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In celebration of the release of the new patterns, I’ll be devoting a couple posts this month to showcasing details that I think would translate well into the new designs. This week it’s time for some jacket ideas–things I think would suit the Anise jacket beautifully!

A simple bow at the collar is a lovely detail and a great way to add an injection of early 60s femininity into any jacket. The one on the left would be an easy addition to the Anise, while the other would require some collar drafting. But even adding a more dramatically full bow (as on the right) would look lovely! I especially think that the fun, textured fabric of the black jacket would suit the Anise…

Contrast banding is a clever way to add some definition to areas of a jacket. While the Anise does not have cuffs, they would be easy to add, or even a simple band as the jacket on left. Not up for quite that much “pow!” in a contrast fabric as on the left? Opting for a similar tone, but different finish, material to bind the edges is a great way to add a subtle edge highlight.

Of course, who could forget adding a lovely (faux) fur collar to a simple jacket like the Anise? Whether full and fluffy as the collar on the right (which also sports a bow!), or more subdued, this pattern style works well with the addition of a fuzzy collar. You could even easily make a little “wardrobe” of contrasting and coordinating fur collars for your jacket! Find out how to make a detachable collar here.

Images: 50s Dior jacket, 60s bow neck jacket [collage one] 50s leopard jacket, 60s brown jacket [collage two] 60s boucle jacketblue 50s jacket [collage three].

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I absolutely LOVE the jackets with the ties at the neck. So retro looking and yet so current. Wonderful inspiration!


These are so gorgeous and yet simple lines! Love them!


Weird! I was just thinking last night of binding the edges of my Anise & wondering how, or if it was possible! Looks like it is! ^__^


Ooo, I love the look of the fur collar, definitely starring that for future sewing plans, once I’m brave enough to attempt the Anise pattern!

betty jordan wester

wow! that 50s blue Dior jacket is amazing. I love the front tie.

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