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Last year, I created a little experiment on the blog called Wardrobe Architect that many of you followed along with. This year, Kristen has decided to use the principles to help her design a personal wardrobe throughout 2015. Now you have a chance to follow along on her journey and try it yourself in 2015. -Sarai

This is embarrassing to admit, but over the past few years I’ve become quite the fast fashion consumer. When I was younger, I took a forceful ethical stance and swore it all off, but lately it seems that you can find me spending money in a large fast fashion retailer multiple times a month.

Truthfully, as a creative person I feel lousy about purchasing a style that has been designed, manufactured, and marketed specifically for my socio-economic group. It doesn’t feel right for me, and I want to take time to reconnect and rediscover my style, and make it truly personal.

That’s why I’m choosing to devote 2015 to a complete wardrobe overhaul. You might call it style therapy, a closet cure, or a fast fashion diet. Whatever it is, for one year I’m not buying new clothing; everything must be made or purchased secondhand.

I believe that this will get me truly thinking about whether I actually need something, while challenging myself to become a better sewist by tackling projects I had never previously given much thought to.

And I want you to join me! I have designed a year-long program that closely follows the tenets of the Wardrobe Architect, with a strong focus on sewing your own capsule wardrobes for spring/summer and fall/winter.

Don’t worry, you don’t actually need to swear off buying new clothing if you don’t want to! However, following along with this challenge will give you the opportunity to slowly and methodically design and plan to sew your own wardrobe. Below is an outline of everything we’ll cover, month-by-month.

  • January – Find your core style and explore shapes
  • February – Clean out your closet and take inventory
  • March – Review and finalize your spring/summer sewing projects
  • April – Plan colors and shop for spring fabric
  • May & June – Sew for your spring/summer capsule wardrobe
  • July – Review and finalize your autumn/winter sewing projects
  • August – Plan colors and shop for autumn fabric
  • September & October – Sewing for your autumn/winter capsule wardrobe
  • November – Review and refine
  • December – Show off your wardrobe!

Of course, this timeline is not gospel! You are free to sew all year long (I know I will be), but I have found that it can be incredibly helpful to have a few weeks at a time to really focus on different aspects of a project before moving onto the next.

Let’s get started: January’s Challenge

This month’s theme is about finding your core style and picking silhouettes that best suit your body.

To get started, read through The Wardrobe Architect Weeks 1-4 on the blog and complete all related projects and worksheets. I recommend getting a sketchbook or binder to keep everything organized as we work through the year.

Then, start browsing for sewing patterns that you think would fit well into your future capsule wardrobe. If you like to design and make your own patterns, sketch up some designs that you think reflect your core style and that you might like to see in your capsule wardrobe. Better yet, you can even do a combination of the two!

Try to come up with at least 20 patterns or designs in different categories of clothing, such as tops, blouses, pants, skirts, or outerwear. Print out photos of the patterns or add your sketches to your notebook.

Important questions to ask yourself about the designs you choose:

  • Have you worn similar styles before? How did you feel about them when you wore them?
  • Would you need to make any modifications to the designs you choose?
  • Are there any designs that don’t quite fit with the others?
  • Are these designs cute and trendy, but maybe not quite you?


January Checklist

  • Get a notebook, sketchbook, or binder
  • Read through the Wardrobe Architect weeks 1-4
  • Complete exercises and projects for Wardrobe Architect weeks 1-4
  • Design or collect 20 pattern ideas that reflect your core style and preferred silhouettes. We’ll pare these down later.
  • Grab a button for your blog!

Share your progress!

Toward the end of the month, we will have a check in where you can share what you’ve come up with.

Here are a few other ways you can share your participation:

  • Share this image on social media (facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest) to let people know what you’re doing (and share a link to this post). Click to download:


  • Throughout the challenge, you can post about your struggles and breakthroughs on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #WAChallenge2015 (be sure to mention @ColettePatterns too)
  • Add these buttons to your blog by copying and pasting the code below (we have a couple different sizes for you):

<a href=""><img src="//" alt="" /></a>

<a href=""><img src="//" alt="" /></a>

If you plan on participating please post in the comments and let me know what your specific goals are. I’m excited to get started and see the wonderful wardrobes everyone creates!

Kris Blackmore   —   Designer

Kris is the designer at Colette, and also writes and illustrates our sewing patterns. A graduate of The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), this Texas native worked for a variety of companies in the fashion industry before joining Colette in 2013. On our blog, Kris helps solve your wardrobe woes through the Wardrobe Architect series she writes.

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This is great! I was made redundant just before Christmas and am adjusting to a new stay at home lifestyle. The upside of this is that I now have more time to sew and really develop my dressmaking skills. My goal is to purge my wardrobe of all the items I no longer need and create an exciting wardrobe that suits my new life and fits my body! I mostly need tops and a couple of good fitting skirts (been struggling with this for a while), not sure I’m brave enough to tackle making trousers yet, but I’d love to make a cropped pair for spring/ summer so you never know!
I also find choosing fabric difficult and time consuming as I have to buy online, so advice on making this easier would be great. Also recommendations for patterns for everyday basics. Really looking forward to joining in and sharing the journey!


Perfect timing!! One of my aims for this year is also to only buy second hand clothes or make my own. I find it too easy to get sucked into the latest trend or buy something because it is a great bargain (rather than it looking great on). I’m also becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the environmental/social cost of fast fashion…
I used the WA last year to get a better idea of what I’m comfortable in, silhouettes, colours etc and have managed to halve the number of clothes in my wardrobe while making it much easier to pick out outfits. Now I need to add some basics and statement pieces as what I have wears out. I think skinny jeans are going to be the biggest challenge. Looking forward to WA2015!


Great! I’m in from France! I’m almost 50 (so a lot older than most of you!) and I’m struggling to find a style that would suit both my age and my “new” shape (I’ve always been very slim but now I’m putting on weight and find it hard to adapt to my new body and look…). I didn’t know where to start this challenge, and now, thanks to your WA I know I’ll manage to get it right! Thank you!


Fantastic Fit for Every Body by Gale Griggs Hazen is priceless! It focuses on altering commercial patterns fir fit, and as at 54, I am finding it indispensable for it’s spot-on advice for fitting a maturing body.


I would love to participate. I’ve been searching a way to get organized to sew outfits that I can actually use instead of keep collecting clothes that I enjoyed sewing but I rarely use. And I would like do get some diversity on my wardrobe because it seems I’m always buying/sewing the same type of clothes with the same colors. I’m looking forward to getting started!


I’d Love to join. My goals for 2015 is to first “shop” my own fabric stash and use patterns I already have. I didn’t buy any RTW last year and I want it to be the same this year.


I was kind of planning on doing this already, but it will be nice to follow a plan instead of winging it. Count me in!


Isn’t it great how so many of us were thinking the EXACT same thing? I’m looking forward to taking this on with so many other people!


My goal is to build a quality wardrobe of things I love to wear (that fit well) while improving my sewing skills. I’m looking forward to following along!


I so want to do this….my wardrobe is a mess….I cannot figure out which colour group I am in, although I am well on my way to seeing what I like on myself vs what is in my closet. I have been wanting to change things from the bottom up for some time now. Thanks so much for doing this. I tried to pay attention last year and it did not work, but I have cleared my mind yet again (end of the year is good for that), and I’m looking forward to trying yet again. Thanks for this.

Tracie Dodd

I was going to do this last year but had a wedding to plan and started a new job so thought it best not!! But made my pledge this year to only make clothes or buy from a charity shop (I’m in the UK) and refashion them. So a year without any clothes, shoes and accessories purchases other than my pledge. Feeling very liberated by this and hope to make some new unique garments from the fabric I’ve had around for tooooo long!!


I love this idea, but have such a hard time finding patterns which can be easily adapted to breastfeed! I will certainly be following along, and participating as much as possible!

Lotta Helleberg

I will follow along. I have been needing a good motivation to get organized. My goals are to have a wardrobe where most things work together, to make it easier to dress and feel confident with the selections. I also want to limit purchasing goods that are mass produced, especially fast fashion. I am fine with supporting domestic producers and independent makers.


This sounds like just what I need to sort out my wardrobe, and focus my sewing on clothes that I will wear


I’d like to take this challenge also. I seem to have so much but don’t wear most of it. I would love to refashion my knits. I need a very casual wardrobe, but nice, not frumpy. I am retired and most of my career clothing has been donated. I am a flannel shirt and jeans-kind of person.


I have to include myself in this beautiful sea of ‘me, too’. I have been trying to conquer my resistance and avoidance behaviors when sewing for myself. I have had the WA material prepped and ready since last year when I discovered it near the end of the posts. Now I can be accountable for my desire to have well made things and accomplish my goal of sewing for myself as well as clearing away my wardrobe of nothing to wear. Thank you!


I eould love to try this out! I don’t know which my gols are my goals yet, but I will figure it out. I guess I want to proove myself I can live without shopping, but I will need to go shopping for fabbrics, which is a really good thing anyway. I also love the idea of sewing my personal style!


I’m so excited about this! I’ve changed shape and age brackets and after years of neglect, want a wardrobe that suits me now.


I’m in. As a beginner, my goal is to sew a few really useful, well made pieces that help me gain skills at the same time. Following along with the series will be a good way to focus my efforts and make sure my makes are winners.


Yes! This is perfect. I want to clean everything I don’t wear out of my closet. Then focus my sewing on stash busting this year – so mostly wovens for tops, dresses and jackets. So I’ll allow myself to purchase a few knit items or pants if needed this year, with a plan to learn how to sew knits and pants next year when I revisit WA. Working toward RTW free in 2016 :)


I absolutely love this! I usually sew for my kids, but I have been meaning to add to my own wardrobe. The cleaning and flushing out the closet is a must!

I can’t wait to participate! (although, I may be purchasing a few items here and there…)


Definitely in. I moved across the country last year, and switched the type of job I work, so my wardrobe is in need of a major overhaul to make it functional.


Serendipity! I was thinking about this earlier today and came to the same decision that this year it has to be hand made or secondhand. It also supports my promise to finish my unfinished projects. Count me in.


I recently discovered last year’s Wardrobe Architect series and I am excited to participate in it this year. I am a novice sewer (i.e. I just started sewing last month) and I am looking forward to developing my skills. I also want to transition from ready to wear clothing to creating and wearing clothes that I’ve sewn. My end goal is to create a capsule wardrobe and I am hopeful that participating in this challenge will not only help me as a I develop as a seamstress but assist me in fine-tuning my personal style & look.


I love this idea! I am new to sewing but I have decided to take on this challenge. It is my goal to create a handmade capsule wardrobe, so this challenge is just what I need!


Please please tell me there is a Facebook Group for this? Is there a link for it??


This sounds like a wonderfully cathartic experience! I’m interested to begin the worksheets/assignments for January. However, I’m most curious and anxious to be inspired by those who participate.

Rose Cherry

I’m going to do this great idea! Since I am a tax accountant, I may get behind in the beginning. I’ll catch up after April 15 if that happens. I want to go into my closet (organized, of course) and immediately pick clothes that are comfortable and look good. That may take more than one year but I would like to make considerable progress in 2015.


Although my blog is frenchie, i would like to join your project. I think it’s so inspiring! I’d like to stop buying new clothes and your idea is the one to achieve my goal!!


This is great! Last year I discovered WA and used it to streamline my wardrobe. I had a goal to make all my hand-knit sweaters for fall/winter. This year I want to sew all my dress and skirts. I find it easier to work this way instead of an all out fast fashion fast.

I am looking forward to following along and it is refreshing to see so much interest.


I’m so happy that you’re doing this! I loved the original WA series, but my sewing skills weren’t quite up to snuff last time I worked through them, so some of my ambitions weren’t quite within my grasp yet. But I’ve learned so much since then that my sewing is an I’m so happy to have this to help me focus my enthusiastic chaos into creating a wearable, vintage inspired mostly handmade wardrobe. Thanks for giving us all the opportunity to join in again. :)


Two thoughts on the article:

“…for one year I’m not buying new clothing; everything must be made or purchased secondhand.”

Maybe you were including this, but I think it’s worth stating – “or is something I altered.”

A few people above mentioned making or owning clothes that they liked at one time, but currently don’t wear. Sometimes that dress you liked back then will work better now as a skirt and vest. Those logo or fashion t-shirts you don’t wear anymore? They’ll make great underwear! That top that fits and has a nice shape but is just too bland? Applique, embroidery, dye job! That other dress from a size or two ago? Take it in, chop off the sleeves, chop off the lapel & smooth out the collar, raise the hem and you’ve got a new sundress.

“Important questions to ask yourself about the designs you choose:”

You might include “what skills do I need to learn in order to make the patterns I want/want to alter?”

I can find 40 patterns I like, easy, but currently I don’t have the skills to make 98% of them. But I’m working on it!


Yup! We’ll be talking more about making alterations to stuff you love but doesn’t fit, and approaches to tackling the mending pile in the future.


I hope this process will help me to create the new wardrobe that I need due to health issues that have caused dramatic changes in my body – some that are certainly permanent and others that may fluctuate.

A large challenge will be my lack of modern sewing experience; my sewing has focused on the 1860’s – 1920’s, which means that while I love to make handsewn buttonholes, I’m clueless about zippers!



I am participating in the Wardrobe Architect 2015 to find out what my exact style of clothing is!! I love to get dressed up but I love to look chic while being casual also!!


My challenge of the year is to build my own wardrobe. For this challenge I have begun to know my star color by the color analysis. I analyzed what kind of shape is my body (I’m an hourglass) and I analyzed what kind of clothes make me good for look taller (I’m petite size). With this information in my hand I will begin next week to sew clothes for my new look. I am excited!!

You can follow my challenge in my blog
In the blog I write in Spanish but you can use the translator, this is added in the blog.


Excellent timing for me as well. I have proudly shed an extra 10kgs I have been lugging around since my daughter was born – she just turned 12! I desperately need new basics – tees and casual pants/shorts and am really keen to make my own – as much as I love making dresses I just don’t wear them as everyday wear and really want to focus on sewing a practical wardrobe this year.


Count me in. I needed a push to sew more and this is a great incentive. Now I just need to work out what I like and don’t like and what looks good – great idea thanks


I’m in.
My goal, oh, be sure that I’ll wear what I make. And update my wardrobe.
I don’t have much time to sew so I really have to be sure it’ll be worn…

Linda Rees

Yes I am joining in too! Can’t wait. I had already decided I was not going to buy any clothes this year, except anything vintage I stumble across. Still learning to fit and sew knit fabrics so will be continuing with that. I want comfy clothes to wear at home so I don’t look such a slob and stuff for work. I also want to dip my toes into lingerie/underwear. I started a file last year so am going to regenerate that. Excited!


I’m on my mark, ready to start work on my wardrobe. Now I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll never work in the field I’ve retrained for, have no income of my own and have grudgingly acknowledged my increased body measurements, I can get stuck into my stash and enjoy my secondhand finds from eBay! I think I’ll probably buy several RTW T-shirts and one new pair of basic denim jeans anyway, but my budget will keep me focused on sewing the rest of my wardrobe myself. Also, I’ve realised that I’ve been dressing “upside-down” for my body shape since forever and I really need to get into darker tops and light bottoms, which requires quite a radical change. Here’s hoping I can stay functional enough to sew that basic capsule wardrobe this year!


I’ve swore off buying new clothes late in 2012! However, I never really had a plan. Most of the things I make are random and rushed. I’m so excited that you are doing this!
I’m in!

Mary Lee

Looking forward to doing this. I am now in my 60’s and trying to evaluate what looks good on me vs when I was younger. I need to winnow out my closet and use some of my fabric stash and pattern stash thoughtfully.


Last year I had the long-term goal to declutter all the house including my wardrobe in order to have more free time and room for my DIY projects. This year’s sewing plans were to create a new wardrobe substituting all the RTW pieces, to use the all the fabrics I have, to complete all the unfinished projects, to create my very own personal style and most important accept my body size (I will never lose those 15 kgs I have gained the last 5yrs).
Searching the web for patterns I want to sew, I found this great challenge and I am definitely in!!!


I hope to follow along. I would love to better define my style, and want to learn to sew clothing! This will be great motivation.

Nique et

In 2014 I made a resolution to not buy any clothes. Remarkably, I kept the resolution! It’s been really great; it really allowed me to see what I really liked in my wardrobe and I got rid of some much stuff!
Now that I know what types of items I really enjoy wearing. AND are practical for work I’d really like to work on buying fabrics that more suit the rest of my wardrobe (more cake less frosting) and on finding some TNT patterns as opposed to making a few things once and moving onto the next shiny and new pattern. Also, I think I will continue to not buy any clothes and have to either work with what i already have or make it.

Thanks for hosting.


I’ve been procrastinating for a few years about my wardrobe. I work from home and don’t need a smart wardrobe but I have slipped into the jeans wardrobe which I am starting to hate. I’ve got a stash that I need to start busting and I am determined to crack on. So in a word (or few lol!) I’m in!


My wardrobe is ‘NOT’. It exists of a few pairs of jeans and 5 – 6 t-shirts….I was packing things up to put into storage and put my clothes into garbage bags to put in the POD….bad idea! When I went to get a few things for Christmas – NO BAGS?
Soooo, it looks like I will be starting from scratch – sewing and up-cycling, it will be nice to do it the right way….


I discovered the Wardrobe Architect about six months ago and I got really excited. I have done the worksheets, but I haven’t sewn much. I have been looking for pattern and also making few patterns myself. Now I am lookinf forward to this, because I think it could be easier when you have company :)
My goal is to get more confidence and patience, and to try new things and techniques and challenge myself. I want to make few summer dresses, blouses and maybe even jeans. I want to have mix and match, defined and fun wardrobe.


I will be participating! It fits in really well with my own personal challenge of not purchasing any RTW clothes this year or any new fabrics. I will be sewing from my stash and will allow myself a trip to the fabric store only for notions for projects in progress and for matching pieces of fabric if needed to finish a garment. Thank you for this exercise!


This is fantastic! I haven’t been able to find clothing that fits particularly well, in colors and fabrics I like, for years. So last summer I decided to upgrade my sewing skills and start doing it myself. I’ve taken some classes, read some books, and practiced on some new types of clothing for me and others. I’m feeling quite encouraged! The Wardrobe Architect Challenge is perfectly timed to help me focus my efforts. I figure with a good plan, I can get away with fewer pieces of clothing and maybe fully swap out all my old so-so stuff this year.


This is indeed timely for me. As a costume designer, I am a sewist, but I rarely make anything for myself. As a result, I buy a lot of RTW. I read quite a bit of the WA blog last year, but didn’t carve out any time and had a hard time starting. I’m looking forward to following the public journey here, learning from others and, hopefully, to refining my style. So hard to do as a designer! If I can make 4 garments for myself this year AND love them, I will be really, really happy.

May Phillips

Eeep! I’m so excited to follow along with this. It’s always been a goal of mine to have a completely handmade wardrobe but it’s tough to take on a challenge without planning and structure. I love the idea of doing this as a community with clearly laid out steps. Can’t wait!

Nuhaa Dalwai

I am so excited for this! I loved the Wardrobe Architect last year and I can’t wait to start the challenge this year


I’m going to follow along, hopefully figure out a core style. A big plus will be actually sewing and using up my stash.


My daughter and I have been planning to do this for six months! I’m very excited as the clothes in the shops just do not suit my taste or body (or purse for that matter)!


boo!!! i realllly want to work through this with you all but i just started back up to school and between that, my kids doing their teenage crisis thing, housecleaning etc…i just dont think i’ll manage :'(
have fun all!


I love the idea and I’ve decided to take up the challenge! I’ve just posted my first article and I hope that I can keep it up through out the year.
Has anyone any tips for staying disciplined with the color scheme and not cheating by buying fabric or RTW garments that don’t fit in?


I was planning on working through last year’s Wardrobe Architect this year so this is perfect timing! I want to sew or knit most of my wardrobe this year and curate my wardrobe so it reflects my style and seamlessly fits my home and work life. I want to sew or knit most garments, think if items need replacing when they wear out or I get bored of them, and either sew, knit, or go to thrift stores or consignment stores when I need something to fill a wardrobe hole. Can’t wait!


I’m all about a fashion resolution this year! My 2014 resolution was to not by any “new to me” clothes, with the exception when I was traveling to fun places and allowed myself one purchase. I did pretty well, but did break the rule a few times.

I’m really excited about taking this strategic approach to redefining my wardrobe – and hopefully sew more this year! Thanks for hosting!

Britney Waite

I was planning on doing something along these lines anyway! I am sooo happy to find this super organized and planned out series! I will for sure be following along! Yay!!

Diane A

Hi, plan on participating but don’t use instagram or twitter. I guess now is the time to sign up. I thing I’ll go with Instagram.
I love this concept. I sew so many things I don’t wear.


I’m in, even though I think this might be a little more of a planning period. Eight months out of the year I’m at school, without access to a sewing machine. :/ But I really need to start shifting my wardrobe over to more of a professional teacher’s instead of a student’s because graduation’s coming up more quickly than I’d like it to!


I’ve been fascinated by the idea of creating your own wardrobe for a while, but always felt lost as to where to start. Since I had my baby (3 years ago that), I went through a major identity shift, everything changed and everything that made me “me” was no longer there. Amongst all the changes that come with motherhood, a major one was of course my body. All my sexy cool clothes were no longer appropriate for chasing after a toddler or just didn’t suit my new body. Im so looking forward to re-creating myself into a new current “me”.


Thank you for doing the WA2015 for this year. I am a beginner in sewing. Would love to have a casual and yet elegant and feminine wardrobe for a warm climate. And love my clothes i wear. Shorts, sleeveless shirt, shirt, knit dress, skirt a.o. Would be great to do this in a community. Since i am living in Hawaii now, would love to use fabric with local details and pattern. Mahalo, thank you.


I’m in! I loved WA last year, even if I didn’t focus on it enough. I found it very thought provoking and enjoyed the comments almost as much.
I hope to get better at letting go the things I don’t need or won’t wear again,a dJ to make sure that the things I sew actually fit me!


I’m in! I have downloaded the WA posts and started working through them but needed a nudge (thanks!). I want to focus on creating a coordinated wardrobe of clothes that I feel great in and me made whenever possible.


This might be a stretch for me because I’m still learning to sew! But I like to challenge myself and I hope I can keep up with this the whole year. I know this will help me to be more focused about what I need and want.

My goal for this year is to hopefully finish one small project (a top or a pair of shorts) and a big project (dress). I know it’s not much but I want to take my time to learn and be comfortable with sewing :)


What perfect timing – I’ve just purged my closet and really want to concentrate on defining my style and building a collection of clothing I actually wear!

My goal would be to figure out what my personal style is, instead of just admiring all the clothes I’ve pinned and never wearing them myself. Also to sew up clothes that I will actually wear – perhaps with an emphasis on work wear since I have a sad deficit of those! I’ll be following along and will be sure to post my progress on my blog!

Miss Crayola Creepy

I’m in, I love this! And I’m also going to try and not buy any new clothing for the rest of the year, with the exception of band shirts that I buy at shows :P


A completely understandable exception!


So looking forward to this!


I followed the Wardrobe Architect during 2014 and I am eager to try it out myself during 2015. I have several meter of fabric waiting to be sewn and I think this is the motivation I need to get started. It will be really fun to see everyone’s progress!


I’m so happy I caught this in time to start. I saved all of LY Architect series to my Evernote and have been planning on doing this myself but…the more the merrier!


I am excited to join the challenge! Thank you Sarai. I’m planning to do the challenge alongside Goodbye Valentino’s RTW Fast where I am swearing off all store purchases for 2015 in favor of making my own clothes. Hopefully, between the reflection of the Wardrobe Architect worksheets and the sewing/creating from the RTW Fast, I will come out of 2015 with a revamped wardrobe that feels and looks more like me!


I love the concept of not buying anything new, just secondhand or made by me. I’m up for it. Except for underwear, lingerie and socks. I’ll go ahead and splurge on those. Thanks for bringing this back in a new way for 2015.


I’m in! Last year’s personal challenge was no new RTW purchases. Surprisingly passed that with flying colors. Was allowed to purchase fabric but must concentrate on using up stash at home and was allowed to purchase from thrift stores for refashioning.

Dixie O’Dare

Looking forward to participating this year!


Splendid! This is exactly what is needed for me to stay focused. Sew Lyrically Vintage blog was designed to journalize (is that a word?) my experience from the wearing of modern to a vintage styled wardrobe. The project has proven to be more involved than I realized (in a good way). For the most part I have stuck with those goals; however, I spent 2014 sewing “at” projects. I want to be more focused on the original goal and sew with purpose; i.e., really thinking about what I need in my wardrobe (capsule) and tackling those things with fervor. Doing all this on less than a shoestring budget AND looking good in the process.


Hi! I can’t wait to get involved. I’m just about to move from Sydney, Australia, to Oxford, UK, and even though I started with a small wardrobe this year in Sydney it seems to have completely exploded!

I plan to undertake a wardrobe ‘audit’ – to get a feel for what I already have, what clothes I can give away, and what things I can add to my wardrobe to make it more complete. I have a disturbing habit of spontaneously buying every blue-and-white breton top I see!

I’m looking forward to downsizing my wardrobe as I move back to the UK, and to focus my sewing and acquisitions on some key pieces.

I might not have time to make a whole new capsule wardrobe, but already I’m starting to see the need for a pea coat, a few silk tops for work, and some basic tailored bottoms (skirts and trousers).

Thanks Colette!


Let me know if you find a good peacoat pattern! I’ve known for awhile that is a gap I want to fill in my wardrobe, but I haven’t found a pattern I like yet.


Oh my, I spent almost ALL DAY yesterday looking for a pea coat pattern – I thought it would be easy!

So far I do quite like the Goldstream men’s pea coat by Thread theory but as it is for men I’m not sure the fit would work.

Burda Style had a pea coat in their October 2014 issue…

Colette’s Albion is a little more anorak-y but I still love it and it would be quite a challenge for me! Would certainly fit the ‘warm coat to ride a bicycle to work’ bill!

Anyway, it has been so much fun to start looking, it will be great to see how a piece as important as a coat can fit into my overall style & capsule wardrobe etc.


Oh, I do like the Thread Theory peacoat! The Albion companion book has a ton of information of fitting for women that I think could apply to the peacoat as well.

I’ve had a lightweight Albion jacket in the works since last winter (oops!), but I still need a heavier coat that hits around my low hip.


Sorry for my english, I’m French! Anyway I found this idea fantastic especially since I started to sew I’ve became more aware of the value of the work behind a clothes and not over consume but create more is becoming my goal so I’ll definitely go along with this challenge. Great idea Colette and thank you.


I’ve always been intrigued by finding my style and actually committing to a quality capsule wardrobe rather than buying and sewing a whole range of things. I’m looking forward to some guidance and support on how to do that and get my wardrobe and sewing to a whole new level.


Exciting to have some guidance and inspiration! I have loved to sew since I was a little girl, but previous attempts at tailored clothes, even summer dresses, for myself have always been challenging to fit correctly. Finding patterns that look ‘just right’ can be difficult as I always want to tweak them in some way so learning how to modify a pattern, and even drafting my own is appealing.

I truly believe in reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose and to this effect, spend many hours at second-hand shops looking for clothes, fabric, books and household items to make over. Your mission appeals to be on this level as well as I think that we need to make do with less and put more effort into repairing and reworking what we already have.

So to summarize, my sewing challenges for 2015 are
1. Make a body form of myself and learn how to fit patterns properly in both wovens and knits
2. Learn how to modify patterns and draft my own
3. Learn how to sew knits on my serger
4. Reuse old clothes, drapes, misc fabric in my stash to create clothes for myself and for my children (girl age 6, boy age 8).


I have been sewing for about 21 years (wow, that just made me feel old!) This is a great project for me because I have sewn very few garment for myself because I am usually sewing things for other people. I did make my wedding dress, which was in the Renaissance style, so that was a great feat for me! My goal with this project is to utilize the great collection of fabric and patterns and notions I have collected over the years to make a wardrobe I love. My wardrobe right now is okay, but there is only one garment I can wear and say “Yes, I made this!” Clothing from the rack usually lacks the details I am looking for. I am going out on a limb here and saying I will not buy ANY new clothes this year – save for a pair of jeans that I desperately need! I want a wardrobe that not only reflects my personal tastes and style, but shows off my talents. I think this project will help me do that!


This is exactly the structure I need for 2015! I will be following along and am so excited to pinpoint and sew my style :). Time for a me makeover!


I’m looking forward to going through this process!


I started the Wardrobe Architect last year but never finished because these days it seems like my style changes every 4-6 months (which I really really hope will change as I get a little older), which makes it difficult for planning. Before I saw this I’d already decided not to buy any clothes for the year, but I’m hoping that the Wardrobe Architect this year would help me to find some aspects of my style that stay the same even when it is all changing- if that makes any sense!


It will be great to do this again – now I am a little wiser to the process, and can work harder at it.

Kate katykookaburra

I did a RTW fast last year but wasn’t very well organised. I made quite a few things and I have worn everything I made but I need to make a complete wardrobe. This challenge is perfect for me and I will enjoy revisiting wardrobe architect again.
My goal this year is to make trousers that fit perfectly.


What perfect timing! I have been going round and round with these great ideas already. THE reason I must do this is that my body shape has changed with age– yeah I said it..
Last year ‘s makeover was a good practice. This will be so helpful/. Shape.

Melissa H

Totally down for this challenge.


This great. I’m going to be able achieve everything I wanted with my sewing this year with this. Sort my wardrobe, not buy anything new for a year and expand my sewing knowledge. These were all on my list for this year. Now this will help me stay on track.


what a wonderful idea! Since simplifying my life, I am now ready to tackle my wardrobe. Simple lines, fluidity…what a wonderful venue to spark all of our creative juices :0) mari


Hello, I am really excited to try this challenge. I picked sewing back up this last fall. I am looking forward to cleaning out my closet, and making me made clothing, and learn new sewing skills. Noelle

Carla Davis

I’ll take the challenge but I’m not going to sew basic tees, jeans or underwear! I’ll need a few maternity things for the last few months of my pregnancy and after the baby arrives I’ll be wanting plenty of loose fitting tops. Hopefully I’ll be able to do some stash busting too, its getting out of control.


I just finished week 2. My style icons are Julie Arkell, Alys Fowler and Gudrun Sjoden. The words describing my core style are feminine, colorful, creative and individual. I also made the pinterest board:
I discovered the site after buying the sewing book, and am having so much fun!


I read the 2014WA series and now I am finally doing the exersises. I’m so excited to fallow along this year. I have started with my closet overhaul and harshly editing down to what I actually wear/fits/like. A big thing for me was separating my RTW from my handmade clothes. I feel so accomplished seeing all my handmade items in one section! I’m also encouraged to grow that section and shrink/ replace my RTW SECTION!


What a great feeling! Sometimes I’ll realize that I’m wearing an entirely handmade outfit and it makes me feel awesome.


So nice it’s on again this year! I’ve started sewing just last year so I believe that if I don’t focus right now things will get out of control a bit too fast…
I never buy much, but I know I’ll be buying my work clothes (at least at the beginning) because I usually need them when the last one already has a hole in it… (I’m not much of a shopper, it should help). But my goal will be to not buy anything new for my personnal use this year. The difficult part will be undies, but hey you need a first! Same for the pants, but I’m already dying to start some patterns… Doing this will be just the push I need to not hesitate too long! :)


Challenge Accepted!

You’ve even inspired the creating of a blog to go along with it! I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while, but this is exactly the thing I needed to jump start it!

I’ve already put together my 20 patterns for the January assignment.

Melissa Q.

I’m in! I was planning on this exact same thing for myself and am positively thrilled to find a community doing it!


This will be a great opportunity to focus on a new wardrobe attitude.


I’ve got a huge collection of clothes and fabric that I want to turn into a wardrobe that I love this year. I’m tired of having too many choices and only loving some of them. I want to pull together a cohesive vision for how I present myself to the world, and feel good about what I’m wearing.


What an interesting concept! I’ve just started to settle on what shapes/colors/fabrics I actually wear, so this is timely. I added the whole project to my social sewing calendar:


This is awesome!! Like many others I’ve been planning to pretty much do this in 2015 anyway so it will be great to join in with this community. I’ve already had a MASSIVE wardrobe cull before Christmas and got rid of everything that doesn’t fit, hasn’t been worn in 12 months, that I don’t like etc etc. It was nerve-wracking but such a relief to do it!

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