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  • Welcome to the Spring Palette Challenge

    {photo of the lovely Carlie in Eclair by the talented Lisa Warninger} Welcome to the Spring Palette Challenge, a 10 week challenge for creating a mini seasonal wardrobe based around your favorite color palette for Sring 2011! The idea is very simple. You choose an inspiring palette for Spring, then you sew a tiny wardrobe …

  • Rachel in Nutmeg

    I wasn’t planning a real post before the holiday, but I just had to share these beautiful images of our very own Rachel in her version of Nutmeg, from Casey’s blog. Check out the whole post to see Rachel’s beautiful creation.

  • Negronis are rolling in

    I had to share some of the first Negroni versions to be posted to the Flickr group! This one is from Melissa. I really like the diagonal cuffs and pockets with the small check. It looks so crisp. This next one is from Shelly of Figgy’s, who mentioned that “he said this was the best …

  • Macaron with a sheer yoke

    I guess I’m on a bit of a Macaron kick, but I just had to post this variation that Meghan emailed me! She used a sheer tulle for the top yoke and of course made it sleeveless. She says, “It’s a little variation on the strapless dresses that always slip down on me!” So creative. …

  • Macarons in Red, Black, and White

    So many pretty Macarons in red, black, and white have been popping up lately! I love the trio of dresses above from The Long & Winding Bobbin, including two pretty Macarons and a Ceylon. Then there is this lovely red and polka dot number from Elena. I love it with the brooch. How about this …

  • Darling Dainties: Cast your vote, pick a winner!

    I can’t even tell you how hard it was to pick finalists from all of the entries. The ideas were so diverse and cool, that I couldn’t bring myself to pick just three. So I upped it to five finalists. You can click each one to see the original entry, if you like. Please vote …

  • Self-Stitched-September: Join Us!

    Some of you made already be aware of the Me-Made-May challenge that I wrote about on this blog back in April. Initially created as way to expand upon my personal Me-Made-March challenge, Me-Made-May took on a life of its own! Over 80 members of the sewing community participated by challenging themselves to wear their handmade …

  • A bit of Rooibos

    We’re working on getting the gallery updated, but just had to share some lovely Rooibos dresses with you. this first one is from Rachel and I can’t tell you how beautiful I think she looks in it. She’s also blogged about it here. Amelie posted this photo in the Colette Patterns Flickr group, which looks …

  • Pattern Variations

    This weekend I undertook the interesting (to me) task of laying out all my me-made garments in preparation for my Me-Made-May challenge. I’ve never seen them altogether before, and was surprised to see how many ‘multiples’ I’d created. By that I mean garments that used the same pattern for their creation, either ‘straight up’ or …

  • Casey’s Sweet Tea dress

    Just look at this gorgeous version of Parfait that Casey made out of two pillowcases! This lady just continually amazes me. Check out her post on this gorgeous dress.

  • Raindrop Coat

    I have been falling behind on posting your creations and adding them to the gallery, but there have been a ton of good ones in the blogs and Flickr group lately! One of the standouts was this Spring coat from Sunni, made from Lady Grey. Check out her blog post on her Raindrop coat for …

  • Bloomers parade!

    I’ve seen so many fantastic renditions of the Madeleine mini bloomers in the last week already. I just had to share these with you all. Monica of the blog Gen Paire Soeur made these for her nieces’ birthdays. I love the navy ribbon and wonderful little tags. What a great gift. I first saw these …

  • Chantilly: Tiny Happy’s creation

    I can’t stop showing you all the great variations on our patterns that I’ve been seeing! Loving this version of Chantilly over at Tiny Happy!

  • Macaron: Whitney of Darling Dexter

    My friend Rebecca emailed me a while back to point to this beautiful dress from Darling Dexter. I am loving these beautiful fall colors, and of course she looks gorgeous in it. Read more about the Macaron dress on Darling Dexter.

  • Parfait: Johanna’s creation

    I am so amazed by what Johanna of The Last Stitch created from Parfait. She used a rayon crepe, and I just love the colors and pattern of her fabric. Here’s what she said when she emailed me: My name is Johanna and I just want to give you a big thumps up for the …

  • Parfait: Kathi’s Creation

    Kathi sent me this lovely version of the Parfait dress, in a nice midweight denim. Doesn’t it look great? Here’s what she says: “I finished my Parfait dress and I love it. I used a soft medium weight denim. I made a few mods. I lined the entire bodice. Me and facings don’t play well …

  • Eclair: Jenna’s 4th of July creation

    I just had to post this one. After seeing Amy’s pretty Parfait dress and then this beautiful Eclair from Jenna, it really seems like Americans were feeling a tad more patriotic this year. Jenna’s dress above is made with Obama logo fabric. Crazy and awesome. And what a perfect backdrop too! Check out Jenna’s thoughts …

  • Parfait: Gertie’s Creation

    Oh, isn’t this one just so lovely? Gertie emailed me with a link to this post on her new sewing blog about Parfait, and I am just in love. It looks so lovely on her, and the pink and white checks are so summery. Here’s what Gertie has to say about Parfait: “I made the …

  • A Parfait variation

    This is my new playsuit/overalls! I’ve been wanting a cute vintage style denim playsuit for so long. I’m generally a dress/skirt girl, but there are certain things that are just not as easy in a dress. Riding my bike is one of them. At some point, I realized that the Parfait pattern would look awesome …

  • Beignet: Casey’s Creation

    Darling Casey was one of the (30 or so!) awesome volunteers who tested out our patterns before they went to print, and she chose the Beignet (though at the time, it had the rather dry name “pattern 1005”). Well, Casey has just posted her review of the pattern on her blog, go check it out! …

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