Detail Inspiration: Beaded bows


There’s something about the holidays that just calls for beads and bows, don’t you think?

My girly side has been very retrained these last several months, for some reason. But when you think of all the upcoming holiday fetes, how can you resist a little glitter, amiright?

The first dress above was originally from Dear Golden vintage. I love the bronze colored beads paired with warm tan wool.

The gorgeous Carey Mulligan in a Marc Jacobs dress, does it get any cuter? I particularly like the mix of oyster-colored silk with all that sparkle.

Here’s another take on the beaded bow from the 1920s. The dark silk and intricate lace sober it up a little bit.

Don’t want to spend hours hand beading? Here are some inexpensive and pre-made appliques you can find on Etsy.

[bow appliques: (1) navy and silver bow, (2) red wood beads (3) rhinestone bow, (4) white mini bow, (5) black rhinestone bow, (6) pink bow (7) pearl bow, (8) clear beaded bow]

[images above: bronze dress from Dear Golden, Carey Mulligan and Marc Jacobs dress via the neotraditionalist, 1920s dress from La Meow Vintage]

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Doing this. Stat. :)


Annie tulleandtweed

How good would these dresses be on Chritmas day. I they make the wearer look like the gift! love.


I *LOVE* beaded bows!! I think it’s the one feminine detail I can pull of without looking like an oversized teenager.

Thank you for this so much!!!!


Oh my goodness those are sooo cute! I especially love the bronze beaded dress!


Long before I sewed or knit, I beaded. I’m seriously tempted to create my own applique pin! But that beaded neckline on the first dress really takes the cake. WOW.


You beat me to it– that bronze dress detail is STUNNING! Something like that, I might not wear any jewelry either, just let the bow do the talking. Just incredible.


You can also find beaded detail on thrift store clothing that can be carefully snipped out and applied to a garment. I’m into anything easy!


That first dress is gorgeous! I used to be great at hand beading but haven’t done it in 10 years or so. Maybe it’s time to pick it up again…


This is lovely! Any possibility of a beading tutorial or resources that would help? I would love to try this!!


That first dress was mentally added to my sewing list the moment I saw it. I must have it!

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