• A Breezy Vacation Mojave

    Before my time here at Colette, I worked at a pretty awesome little fabric store in Los Angeles. Between teaching classes and swooning over gorgeous fabrics every day, I was in my element. It was there that I delighted over April Rhode’s first collection, Arizona. What really struck me about this collection was the variety …

  • Make a Rue Skirt

    There is no doubt about it, dresses are my favorite thing to wear. They are simultaneously put together and effortless. I mean who doesn’t like an outfit that involves only one article of clothing? The things is, I desperately need separates in my closet. I have been wanting to make Rue as a skirt for …

  • Celebrate National Sewing Month with Hart’s Fabric and win a sewing machine!

  • Studio Snapshots: Work Hard & Treat Yourself

    When releasing a new pattern, things at Colette HQ go into hyperdrive. Fittings, photoshoots, design, and educational content keep us all busy and it’s well worth it. As one of the newer kids at Colette, I have really enjoyed learning about all the different facets of the process. We all worked together, with our own …

  • Creative ways to sew stripes and plaids

    Stripes and plaids are iconic pattern designs that have the magic ability to bring a tinge of class to any outfit. When using striped or plaid fabrics for Rue, there are almost endless possibilities for playing with the direction of the design and the drape of the dress. I thought I’d invite you all to …

  • Let’s Discuss The Measure of a Man

    “I know a lot of people who dress up with great misery. A lot of self-doubt. A lot of voices from the past. They dress a certain way to protect themselves against those denigrating voices. So part of what I like to do is to help people and give them the power and the language, …

  • Rue and Style Icons

    Rue is all we are talking about here at HQ and it’s got a lot of us thinking about our own versions and how we can make them personalized to our style. As you have seen, Rue and her interesting style lines are inspired by vintage garments we’ve seen in the past. We thought it …

  • Introducing Rue: A Return to Vintage

    We have a brand new pattern to share today – meet Rue! We’ve been talking about our creative process a lot on the blog lately. I told you a little bit about our history and team, and how that’s played into our plans and designs. I also talked about our creative process. Today, I’m excited …

  • Seamwork 22: Power Dressing

    The September issue of Seamwork is up and ready for you to read! First, a big round of applause for our Editor-In-Chief, Haley. She’s been at the helm of Seamwork for quite a while, but you can read her very first letter in this month’s issue, as she shares some encouraging thoughts on power dressing, …

  • The Measure of a Man

    Just three weeks until we discuss this memoir that explores, tailoring, tradition, and family.

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