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Featured Seamstress: Judith


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Name: Judith

Skill level: Beginner-Intermediate

Patterns: Clover and Sorbetto

Website: Judith Cohn

What kind of fabric did you use? For these pieces I just used simple cottons from my local fabric store. The pants are a stretch cotton twill, with a slight sheen.

How did you decide to reflect your personal style in the pattern? I like simple, natural fabrics and colors. I ride my bike to commute around Honolulu, so I like my clothes to be light and comfortable. I’m interested in Japanese design, and work with ceramics, and I think my garments often reflect those interests.

What thoughts do you have about the project? I really enjoyed creating these garments! I love the sculptural quality of the scalloping. I’ve never made a pair of trousers before, and had a lot of fun making a muslin, and puzzling out the fitting. Colette Patterns is such a wonderful resource: marvelous patterns, clear and informative tutorials and great ideas. Thanks so very much for all you have taught me!

Thanks, Judith!

Caitlin Clark   —  

Caitlin is the Colette Patterns design assistant. You can follow Caitlin at her blog, the story girl.

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Oh wow, this outfit is AMAZING. I love the Sorbetto with the scalloped hem. You know I’m going to have to make another Sorbetto now… Great style from Judith!


Your makes are really lovely and together they make such an elegant outfit! I’ve had a scalloped Sorbetto on my list for so long, but Judith’s version has spurred me right on!


I love to watch and learn from you featured seamstresses. You look amazing, Judith, and I love what you did with the Sorbetto!

Rochelle New

Wow fantastic job!! I love the color choices, and at first glance I thought the pants were store bought! Very professional looking. I definitely want to try these patterns out for myself now!


I love the scallops! I just noticed, don’t you mean Clover, not Ginger?


Thanks for pointing that out! I’ve just corrected it to say Clover.


I love reading the featured seamstress! So much to learn from and I got inspiration from them. Thank you Sarai! Oh I just bought your new book, fantastic, am enjoying it… =)


This is a great outfit, and it does look easy to wear but still stylish. I love seeing this pattern line on a variety of ages also.


That top is so cute! I plan on making a Sorbetto top soon as well but now I may have to add the scalloped hem too.


I love the scalloped hem. What a great idea!


Oh wow, if this is me when I ‘mature’ I will be jumping for joy! What a super stylish lady, Judith, you look SENSATIONAL, not to mention an absolutely perfect set of clothes that I would be excited to wear myself.


Judith, you’re a stone-cold fox! The Clovers fit perfectly, and I love the pairing of deep blue with the neutral. Really nice!


beautiful stylish outfit!!


Wow! That Sorbetto is one of my favourites! The fabric and the scallops and the fit…aaah! Just great, thanks for sharing Judith. Are the pots behind you ones that you have made as well? They’re beautiful too.

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