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Are you guys taking the handmade pledge this year?

I must admit that most of what is on my list this year is not handmade goods, but that’s because they’re things like books and bicycle components. But I usually buy handmade or make things myself for the holidays, so I don’t feel too bad asking for bike fenders. Besides supporting small businesses, you get the coolest stuff from small artisans!

I’m doing the final push of gift shopping tonight on Etsy. What about you guys? Do you make an effort on this front?

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Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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As an artist myself, I do try to buy handmade as much as possible. Of course, often that means that my husband and I give our pottery as gifts (!) but people don’t seem to mind… I’ve had years when I’ve made every gift myself – some pottery, some not – but this year’s a little different. My husband was seriously ill all this fall, so we’re not making things this year. People tend to love handmade presents best, myself included. Happy holidays to everyone!


While I do make some of my holiday gifts, it has now become a tradition to do most of my holiday shopping at a local indie craft festival. This year, though, it seems that I am mostly giving things for other people to make stuff with. Besides the obvious tools, my parents have decided to start a vegetable garden, so I am giving them a large selection of heirloom seeds and some books to help them.


Nancy, I’m sorry to hear that, I wish him health. People do love handmade gifts best because no matter what it is, thought and effort went into it. Doesn’t everyone cherish that?

Gaidig, that is really cool also! I’m a veggie gardener myself and I would looove a gift like that.

Twila Jean

we do every year! I have already bought the presents of etsy this year :)

The only thing we are not getting handmade is a kid digital camera for my 3 year, who is shapingup to be a pretty darn good photographer (though, he has dropped MY camera a time or two…)

Thanks for posting this! I hope more people will make the effort to shop small/local business and handmade!!!


I make most of the gifts I give to people. I mean, I can’t make everything…there are these shoes my mom really likes and won’t buy herself so I got those for her.

As for my boyfriend, it has become a tradition for us to hit the local craft fairs to find gifts for his friends & co-workers. (I love craft fairs & he has several gifts to buy so it has worked out really well.) He likes supporting artists and people really seem to like the stuff we find. This year has been tricky as we haven’t found several things on his list (why all the candle makers in LA didn’t show up to the craft fairs this holiday season I’ll never know.)

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