The Wardrobe Architect Week 13: Free Download & Giveaway from 110 Creations!



Today, we have a special treat for you from Beth of 110 Creations, creator of 110 Creations: A Sewist’s Notebook.

If you haven’t seen this book, it’s a wonderful little notebook designed to help you organize and plan your sewing projects. You can use it to sketch ideas, and make notes about details and supplies. So handy!



Beth has also just released a version for kids!

Today, as part of the Wardrobe Architect series, Beth is providing us with a free downloadable worksheet to help plan sewing projects.

She’s also offering two copies of A Sewist’s Notebook, one in the 8.5×11 inch size, and one in the 6×9 inch size.

To enter, leave a comment below telling us about your next sewing project. I’ll pick two winners at random. Enter by Saturday April 19th at midnight and I will pick two winners by random number generator. Good luck!

ETA: Congratulations to winners Shannon and Jamie, chosen by the random number generator!

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Melissa C

Next up for me is a button down shirt in a sweeeet merimekko print. A wee project to try and get me excited about going back to work after maternity leave.


probably another Peony dress or take a stab at knits with the Plantain by Deer and Doe!


Timely, I am full swing with planning for Wardrobe Architect! Started my new Roiboosh last week :)


My next project will be a summer top to go with my new skirt.


My next sewing project is a wrap skirt for summer. This looks like a lovely little book!


I plan to make a jersey dress. And a zillion other things ;-)


Islander Systems “easy shirt” for my teenage son. So far I have only made a muslin to check the fit. Keep your fingers crossed for me :o). I love the idea of a project notebook! Beats my homemade version. P.S. Huge fan of the wardrobe Architect!

Journey hemberger

Working on a beautiful dress for a friend. Would LOVE to win the notebook I NEED to get organized.


My next project is actually my current project! I am a new sewist and am working on perfecting a well fitting muslin for Sorbetto. As soon as I get it where I want it, I’ll make the real thing to wear. After that, maybe I’ll sew a skirt to wear with it?


After patiently working on Vogue 8900, I can’t wait to sew up a few pairs of ladyshorts by cloth habit. Love, love, love these lacy underthings … and a great quick and easy project!

Megan V

My next project is a dress for me. Jumping in to adult apparel after sewing lots of kids clothes. Very excited and this notebook would be fab!


After a little clean up in my sewing room, I’m working on a linen sleeveless dress.


I’m actually planning on making the Monetta dress. I saw the pattern earlier this week in my sewing shop and I fell in love – even more when I just checked out the other variations of the dress on your site. I can’t wait to make it!


My next sewing project is a baby outfit for my son’s teacher who just had a baby girl! I love sewing baby clothes and little girls’ outfits and dresses!

Shanni Snyder

My first Hawthorn in a black and white tweed linen is my next project. Thanks for the chance to win!


I’m making a Mabel with attached spandex shorts for running around/biking without flashing anyone!


I haven’t sewn garments in years but I want to start again. I’ve gained weight and am hesitant to start sewing for myself again. Perhaps this would help.


Until recently my sewing skills have been employed mostly in mending, but I’ve got the cutest hostess apron pattern that I want to make., once I find just the right fabric…


My next project is the sewaholic lonsdale dress with a nice flowery print I’ve had forever…can’t wait to wear it this spring and summer!


What a wonderful idea!

My next project in line is a new (green) summer coat. I already have everything I need exept buttons. Just have to make myself to cut into the d… precious fabric!


My next project is the Sew the Perfect Fit Craftsy class to sew a shift dress for a friends wedding. I really need to up my game in terms of the quality of my fit and finish. But after that I’m loving the Moneta dress – time to tackle knits maybe? This notebook will help me organise my ever more ambitious plans!


My next project is a chiffon button up shirt, with some beautiful printed fabric. After that I’m planning to sew my first Laurel dress


Planning a gingham Archer – I’ve already made 6 of them, so it’s a real tried and true pattern for me!

C. Fernsebner

My next project is a gown (By Hand’s Anna Dress) in silk/cotton blend (Robert Kaufman’s Radiance), either olive or grey, possibly with snowdrops embroidered on it.

I need to make this so I can go on a formal-wear-only bar- and gallery-crawl in a couple weeks.

Denise Kerrigan

I am taking a craftsy course and making the iconic tweed cardigan. Lots of fun.


I’m working on a McCalls dress pattern from the late sixties that I found at an estate sale, perfectly intact! Sleeveless shift dress, my first.


What I handy give-away! I have several projects started and a few more in my queue including Deer and Doe’s Plantain Shirt, Tilly and the Buttons Meitte Skirt, and The Hawthorne Dress. Trying to crank them all out before Me-Made-May!

Laura H

Well, I just finished my Moneta, so my next pattern will probably be another Moneta!

Elle harris

As so many indie pattern designers are bringing out knit and jersey patterns I’m attending a ‘know your surger’ class and then a workshop to make a pair of leggings. I want to make a Mabel then a moneta. :)

Jacqueline Easter

My upcoming project is to create a complete wardrobe since I have gained a considerable amount of weight and I am extremely busty for a 5’0 girl. I can’t and never have been able to buy off the rack. My entire life has been stitching and designing for others. These books are ideal for someone like me who works on several projects at a time giving me the ability to set my visions done on paper in an orderly format …fantastic!!!!


Sooo many to do! My next project is turning my broken umbrella into a waterproof grocery tote!


My next project is actually an ‘in progress’ very belated Christmas present for my other half -a ‘Cooper’ rucksack which I’m lining with some beautiful fox fabric from the ‘Wildwood’ collection by Dashwood Studios.

I’ve always got a list of potential projects as long as my arm so a book to organise them all would be really great!


It Autumn here in Melbourne, Australia. The days are getting shorter and cooler so I’m going to be attempting my first ever coat this weekend.

Carol Cowey

I plan to make puppet show shorts,an oliver and s pattern for my granddaughter Bea .


My next project is a smocked dress for my 9 yr. old daughter. I have sew so many ideas, I need to be organized!


I am planning to sew a sommer jacket!
Regards from France


I’m starting the Lonsdale dress by Sewaholic in a blue/white polka dot for summer.


A maxi dress in voile I think


I just yesterday started work on a Crepe! After that I think I’ll turn to sewing a couple of nighties.

Lady Stitcher

Those notebooks are fantastic! I have a couple of works in progress to tidy up over the weekend, but my next new project will be Mabel! I have some lovely red ponte waiting to be stitched into a sweet mini :)


Just got some awesome zippers in the mail and I plan to start my first Sewaholic Minoru spring jacket any day now!!! :)


Now that I finished a ton of bags I am finally going to be able to go back and finish a quilt that has been set aside. Mind you it also gave me time to think about how to change the backing design LOL

Elizabeth H

My project list includes a backpack for 16 mo old, Kenzie, who just started preschool; lounge pants for my mom; a purse for my daughter……I keep records on all my projects but this book is much more detailed. I’d love to have one!


I’m getting back into sewing. I’m taking the Cal Patch pattern drafting class over on Creativebug and am going to make a cowl neck tunic out of sweatshirt weight jersey.


I’m going to make myself a new handbag soon. The one I’d bought is already falling apart…I’m sure I can do better!

Erica F.

I’m currently finishing a quilt, but my next project is to attempt a 3-tiered petticoat.

Beth Workman

Well, that sure beats my pile of scrap paper notes! My next project is a color blocked dress using a pattern from the 1950s. I’m being indecisive about the fabric. I’m thinking teal and navy poplin.


I’m just gearing up (ie deciding on size) to make a Laurel


Perfect giveaway! I’m currently sewing my spring wardrobe, so next project in the list is a pair of jeans. However ever since the new patterns were released, Mabel is on my mind. So we’ll have to see which one will win the battle and be first,even though we all know that the instant gratification project(see Mabel) will be first!


My next project – a christening gown for my baby niece, made from my sister-in-law’s wedding dress. I’m so excited :)


Planning to sew up a little chef’s hat and apron for the daughters of a couple of friends I’ll get to see soon, plus a few other gifts and hopefully a bag for me for the trip! :)


It’s going to be a Mabel in a navy knit for summer. I usually shy away from knits on my “lower half”, but after seeing how lovely it is, I’m going to give it a try!


My next project is a pair of Sandra Skinny Leg Jeans by StyleArc. I’ll be using a navy and black leopard double cloth stretch denim from Gorgeous Fabrics.

Kendra Watson

I’m using this series to completely overhaul my wardrobe and my to sew list is never ending but I feel like I am finally finding the focus I need to take the time to sew the right item in the right material and size


I have too many projects in my head to mention just one. I need a notebook like the one being given away to organize all these ideas! I guess I should focus on the Sassy Librarian Blouse over at Craftsy that I enrolled in several months ago. Thanks for the give away!

Marie Purnell

My next sewing project is to create a couple of blouses for Spring. And work on covers for patio cushions…10 of them!! Busy, Busy!!!!

Vanessa B

I totally need this notebook! Ive got 4 more sweatshirts to embroider, a quilt block to make, a wallet/zip pouch and thats not to mention the 6 projects that are all due the end of June, wheeee! Thank You!

Barbara Cohn

Just finished two outfits for my grand daughters (4 mos. & 2 yrs) Dress & diaper cover; and top & capri pants. Now.. sewing for me!


Right now I am sewing a king size quilt for my bed. I don’t get as much sewing time as I would like and it will probably take all year. I am interested in starting to make clothes for myself and I find your site full of great information. Thanks


My next project is a summer dress, sleeveless, full skirted, made of lightweight denim, with sweet embroidery on it in a neutral color. I am planning the pattern now!


I am hoping to work on a dress for me. I am currently finishing up a pair of dress pants for my son.


I have found the Wardrobe Architect series so, so helpful to me in terms of thinking carefully and critically about shapes, silhouettes, and curating a small wardrobe on a tight budget. So, naturally, my next sewing project is something I don’t really *need*, doesn’t fit into my color palette for the season at all, and probably won’t get worn that often. And I’m just so excited about it. It’s a heavily-modified version of the Truffle pattern, with a re-drafted full pleated skirt instead of the ruffle, finished with bias bound seams instead of a lined bodice, in a gorgeous black, grey and red floral print. Here’s to spontaneity, I guess!


I’m going to make a dress with a 1940’s pattern I found in an antique shop for the Sew For Victory challange!

Whitney A.

I am dreaming up a springy floral dress in maybe the chantilly..


I’m going to make myself a knit dress to wear during the upcoming winter!


I have two swimsuits to make. The first will be the ever so popular Bombshell suit, using an adorable Navy blue with white polka dots, and will be trimming in red. My oldest wanted what she calls a ‘Merica’ swimsuit. My youngest daughter wants a ‘pleather’ swimsuit. We really couldn’t find a swimsuit pattern she liked so we will be using Simplicty’s 1426, a 1950’s style halter top to give this suit a vintage look with a high waisted boyshort cut bottoms. I have way to many ideas on the table or stacked in the plastic tub by the table to even say. Plus now you have released the Mabel pattern and oldest is dying for me to make that as well. geez.. the ideas never stop,


I have so much sewing planned as soon as the school year ends. I want to finish some awesome wool pants that I started and will be lining. I am also going to make a cute crop top to go with a long maxi type skirt or a long black maxi dress to go to the Shakespeare festival and then finally, I’ll be sewing a dress for a wedding in September. Congratulations Collete Patterns on your awesome new patterns and book!


My next sewing project is actually the juniper pant!

Rachelle – Warming Crafts

My next project is a completely impractical eighteenth century Robe a la Anglaise; after that I’ll probably make myself a couple of tops for winter.


My next two projects are a) a pair of BRIGHT OMG SO BRIGHT blue shorts for my very picky three year old, and b) a Mabel! I have just the fabric for it and I’m super excited.


Well, May is the month of birthdays in my home. That means 2 special birthday dresses–one for me and one for my daughter–both in pretty spring colors.


I’ve just made a circle skirt that needs to hang for 48 hours before I hem it. OTher than that, the next projects in line are: a cardigan and Negroni shirt for my husband, a merino top for my dad, a bra for myself, and a wee jacket that I’ll hopefully get done in time for Sew For Victory. Probably the bra and jacket will be next, but I need to keep reminding myself to make the things I’ve promised for others!


My next project will be for my son’s wedding this summer. I need some cute outfits and my new DIL- to- be would like me to make some aprons for bridesmaids gifts.


I have a few skirts that hopefully will be made up soon. Before I get to those I’ll be finishing up a dress for a friend.

How handy those notebooks are. I’d love one!

Next project is a quilt I’m planning


Right now I’m finishing up another sencha and will be starting the sassy librarian blouse hopefully this weekend. If I can kick this cold. Ambrose at aol dot com

Nancy Winningham

I’d love to get the planning notebook! My next sewing project is going to be a yoke front skirt like the one I just finished, but in a print


I’ve already started tracing/sizing down this pattern, so I’m not sure if it counts as my next project or not, but I’ll be making a green floral early 40’s dress for Sew for Victory. After that, I’m planning a Moneta dress!


I’m going to make a floral dress with some beautiful cotton for Project Sewn week 2 sew-along. It’s spring after all, isn’t it?


I currently working on a pair of trousers, my first pair not counting leggings and a lace bra, that is to say I have made 2 tolies for the trousers that finally fit so a can start cutting in the fashion fabric now and I’m still basting the 2 layers lace to silk organza for the bra. Next I think it will be an airy top in a beautiful volie that is lying on our ironing-bord waiting for me.

Andrea Belshaw

Next project is The Blitz tea dress pattern by Selside. I’ve bought the fabric too. Mint green viscose with white spots. It going to look fab. In fact I’m getting my lazy but out of bed right now and getting started.

Joanne Underwood

I am planning on making a long wrap skirt with some material I picked up at a bargain! I am fairly new to making clothes and would love any help along the way! Thanks for the giveaway x


I’m thinking of making a skirt.

Kate Hampshire

My next project is a silk sorbetto followed by a Dupion navy silk Anna dress for a wedding in June. Lovely giveaway.

Ronda Bowen

I’m in the middle of making a robe for my son. After that, I’ll be making cradle sheets and my daughter’s crib sheets/crib skirt. Once that’s done, I think I’m going to make myself a few skirts.


My sewing machine is at the doctor’s right now, so I guess my next sewing project will have to be done entirely on the serger. My daughters want me to make them some tops, so that should work out well.


Wow such a great idea! My next sewing project will be a maternity skirt for the french pattern compagny “2ème arrondissement”. Because I have absolutly nothing to wear! ;)


Ooh, nice giveaway! My Easter weekend sewing project is a Laurel in a light patterned denim/chambray with eyelet lace sleeves. And then maybe a baby gift or two – I’m thinking some quick change trousers from Anna Maria Horner’s pattern.


I’ve found this great embroidered white cotton recently and I can hear it scream “make a simple scout tee out of me it will be so nice!”


I’ve got lots of spring sewing on the go at the moment, my next project is a beignet skirt in navy needlecord!


I’m making a fabric Easter basket for my grandson!


I’m planning to sew a soft toy for my niece tomorrow (a manatee!) and a cocoon cardi for me out of some much merino jersey to snuggle during winter.

Jess Z

I have finished up sewing Easter dresses and will be moving on to making my daughter’s christening dress. I’ve bought the silk, lace and Violet Field Thread’s Piper Dress pattern. Now, I just need to convince myself to cut into that luxurious silk! :)

Karen Coleman

My next project is your Moneta dress. Can’t decide on which collar I like best. May have to make a few versions! Love all your patterns.


My next sewing project is actually finishing a jacket I started a long ago. Made with beautiful blue-green wool. Hopefully it will be ready by next winter. Would love to wear it :-)


My next project is a shirt for my 18month grandson. I just finished Easter outfits, for my grandsons. Up next will be skirts for summer for me. So much to sew, so little time! Your workbook sounds like just the tool I need.

Linnéa Seignér

My next sewing project is a 1950’s shirtdress. It Will be made out of blue fabric with White polka dots. I’m plankning on wearing it to my best friends wedding! But i have hundreds of ideas and a lot of fabric in my stash just waiting to be a beautiful garment. I just have to many ideas to actually decide what to make!


I am drafting a light short-sleeved knit summer cardigan for my mom for her birthday – in a tribal print!


I’m planning on making the Grainline moss skirt next, then a few summer dressss

Jennifer Brown

The book looks so helpful. I was just organizing my project ideas, by making notes on trace and a paper bag – sure fire way to loose my work!

Thanks for your work.

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