• What We Made Vol. 3

    Here are some of the projects we’ve been working on in the last month here at CPHQ. Haley’s Lacy Bra Who: Haley Role: Managing Editor Pattern: Shelley Bra by Pin Up Girls Fabric: A lingerie kit from Blackbird Fabric, plus underwires, additional power mesh, and cup lining from Bra Makers Supply What was your original …

  • Seamwork 11: The Menswear Issue

    The October issue of Seamwork is up and ready for you to read! In this issue: Common Pattern Adjustments for Men: Achieve a custom fit with a few simple pattern adjustments, by Haley Glenn. A Custom-Fit Leather Thimble: Create a comfortable and functional thimble for hand sewing, by Tasha Griffith. The Secret Life of Flannel: …

  • Free pattern hack: The Oslo Sweater Coat

    You probably wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Oslo is an office favorite. I mean really, what’s not to love? A cardigan the looks stylish but feels like the coziest robe, it is hard to improve on. But Sarai, being the clever lady that she is, came up with this hack almost by accident …

  • We’ve been growing. Meet Taylor and Wallis!

    First of all, I really love my job right now. Around this time last year, we were three people: me, my husband Kenn, and Kris. In the last year, we’ve added Meg, Christine, Haley, Wallis, and Taylor as full-time employees. And just this week, we’ve also added Anna part time, who I’ll introduce you to …

  • Why Indies Matter

    Don’t support small businesses because you think you should. Do it for yourself.

  • Tips for working with sweater knits

    When I taught sewing classes, I loved teaching knitters. They were some of my favorite student because they were always so thrilled with how fast sewing is in contrast to knitting. I was always envious of these people. I learned to sew before learning to knit. I have since found it so hard to knit …

  • Pattern of the Month: Oslo + A Sweater Knit Roundup

    I love any garment that feels like pajamas, but who doesn’t? There is a reason that the phrase “secret pajamas” freckles most sewing blogs. Fall is my favorite season. That may be because I can parade around in chunky cardigans that look stylish, but feel like a hug from a snuggly kitten. Oslo is just …

  • Seamwork Issue 10

    The September issue of Seamwork is up and ready for you to read! In this issue: Eco-Conscious British Knitting: A Profile of TOFT, by Charlotte Powell. Finding Me Again: An essay on sewing and motherhood, by Charlie Wensley. Mummies, Victorians, and Punks: A brief history of tartan, by Devon Iott. Our Social Fabric: How a …

  • We’re Hiring: Production Assistant in Portland

    We’re hiring… again! Would you like to join our amazing little team at our lovely studio here in Portland? We’re looking for an entry level production assistant to help with pattern layout and editing. You’ll work with our delightful team in our beautiful Portland studio, helping to create our patterns from start to finish using …

  • Free Pattern Hack: Ginger with Shaped Patch Pockets

    As much as I hate to admit it, summer is coming to a close here in the Northern Hemisphere. You can’t visit the supermarket without seeing pumpkins and cinnamon scented pinecones, reminding you of impending Autumn days. It all seems to soon! As I sit here writing this post, the AC is going and I …

  • 8 Tricks for Perfect Topstitching

    Topstitching is my secret weapon. It can take a garment from plain to put together, and when executed correctly it can be a stunning detail. I find that so many people are intimidated by this simple technique, because of it’s stand out nature. Mastering topstitching is just a matter of practice and a few key …

  • Celebrate Ginger Month with 20% Off

    True story, the first time I made an a-line skirt, I burned through approximately 4 yards of fabric. I started over so many times that I used three times the fabric I actually needed. This was equal parts, me being a perfectionist, and not understanding the one-way nap of the corduroy fabric I chose. Years …

  • Seamwork 09 + A Vintage Inspired Swimsuit

    The August issue of Seamwork is up and ready for you to read! In this issue: Collecting and Caring for Vintage Clothing: Vintage maven Elizabeth Gross, owner of acclaimed boutique Xtabay, shares her tips on maintaining your own collection. Shibori Dyeing: Add visual texture and interest to your next sewing project with the art of …

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