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Phoebe Fabric Recommendations: Win Fabric!


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Finding the perfect fabric for a project can be a challenge. Sometimes it is even harder than sewing the garment itself. We worked with two great stores to make up the samples for Phoebe: Dragonfly Fabrics over in the UK, and Silk Road Textiles in Cincinnati, Ohio.

We asked both shops to share some additional recommendations for Phoebe. Read on for a special promo and a chance to win some fabric!

Dragonfly Fabrics

Dorte and Simon run Dragonfly Fabrics, based in the UK. Dragonfly Fabrics sells lovely quality dressmaking fabrics in their online shop. They stock a beautiful range of modern and fashionable dressmaking fabrics, which are mainly based on natural fibers. Anyone who has ordered from Dorte and Simon knows they offer great customer service and advice!

Dragonfly Fabrics supplied the gorgeous gray boiled wool used in our Phoebe sample above, and they have a rainbow of other colors to choose from. Here are some more of Dorte’s recommendations for Phoebe:


Italian herringbone pure wool – For the Phoebe dress, Italian Herringbone is a great match, and there are 3 beautiful colors to choose from. This wool is softer than usual wool coating material and suits the style of this fitted dress perfectly. It would make a great winter fashion statement.

Soft and warm velveteen – Another option is the new soft and warm velveteen, available in 6 colors. This stretch velveteen would make the dress super comfortable due to the stretch content, and is perfect for the colder months. Velveteen can be dressed up or down for everyday wear or for a great party outfit.

Cotton stretch sateen – This fabric would look great in the Phoebe dress. There are 3 colors in stock, and this gorgeous sateen would make a stylish option. It is a firm but stretchy fabric.

For the lining, there are 6 colors of anti-static dress lining or the luxurious Venezia in the shop.

Silk Road Textiles

Silk Road Textiles is old school. They are a premier retailer of ethically-traded fine fabrics and yarn from around the world. While they don’t have an online store, they worked with us to set up a special swatch page where you can view swatches and call the store to order. Anyone at the store would love to chat fabric recommendations with you. Gotta love that customer service!

Silk Road Textiles provided the vibrant orange and red velveteen fabrics for Phoebe. We got a lot of comments about the orange velveteen (which is even more lovely in person!), so now you know where to find it. Here’s what else they recommend:


Micro Houndstooth – An adorable, tiny houndstooth that is both vintage and modern. This light weight wool is perfect for a pinafore like Phoebe! This fabric is #30 on the swatch list.

Lightweight Worsted Suiting – This muted dusty teal with cream cross threads has just enough texture to provide great visual interest. This smooth, crisp, and strong fabric is perfect for a gently structured silhouette. This fabric is #26 on the list.

Stretch Denim Blend – This fabric combines the comfort of denim with a fashion-forward color. The elastic content gives it just a bit of spring, while the wool lends warmth and body. This fabric is # 1 on the swatch page. Unfortunately the color does not photograph very well, it really is a beautiful piece.

Stretch Linings – This stretch lining is perfect for dresses. It’s a great value with just the right amount of stretch. Look for #9-12 on the swatches page.

All fabrics are to be found on Silk Road Textiles’ special Colette swatch service page.

And now for some prizes!

In celebration of Phoebe, Dragonfly Fabrics is offering a special promo code until December 31st. Use the code “Dragonfly1” to save 15% off your order.

You can also leave a comment on Phoebe’s post for a chance to win a £25 voucher to Dragonfly Fabrics. The winner will be picked tomorrow.

Silk Road Textiles also has a gift for you. Tell us which fabric you love the most below, and you could win a $35 gift certificate to pick out fabric from their swatch service page!

Haley Glenn   —   Editorial Director

Five years ago, Haley left the apparel industry to join the world of home sewing. She has been empowering women to sew ever since – first through years of in-person teaching at Sew LA, and now through her writing at Colette. Haley writes tutorials and articles on our blog, teaches sewalongs, and writes and edits for our magazine, Seamwork.

Comments 83

Paige @ Very Paige

Count me in for the silk road prize! They’re in my city, love seeing other Cincinnati business owners having a presence online!

Michele C

I like the teal suiting. I love the color.


I love the teal worsted suiting in the picture above. So pretty!


The dark cherry cotton velveteen on the swatch page looks wonderful!


I’m a sucker for houndstooth, so the micro houndstooth it is! Thanks for the opportunity!


Based on my lifestyle, I’d get the most use out of the stretch denim blend. It’s not too fussy or formal, but it would look great & hold its shape fantastically, I expect.


I am super in love with stretch velvet at the moment! I would love to pick up some new colors of velveteen from silk road!


WOW! The Silk Road Textiles ! I LOVE hearing of new fabric shops! I am so excited to see the “Stretch Denim Blend for Theory” A Cotton and wool blend!!!!! I Love the new colette pattern for it’s winter warm look. I think it would be great in this or a velvet!


I love the houndstooth! It’s so hard to find quality houndstooth that size.

Shelley Gibb

The art gallery jerseys look fab. For Phoebe though I love the Merlot denim (currently planning entire outfit in my head). Had not heard of Silk Road before so will look forward to enjoying some fabric porn sometime soon.


I love the Stretch Denim Blend in Merlot and the Cotton Velveteen in Dark Cherry!


Gah! I NEED the Silk Road teal suiting! It’s so pretty!


That silk road teal coloured suiting looks incredible!

Amie M

I love the Red Velveteen from Silk Road. The texture looks luscious.

Marsha N

So far I’m loving the micro houndstooth. I can make so many things with that!

Debera Massahos

The stretch denim, for sure! I’m all about comfort, plus the casual vibe would really suit my working life. Slogging across a university campus in the PNW for meetings can make it tricky to dress comfortably for work and still maintain a professional appearance.

Karen Shearer

micro houndstooth and herringbone fabrics are my favorites!!


I love the jersey knit fabric.


On the swatch page I like the apricot and white Art Gallery Knit. On this page I like that turquoise suiting. I love that color!

Jennifer Miller

Please count me in for US contest. My favorite is the houndstooth! So classic.


I love the micro houndsooth!


Love that dusty teal suiting – so beautiful and a great color for winter!!


Oh! That micro houndstooth is fantastic. I think it would give Phoebe a bit of a mod feel… and would go very nicely with some cute black buttons.

ME Pendleton

Great giveaway – thanks ! I love the lightweight wool in teal from Silk Roads


The Wooly Bouclé on the swatch page looks pretty!

nothy lane

I love the green Italian herringbone boiled wool…but the orange the model is wearing is fabulous too.


For a professional look at work, I would choose the houndstooth, but for pure cozy fun, a color-block version using ruby-bronze, or even ruby-bronze-loden velveteen. Thanks for sharing a new (to me!) independent supplier in Silk Road – I may be driving through Cincinati this weekend!

Karen Belote

I like the teal wool and the mini black houndstooth.


The micro houndstooth is definitely calling my name :)


That Stretch Denim sounds so amazing!

Show and Tell Meg

Ooh I love a good stretch denim – count me in for that one! lol


I envisage myself in red velvet and/or the houndstooth. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Tanya A

Love that Italian herringbone! Count me in :)


Oh, the herringbone… love some wool herringbone.


I LOVE Silk Road Textiles and their super enthusiastic staff — and I’m loving the teal (#26)


The micro houndstooth is gorgeous. It would further add to the vintage appeal of the dress, and you cannot get a more classic pattern, especially in black and white! Delicious!


While the DRAGONFLY green herringbone is to die for and a perfect match for green eyes, the SILK. ROAD teal is exactly what I’ve been looking for for a cape for my daughter.


I love the stretch denim blend! Merlot is one of mt favorite colors.


I too am VERY happy to learn about Silk Road Textiles. It’s not easy to find good quality natural fiber fabric, especially ethically sourced ones. I love the worsted tweed suiting in Deep Cerulean. Though it’s a touch choice between that the the velveteen. :)


The cotton velveteen in ruby looks drool worthy! I want to pet it :)


How can I pick just one? I love the teal suiting and also the orange stretch denim. Both would be perfect with my fall/winter palette!

Terry Cullan

I think you would have to the micro hounds tooth for a dressier look or the stretch denim for casuel look.

Sarah Leis

Love love love the real suiting! I would be over the moon if I won! Thanks so much.

Lois Soiffer

Loving that velveteen! Would go for the orange!


I love Silk Road’s Teal Suiting with white/cream criss.cross design in it. Love It! And they are not too terribly far from Cleveland from where my DH hails and he still has family there too! And he is an Ohio State alumni through and through!


And I meant to add, “Go Buckeyes”!!!!!

Elizabeth McAlister

I love the denim. I hope you pick me!

Lodi Srygley

Velveteen. Veveteen. Veveteen. Brings back fond memories of…Velveteen and youth. I think I had this dress back in 1971… It’s funny how fabric and smells often hit the “fond memory” buttons!

P.S. My 1971 fabric had no stretch!


I really love the Italian herringbone in the green or purple. Also the real suiting would make a gorgeous dress


Love, love, love the teal and cream worsted suiting fabric.

Cindy S.

Love the lightweight worsted suiting! What a beautiful color!


I always like a houndstooth but the worsted wool is beautiful. The one above as well as the deep cerulean on their site. Thanks for the giveaway.

Gill Martyn

The grey herringbone looks an excellent choice


I love the Micro Houndstooth and the Grey Wooly Bouclé on their swatch page. It would be fun to do a color blocked version with the bouclé on top and the houndstooth for the skirt section! Of course I’d put some vintage buttons on top, to make it really pop :)

stephanie costello

Oh I love the micro houndstooth and the herringbone. could make two dresses couldn’t I?


I love the art gallery fabric with Silk Road Textiles the most: the dark blue commute. thank you:)


I’ve never worked with velveteen. I must give it a try! I’m currently sewing the Phoebe dress in red woven…super excited to see how that turns out :D


The velveteen is quite tempting, but I am seen Phoebe in stretch blue denim with red tights


Silk Road’s teal suiting is perfect and fits in with my wardrobe colors


I really like that charcoal wool twill on the swatch page!

Jen B

I like the herringbone and the denim! And I think Phoebe looks great made up in that bronze velveteen


Oh that bronze velveteen! I love the rich color and am hoping to get some for my Phoebe from Silk Road.


The stretch denim blend has definitely got to be it for me!


Wow, silk roads choices are beautiful. My current favorite (for the next five minutes, until I see something else on their amazing swatch page) is the houndstooth. Perfect for this new pattern – also eyeing it for Dalhia #3? I see a Christmas gift to myself in my future.


Love the Cotton Velveteen . . . I dont think I would have ever thought that, but I love it.


Love the teal suiting!


I like the look of those herringbones, but boiled wool is so lovely to work with. Would be a hard decision


I love the Italian wool in herringbone, especially the grey blend. Thank you for the giveaway!

Tory Gibler Boehl

Excellent to see a store from the mid-west! I’m going home to the Cincinnati area over winter break. I’ll be stopping into Silk Road Textiles!

Krista Behymer

Oooo, that Dark Cherry Cotton Velveteen is beautiful!


I love the cotton velveteen in loden green! The Silk Road Textiles fabrics are delicious! Thanks to them and to Colette for the giveaway. Merry Christmas! :)

jane denny

I’d love the cotton velveteen in ruby!


Congrats to Terry, the owner. I have seen all the fabrics in person and have used a few of them. They are beautiful. I will say her stretch linings are a dream to work with and wear. ps she certainly can keep a secret.


I may need to find a reason to road trip to Cincinnati! The cotton velveteen in bronze seems an obvious choice but I’m thinking the stretch denim in merlot or the double knit in latte would also be excellent choices!


Love thecstreetch denim.

carolyn wells

I’m quite fond of the micro houndstooth. It’s such a classic!


Must have the Italian Herringbone in the purple – beautiful choices, all of them!

Christina Way

It’s a hard call between the hounds tooth and the teal with cream flecks lightweight suiting. I like the hounds tooth because it appears to be unusual while also being classic.


The Lightweight Worsted Suiting looks absolutely gorgeous.


I really love that houndstooth, I think this dress would look amazing in that.


The Lightweight Worsted Suiting -absolutely lovely.


That Light Worsted Suiting in Teal!!! Swoon. But, the Worsted Tweed Suiting in Deep Cerulean is a close second! So much pretty.

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