comes to sewing. I just see fun!

Carrie Ann

I just cut fabric for a Laurel top. I hope to make it today. Next up is a linen Nicola, from Victory Patterns.

Kimberly Gon

My next sewing project is a pair of easy breezy linen pants for summer!


With the warm weather approaching, I’m planning another Violet Blouse in a fun vintage cane print fabric… swoon!!


I want to start sewing more delicate things so my next project is a satin lingerie slip, with the obligatory lace details.

Bronwyn Judd

I am twelve weeks pregnant and was so excited to see the new Mabel pattern. I think it will be pretty easy to adjust the pattern to make the perfect maternity dress. Can’t wait to get started!


the plan is simple.
2 monetas first for my oldest daughter aged 17, and then one for me.
then my daughter would go to have a 50s dress, and i want a springcoat.
so one project goes, the next came…

greetings from germany


Wow, this would be great. My next sewing project is making a color blocked dress using Vogue pattern 8644.


I’m planning a breezy summer tunic.


I have some gorgeous silk in an Anna Sui print that I want to make into a dress, but there are so many things on my list!

Emma Jayne

My next project is a pair of sailor trousers. I’ve got the fabric cut out for a toile and I’m hoping there aren’t too many alterations required.

Claire Newton

I’m going to make a dress (with skirt) variation of Tilly’s Coco and some unselfish sewing :)


Hohhot the 6×9 would be so handy! My next project is actually almost fully cut out. It’s a McCalls Maxi dress using som very special fabric my grandmother picked up in Mexico decades ago. She kindly passed it along to me a few years ago and I finally have the guts to cut into it!! Wish me luck!!!!


My next project will be the Schoolhouse Tunic from sew liberated followed by my first Colette pattern . . . the ginger skirt.

Helen McIntosh

As I’m busy planning a summer wardrobe for all three of my children as well as my own, a little bit of organisation would be welcome!


I just finished a dress last night to wear to a friend’s wedding in a few weeks. I have a few sorbettos planned to go as part of my capsule wardrobe. Plus I’ve got about four half finished quilts that I need to work on.


I have two things, a messenger type bag and a top however, since I rarely plan.. I suspect that when my new book and pattern kit arrives from you on Friday that I’ll be making something with my knit fabric stash.


I will be making some scrubs for my daughter.


My next project is a pair of jeggings with a control top. I started working on muslins before I got pregnant but had to put it on hold since I really can’t fit into much these days. :). I’m super excited to see for myself again doon.


A new skirt in a cotton anchor print fabric, and then some Colette shirts!


Ooh I’ve had my eye on this notebook for ages!

My next sewing project is a pair of Iris shorts (my 3rd pair!) in an amazing zig zag fabric in time for my holiday to Italy :-)

*crosses fingers to win*

Kathleen Volner

I’m making the new knit dress moneta!!


My next project is going to be a pair of trousers. It’s my first attempt since the shorts I made that were so big I could fit my entire body into one leg. Lucky my skills have improved somewhat since then!


I’m currently working on a mens button up and this weekend will tackle a simple Marvel printed tank with a removable satin cape to wear while volunteering at my library’s mini comic convention.


My next project is a dress shirt for my husband. I’ve had the fabric and everything for awhile but it keeps getting pushed back for other projects!


A knit dress and cardigan! After I finish my beach bag in progress…


I am planning to make an insulated market bag to carry quart jars of milk.


My newest project is a Liberty lawn button down. I’m so excited about it. It is no.2 of my wardrobe sewing!


I have a skirt and a dress to make for next week’s trip to Atlanta. I have a coat in which I just received to fabric for to enter into the PR’s bargainista challenge and several pair of printed pants in queue. Whew!
Having a notebook like this would definitely keep my projects organized. Who knows, I may end up with fewer UFO’s!


I love these notebooks! I’ve been looking for something better than the lined spiral notebook I’m currently using for sewing ideas.

Right now I’m working on some instant gratification projects- adding sleeves to a blouse, a nice summer Laurel. I’ll be in England next week, so hopefully I’ll soon be working on a Liberty-print something.


If I am practical, my next project will be a vest with straps and loops so I have a place to clip on my keys and radio when I’m at work. Since I don’t have a pattern like that, I’d have to start with a princess-seamed vest pattern (for looks) and add my own sideways belt-loops (for utility).

If I decide on something a little simpler to follow up my first attempt at sewing my own slacks (my current project), I might just whip up a nightgown based on a dress from Yoshiko Tsukiori’s book Happy Homemade: Sew Chic.


Oh I would love to learn more about darts . I would also like to know how to add a cute collar to an existing shirt.


Current plans are for three projects for the next couple of weeks. I’m making my daughter-in-law a fancy apron, my grandbaby a vintage romper and making a vintage 1040’s peplum blouse. After these three, I would really love to make the new Moneta for a cute summer dress! I love journals and keep them for several different hobbies/activities. I would really enjoy using The Sewist’s Notebook!

melissa evans

Simplicity 3750 is up next for me, then a sorbetto dress if I can ever find the right fabric.


I really need this! I’m planning on making butterick 6018 for my first ever art opening!


My very next project is a navy Moneta. I have my fabric and my clear elastic…hoping the mailman will be good to me and have my pattern today!

Melissa O.

Since Spring is upon us here in the Ohio Valley I’ve been printing out your Clover and the Lady Skater (Kitschy Coo) dress patterns. If I have time between family gatherings this weekend I hope to get those cut out & ready to sew.


What a fab idea! Make sense from the chaos of my sewing mind! I am going to make a replacement for a much loved stripy jersey top that I have to now admit is only suitable for washday wear! I’m thinking a Coco is on the cards.

Alex K

I’m a total beginner! I’ve used my machine on about 5 projects so far and I’m just starting to think about making my own clothing. I recently fought to change a dress into a jumpsuit for a disco dance fundraiser and parts were extremely frustrating, but in the end I looked amazing! I think the first real item I’d like to make for myself is a maxi dress. I have the fabric picked out, it’s really a beautiful shower curtain!


My next project is to make the scout tee with a small piece of fabric that was gifted to me and some summer pajamas.


My next project is a little black dress (pastille) in a lightweight cotton for summer.


My next is not clothing :)
It’s a shark plush I wanna gift to a friend!
My pattern!!!
Honestly I hope it comes out the way I imagined it! :D

Amy Peck

I am going to make a Laurel dress in a gorgeous red fabric to wear under my graduation gown on May 10th… better get started soon, huh!


I’m currently sewing an Audrey/Blondie inspired outfit for my daughter but hope to make some cigarette pants and a dress for myself by May

Sara K

I have a gorgeous piece of iridescent silk chiffon that is begging to be made into a zinnia. I need to find/dye fabric for a lining. I’ve been avoiding it because I’m nervous about messing up my first silk project, but the fabric isn’t going to be useful sitting in a storage tote under my bed.

Bellis Winter

My next project is Macaron dress, I’ve the fabric, and this week-end I’ll sew it with a lot of pleasure !


I’m about to start two projects: Gertie’s slip sew-along and the Albion dufel jacket. I’m looking forward to learning lots as i tackle two very different projects.


I’m planning to make a few nice colourfull cotton trousers for my summerholiday in Italy!


How lovely! I am working with a lot of knits coming up…specifically some Lane Raglans!


This is such a cool giveaway! Next up I’m making a dress for my mum based upon the Peony. I’m making it in a cotton by Petit Pan. I’ve adjusted the bodice to have a pleated neckline. I think she’ll look great in it (and I need to finish it really quick since she has been waiting for almost two years now…)


I’m thinking of either a floral knit jersey Moneta or a spring top in voile, all from stash of course!


Oh, I remember looking at those books and thinking they were such a good idea. I could probably use them- as I make both my own clothing and costumes, it gets a little confusing remembering what I’m working on at any given moment. My next project, though, is a Truffle dress made up in this amazing printed silk taffeta to wear as my graduation dress in May.


at this very hour I am ready to cut out a variation I created, of Sorbetto, with a hi/low hem. I am using a thrifted rayon skirt for fabric. Pale pink with pastel flowers, so perfect for spring.


My next sewing project is a petticoat that I want to make to go under some 50s dresses that I have. I love sewing notebooks, but they are so few and far between. Thank you for the free printable and the giveaway!!!

Stephanie Johnston

I am working on my Colette Moneta, my new favourite pattern!!


My next project is making a long sleeve shirt for my aunt. This is going to be the first item of clothing that I am going to make for someone else. I’ve made clothes for myself but not for other people, so I am really excited!


I’m going to make a Zinnia skirt in a lovely navy batiste with wooden buttons. I hope I can finish it soon


SO glad she is doing one for kids! I actually have the adult version and the last ten pages filled up a little too quickly with kid projects :)


What a great organizational tool! My next sewing project is a great top from a French indie pattern maker. I can’t wait to start it. The first one will be a gift. The second one? Mine, all mine! Thanks for sharing Beth’s book!


I am working on some spring dresses for my granddaughter – so cute!

Nathalie Wallace

Just started working on the meringue skirt, my 7th April sewing project out of 10.
I have already made a ginger and sorbetto from the colette patterns this month. I think my nay projects will definitely include the new knit dress pattern. I love using knits and the pattern is sublime, so a 100% win.


My next project is my first pair of “real” pants (pajamas and rain pants don’t count!): Sewaholic Thurlows – for trousers and shorts. After that, it’s zipping up as many summer tops as I can before shipping off to the desert for a summer internship at a lab.


I want to make some type of shirt dress for spring and am torn between the Hawthorn pattern and Gertie’s Shirtwaist dress from her book.


I’ve gotten rusty at sewing these past years. I’m thinking about making a beach cover-up with all the details I want: long enough, great fabric, sleeves, looks cool, feels cooling and gives my a positive feeling about staying protected from the sun.


I’m finishing off a blouse with a peplum and then I would like to make a wrap dress. Thanks for the download, I have loved your series!


I want to make a jacket for summer – a short trench in emerald green twill. Thanks!


Hoping to get started on a couple summer jackets…while finishing a couple quilts and a KAL.


I’d love love love to win this. I’m an ideas person and I’m always making lists and planning out my next sewing dreams and projects, so I’ve always got 2 or 3 notebooks with me to jot down my ideas. Next in my plans is a nautical-inspired dress: a white crossover bodice with blue nautical stripe skirt. I’m planning to use a few different patterns to get the look. I was inspired by a sold-out Modcloth dress.

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