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  • Haberdashery: Deco Kit

    They don’t make things like this anymore, do they? This little kit of mending thread, hair pins, and safety pins in a gorgeous deco “handy pack” is just so cute. And the colors are pretty festive for this time of year. {image: deco haberdashery by ticking stripes on Flickr}

  • Halloween Sewing

    I love Halloween, but every year I run into the same problem. I always think, this year I will make myself a cool, elaborate costume. I will put my sewing skills to their intended use, making absurd outfits that you cannot buy for love or money, and I will celebrate my favorite holiday with style. …

  • Haberdashery: buttons are beautiful

    I can’t stop looking at this rainbow of buttons from the always inspiring kitschen pink. I have a great deal of mismatched and one-off bakelite buttons. I’m not so much into button jewelry, but one day I’ll find a use for them!

  • Vintage Details: Pink taffeta

    I love the details that you find in vintage clothing. With some notable exceptions, it seems most of these details have disappeared from mainstream off-the-rack clothing, and are now only echoed in very expensive designer garments. That is, unless you can sew. There are a million ways to be inspired by beautiful vintage clothing and …

  • Fabric Finds: Black, white, and blue

    I just think this silk print from Thai Silks is amazing. I could see it as a gorgeous, simple sheath dress or the charmeuse version as an unexpected lining.

  • Gallery of Gorgeous Gloves from Threads

    These gloves made by John Koch are breathtaking, aren’t they? There is a Gallery of Gorgeous Gloves by this master milliner over at Threads. Apparently, their latest issue features a demonstration on custom made gloves! I’m excited to get it, as I’d love to try my hand (ha!) at this skill. I even have a …

  • Fabric Finds: Midcentury Teapots

    I have to admit, sometimes I wonder what was going on inside the heads of fabric designers in the 1950s. I’m sure there’s a theme to this fabric, I just don’t know what it is. Teapots + roosters + horseman with sword + vines = ??? But in any case, it works and I like …

  • Project 95

    Have you heard of Project 95? It’s a network of small shops dedicated to increasing awareness of local, independently run fabric stores. According to their website, 95% percent of fabric shoppers purchase from chain stores. We all know that isn’t good for local small business, or for getting the specialized selection we might want, so …

  • Fabric Finds: Silk Butterflies

    I recently acquired the gorgeous vintage dress, which appears to be handmade (looks like the early 1940s?). There are many reasons I love this dress, but first among them is the beautiful, bright, silky butterfly fabric. Excuse the wrinkles, it had just had a bath. So now I’m a bit obsessed with butterfly fabrics, especially …

  • Vintage velvet pin cushions

    I recently picked up a really pretty vintage pale blue velvet pin cushion with a base of scrolling brass vines (not pictured here). That has set me off looking for pretty velvet pin cushion. There’s so much that can be done with the design of pin cushions, yet everyone seems to have the same little …

  • Fabric finds: Vintage modernist botanic print

    One of the fun things about buying vintage fabric is that the sellers often have stories to go with them. This gorgeous modernist botanic print, in a light rayon-nylon blend, was purchased in Paris to make curtains for an art studio. It’s so fresh and pretty. There’s enough yardage to make a blouse or skirt …

  • Vintage Details: Fabric covered buckles

    Back in the day, dresses often came with matching belts covered in the same fabric. What’s more, home dressmakers could buy kits for making their own belts to match every dress they sewed. When I first started sewing, these buckles were available in most fabric stores. Unfortunately, this old fashioned touch has fallen out of …

  • Women’s Wear of the 1930s

    I want to introduce you to one of the most amazing sewing books I own, Women’s Wear of the 1930’s by Ruth S. Countryman and Elizabeth Weis Hopper. The late 1930s and early 1940s is, by far, my favorite era of fashion. I love the soft femininity of the 30s and the simplicity and sleekness …

  • Fabric Finds: Find fabrics by color at More Cloth!

    Ok, this is pretty amazing. At least it is if you are like me, both addicted to fabric and addicted to Etsy. Catherine of More Cloth has created an index of fabrics available on Etsy, sorted by color! Catherine says on her blog that it’s far from comprehensive since there are so many wonderful fabrics …

  • Modern Seamster

    Have you guys seen the online magazine Modern Seamster yet? It’s a wonderful new digital magazine for the sewing enthusiast, and there’s a little story by yours truly in the latest issue, a free download!

  • Haberdashery: an intricate butterfly

    I am in love with this huge, intricate, handmade butterfly applique. It’s a full 8″ by 6″ of black felt, and I think it would so amazing on a simple white or cream skirt. Only $7 from etsy seller kutz.

  • Urban Weeds

    I really love street fashion. It all started when I was maybe 16 or 17 and first discovered the Japanese magazine Cutie. It’s filled with page after page of adorable girls on the street in quirky styles and I would go back and to my old issues for years when I was looking for inspiration. …

  • Fabric Finds: Drafting

    Wow, another incredible Japanese fabric from chokichokifabric, this time with images of drafting! Something about this reminds me of the Eames’ workshop, and that just makes me happy.

  • Haberdashery: Red, white, and blue

    There is something just so crisp and summery about red, white, and blue. This set seems like a pretty rare find, a gorgeous vintage belt buckle and matching buttons. Wouldn’t it look so amazing on a crisp white or navy summer dress?

  • Fabric Finds: Sewing Machines

    This Japanese sewing machine fabric from chokchokifabric is pretty awesome. I really like its 50s retro flavor. It would make a great sewing tote or sewing apron, or just a super awesome dress or skirt.

  • Photos from Crafty Wonderland

    Crafty Wonderland was a lot of fun yesterday, and it was lovely to meet some of you nice blog readers! I did a little bit of crafting for the show, as I’d never done one before! To show the prices, I made these tiny silk and cotton pin cushions, and little flags with pearl head …

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