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This is so exciting! The lovely people at Harts Fabric are offering a wonderful giveaway just for Coletterie readers. The prize is a $100 gift certificate to spend on their website. And it includes free shipping!

Enter to win some extra fabric for your stash! With the Peony in mind, take a look at Harts Fabric’s website and choose a fabric you’d make with it. Comment on this post with your choice. We’ll pick a winner at random after two days, on Nov 4 at midnight PDT. Have fun finding a beautiful fabric, and good luck!

PS: There’s another chance to win a copy of The Colette Sewing Handbook over at Craft Buds today. So many contests this week!

Fabrics Featured:
black & white check, hemp denim, square eyelet, art deco floral, grey and white polka dot, green floral

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Heather who won via random number with her comment:

“I would love to see the Peony in a fun print like the Ivory Floral Nani Iro Double Gauze Cotton Fabric but I also saw a silk cotton satteen in aubergine and some orange dotted swiss cottons that looked amazing!”

Thanks everyone, and with such a great response, look for more giveaways from the future!

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Caitlin is the Colette Patterns design assistant. You can follow Caitlin at her blog, the story girl.

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Claire (aka Seemane)

I’d make the Peony dress in the Chambray Fabric Black and White – it’d be a comfortable easy fabric to wear for work :) I’ve always loved blue Chambrays but a grey-toned one would turn it from the casual-cousin of denim-look into something appropriate for the office instead :)

Vicki Kate

I couldn’t decide between the swallows on a pale blue cotton lawn here:
or the gorgeous deep ink blue floral double gauze:

The first would be wonderful for a day dress, and the second would make Peony a perfect date or night out dress! They’re a little lighter weight than the recommended fabrics but I think they’d have a beautiful flow to them and the skirt would move beautifully in them!


What a lovely giveaway! I think I’d go for the Silk cotton sateen in Crimson. I love this colour and it would fit into my wardrobe well. I also love dresses that are made of a plain but beautiful fabric, as the cut and style of the dress really stands out. And I think the Peony would show off how lovely the fabric is too :)
Ashley x


Ohh wow! Fantastic giveaway!

I would make my peony in this violet cotton silk sateen

and make the cummerbund from this sheer geometric print!


I’d go for the raw silk tweed fabric ( – it would look great with Peony, especially the long-sleeved version.


Thank you for the lovely giveaway! I would make Peony with Herringbone Plaid Woolen Fabric Grey Ivory!

Katelyn Allers

I would use this lovely silk-cotton blend ( to make a holiday dress! Fantastic giveaway. Thanks Harts!

Beth Lehman

The choices are amazing – but they have LIBERTY, which I have never even seen with my own eyes, so I would have to choose the Tana Lawn, Green Berry Bush Black!


Difficult one… since I am Italian, and since we are talking dreams I choose this luxurious Giorgio Armani Designer Suiting Fabric Wool Silk.

Thanks for another fab giveaway!


It’s probably not the best weight for the Peony but I am just loving the Floral Rayon Challis Fabric. I think for the Peony the Lame’ Printed Silk Tweed Fabric Orange would look absolutely STUNNING! I would pair it with purple accessories (belt, shoes, etc.). LOVE! Fantastic giveaway and great website!


So many option but for a very versatile day version of Peony I’d definitely go with a wool/cotton blend in a whimsical red & pink paisley print:

Tabatha Tweedie

Another wonderful giveaway! I’ve been dreaming of making another Peony dress with a lace overlay, so for me it would have to be the Retro Crochet Lace fabric in green. I think it’d look gorgeous with either a cream or green lining peeping through the lace. Thank you for the opportunity to win!


Ooo – I saw this fabric as soon as I opened the Harts Fabric website and fell in love instantly – I think the Hemp Silk Fashion Fabric Cranberry would look stunning made up as a Peony dress – and perhaps the sash could be made in the Embroidered Dot Dupioni Silk Fabric Berry, for a subtle look.


I would use the peach small wale cotton corduroy and make the 3/4 sleeve version. Oh, and line it with some beautiful Bemburg!


Wow, I feel spoilt for choice really… I guess I’ll have to go for the Hemp Organic Cotton Denim Wave Fabric. I’ve just started to get into sewing so I’m loving reading all of these different ideas for sewing the same pattern in the comments : )


It snowed last night, and so I find myself leaning towards the longer sleeves and warmer fabrics. I’d love it in something like the Black Lace Topped Grey Wool, though perhaps a bit lighter weight. Maybe the ultimate splurge: Giorgio Armani Designer Suiting Fabric Wool Silk?

Jenny Wren

I’d use the Shattered Sun for a forties’ vintage feel on the Peony.


I’m planning to make a Peony as my Christmas Day dress this year – the first time I’ve ever made one, instead of a store-bought one. I like the look of the Raw Silk Tweed with Silver Lurex ( – with a contrast waistband? Or perhaps, if I’m feeling brave, then Hemp Silk Fashion Fabric Cranberry ( Decisions, decisions!


I would go for the silk cotton sateen ( I would hope for a fabric that could be dressed up or down (and dare I hope, also washable?), and I love the colour – interesting and autumnal, but not sludgy or dull!

Kira Withers-Jones

I’ve got a thing about pattern at the moment so I think I would make the Peony dress up in Harts’ Red Flower Rayon Challis fabric:

It would be quite intense but I think if it was styled properly with a classic jacket and some simple accessories it would look really good.


I’d use the Anna Sui Tiny Check Fashion and Apparel Fabric Wool Blend ( A discrete wool blend!


I absolutely love Joel Dewberry’s fabrics, and the Opal Blush Voile from his Heirloom collection would make a great Peony, I think!


For me, I’d make Peony in the Silk Cotton Sateen in Copper. That way, what’s sure to be my favorite dress would be in a shade of my favorite color and would be warm and comfortable!


Thank you for such a lovely giveaway!
I have my heart set on some more Alexander Henry. Some Larkspur Cotton Lawn would be very swell indeed.


I would use the Fashion Shirting Fabric Wool and Cotton Grey with the Rosettes Fashion Fabric Dusty Pink and/or Black for the belt (I guess stitched onto a fabric of a similar color for sturdiness).


I’d make version 1 in the Floral Double Gauze Japanese Fabric Old Rose ( with the obi belt in the Orange Cotton Voile Fabric (
I love all the Japanese fabrics, they go so well with the Peony shape!


I would make it in this French General Painter de Fleurs linen/cotton blend in beige ( I think that the simple lines of the Peony are perfect for bold patterns, but the subtle colouring makes it perfect for evening wear. I’d make two belts for it – one black, for the more sober occasions and one contrasting in bronze or gold (depending on what looked best in person with the beige) to make the dress POP.

Little Miss S

Wow, so much fabric. I would either make a fun and quirky version in the Turquoise Drop Flower cotton with matching details in yellow, or go all in and make it in the Liberty of London Celestial Dreams. What a stunning dress that would make.


I’d go with the wool/silk Armani suiting and add some pink accents (e.g. ribbons like shown in one of the posts here).
One can dream, right?


OOO! I can always use more fabric. I shall go look.


They have a nice amount of sweater knit, which I totally want to work with. NICE


I ‘d love to make Peony in Dot Cluster Fabric Peridot ( or Liberty of London Vintage Blue Flowers Cotton Lawn Fabric ( Or for a more wintery version, maybe Quarter Polka Dot Cotton Fabric Red and White (, I bet it would look great for Christmas.


Oh, yay, I have just ordered the Peony pattern, actually! If I won this, I would also order me some Nani Iro Molly Cloth Red Floral fabric to make it!


I’ll pick this one:
Tropical but understated for this simple, elegant pattern


I’m pretty tempted by the Retro Ruby Grey Teapot print and the Black-lace-topped grey wool, but both look like they’re a little too heavy for a dress — even one as perfect for winter as Peony. I’m definitely in the mood for print, so I think it’d have to be Nani Iro Blue Floral double gauze!


I’m obsessed with the Nani Iro floral in blue. So wonderful!


I would use Amy Butler rayon print called peacock feathers. I think it would make an outstanding Peony.

Kristy @ Hopeful Threads

Mmmm….I love corduroy, so maybe the peach small wale would be nice! :) Thanks for the chance!


I love the red embroidered duponi silk with the polka dots. I’m also loving the brown and green floral Italian silk georgette.
Of course I’m sure there are better choices weigh wise but these 2 especially caught my eye.


I would use the black and white old look of this fabric to keep it conservative! ;)


or this lovely pink stripes!!!


I need a classic dress to transition from fall into winter so I think I would pick the Hemp Wool Plaid. It looks so warm and seasonal.


I’d use the Cloud 9 Organic fabric Stacked- it has a small-retro-print in black & white that would give a nice nod to the design of the dress while still looking modern. It will look great with a brightly-coloured cardigan!

Wendy young

What another great give away! I would love Peony in the silk cotton sateen fabric in Chartreuse, just for a start :)


Oh this is not the type of fabric to use for a Peony dress I am sure but I couldn’t stop looking at this fabric as it is divine!…


Liberty of London Vintage Blue Flowers Cotton Lawn Fabric; I’m a sucker for the classics.


I would make it with this adorable Turquoise sheer polka dot chiffon:


How about the ‘Liberty of London Carnation Lawn’ fabric?
A really pretty, almost abstract looking print with a bright background color. I think the Peony can have a busier fabric because the shape of the dress is so clean and simple.

Emma SL

I don’t know how I manage it but every time it’s the most expensive, impractical fabric that catches my eye and won’t leave me alone – I would looooove to make the Peony with this Goldenrod Silk Supioni
Apparently it’s curtain fabric. Humbug. If the von Trapps could make it work, I can too right? Possibly not. In which case this gorgeous embroidered silk eyelet maybe


I found so many yummy fabrics… I have always wanted to work with Liberty of London and would go with the Cloud Flowers in Black ( for this dress.


Wow, this is fantastic! Hmm…after looking around the website, I decided I’d want to buy something I can wear in winter (because I’ll just depress myself by sewing for summer at this point…) and chose the Herringbone Plaid Woolen fabric in Grey Ivory ( I love gingham and also love contrast, and this seems perfect for the holidays. I’d probably make the long-sleeved version, without a belt, and throw on a red cardigan, tights and boots to celebrate the holidays. What a great giveaway!


What a giveaway! It’s not an easy feat to choose from Hart’s delicious fabrics…. But I’ve got it narrowed down to the Circle FLowers Silk Chiffon or the Silk Satin Georgette in Dusty Rose…. Yum. Keeping my fingers, toes, knees, elbows and eyes all crossed I win!!!


Ooh, I really like the look of the Abstract Print Silk Georgette perhaps with a belt in red or green.
Thanks for the giveaway:)


I would love something simple and organic like the Japanese Import Lightweight Organic Cotton Fabric Tiny Polka Dots Brown. But it is really hard to chose!


Ooooh this one:
is beautiful…maybe a bit summery (but let’s be honest, I’d probably be finishing the dress around summertime anyway)


I would make my Peony in silk cotton sateen–black would make a standout LBD, while grass would make a fun version!


What an amazing giveaway! I’d use this one, even though it’s not very winter-y. So pretty!


I would either choose Herringbone Plaid Woolen Fabric Grey Ivory for a winter dress or the Italian Imported Red Yarn Dyed Cotton Suiting Fabric. I love the huge selection of fabrics!

Anna Roberts

I choose the Free Spirit Havens Edge Cotton Voile Fabric Walls in Turquoise by Tina Givens. It’s just gorgeous and would make a beautiful dress.


I just found your site and you are fabulous! And just what I love about sewing. I would love tis pattern in the polkadot. I remember having a dress just like this I’m 1965 in polka dot…got a marriage proposal out of it…0f course I said yes. Thank for designs I still love and can still enjoy,


While in real life I’d probably stay practical with a nice suiting twill ( so that I could actually wear it to the office. But in dreams, I’d have have a fun&linen print like ( for a lovely bright skirt balanced by a stolid matching linen like ( with a dark blue linen (like for the belt…And yes, I might’ve just overexcited myself.


I think I would love both versions of this dress in this nice Italian Imported Red Yarn Dyed Cotton Suiting Fabric:
Thank you for hosting this giveaway!


It might be a bit too light for a dress, but I would use this cotton plaid in the bias :


Ooh, that wide wale corduroy in plum is dreamy…we’ve finally started to hit cooler temps here, and I’ve been dreaming of some warmer darker toned dresses. Lovely selection!


I would use red organic cotton chambray shirting…it’s a lovely color of red, not too intense and tomato-y.


I love the raw silk tweed, ( I think it would be beautiful and understated.

Barbara J

For my weather here I better stick to good old cotton. So it’s the Turquoise Dotted Swiss Cotton ( for me.


What a lovely selection of fabrics…when it comes to dresses I am a little more conservative about fabric than when making skirts…so I think my choice would be the Swiss Dot Cotton in rust


I’m a sucker for polka dots. I’m choosing the heather grey polka dot double gauze…perfect for the southern hemispere summer (

Ruth Nakamarra

I would LOVE to see a peony in this beautiful cranberry colour – and I’ve gotta say a hemp/silk blend has caught my interest:

plus a black and white check/herringbone cummerbund belt for fun :)


I’d pick the Nani Iro Blue Floral Double Gauze – been eyeing it for so long!


Since the days are cooler, I’m thinking the long-sleeved version would be great in the Anna Sui tiny check wool-blend. For year-round wear, this could work too: . I love the weave on this suiting fabric. For summer, maybe a red chambray? So hard to choose just one!

Sarah Sic

I would use the Silk Cotton Voile in Black to create a very special LBD, and use one of the LOVELY Liberty of London prints for the belt, either Geometric or Tana Lawn In Green Berry Bush Black, Oh! This makes me wish I could take the day off to sew!


I would be tempted to splurge on some Liberty of London fabric:


I have picked – Silk Cotton Sateen Fabric Aubergine- perfect for Christmas!


I love Harts Fabric, they’re one of my favorite stores! I think I would use the Grey Geometric Stripe Pima Cotton Fabric or Japanese Green Check Woven Cotton Fashion and Apparel Fabric by Lecien


I love the idea of making Peony with the Cranberry Hemp Silk. I think it would be elegant, great for work or for a party depending on accessories and eco friendly too! I would feel so pretty.

Lisa S.

There is absolutely nothing I love more than fabric shopping! Thank you for introducing this great fabric site to me! I think I would make my first peony using the violet silk cotton sateen. Love this color.


There are so many beautiful fabrics, the one that caught my eye today is It’s a rayon twill fabric in navy with a small red flower design.


I’m a crazy person and would go for the bold pattern of Euro Map (japanese import) and then I’d go to Berlin to wear and see if anyone notices I’m wearing a map of their city! It’s my favourite colours (this week) of dark blue with touches of gold.



I would love to see the Peony in a fun print like the Ivory Floral Nani Iro Double Gauze Cotton Fabric but I also saw a silk cotton satteen in aubergine and some orange dotted swiss cottons that looked amazing!


How exciting! Thanks for hosting this giveaway. I’d love to make a daytime Peony out of this elegant Anna Sui minicheck:


The Missus would love it.


What a great giveaway! I love Hart’s. It’s difficult to buy fabric online, but their great selection and good descriptions make it a little easier. Now that I’ve made my trial Peony, what I really want is an everyday kind of Peony, something pretty but that I don’t have to worry about the drool, snot, food, paint or dirt my kids will inevitably cover me with. I think the cotton silk sateen fits the bill. It’s hard to find cotton silk fabric and I find that blend very wearable. I look forward to seeing what other people choose.


I would love to see the peony in a retro pattern like the Retro Yellow Bean plaid silk chiffon at It would be so much fun!


I’d make my Peony in “Cloud 9 Organic Cotton Fabric Hydrangeas Brown”.


The silk cotton sateen in copper calls out for a fall dress. So lovely.

Thanks for the giveaway.


I would pick Anna Maria Horner Loulouthi Voile Coreopsis Raspberry. i love the color and the design.


I would love to see this dress in the Anna Maria Horner Voile Shattered Sun
print! Such a pretty spring vibe.


I was thinking of making a Peony in a lovely black wool blend for the ultimate sophisticated and cute LBD. But I think this silk cotton sateen would be even more amazing.

I think any colour would look absolutely fantastic, but I’d like mine to be black.

Btw, is this competition open for readers outside USA, Canada, UK and Australia? Since Harts Fabric only seems to deliver to those countries (and it breaks my heart since I got really exited about their fabric selection).


It’s the season, I know, but I am dreaming of a pumpkin wool Peony, paired with navy tights.

Lu Peters

I love the new Peony pattern! I can see it in a lovely silk dupioni with a beaded band at the neckline, as well as in a fun summer print. I list many sewing books and resources on my website and will add your book in my next update.

Holly lewis

I’d pick the Blue Chevron Silk Chiffon Fabric.


There are so many to choose from! Maybe the Abstract Silk Georgette Print Fabric Charcoal. I don’t think that would be the perfect type of fabric for the dress, but it’s so pretty!

Rachel Morrow

Wow! So many choices….Normally I am instantly attracted to floral prints but I fell in love with the silk haberdasher fabric in purple. I think Peony is definetely one of those pieces that is universal and you can go so many ways. But that purple would definitely make it a statement piece. I would couple that with the polka dot fashion chiffon purple white for the belt to give it a classic look.


Lots of nice fabrics to choose from! I think I would go for the long-sleeved version in the red yarn-dyed cotton suiting (, possibly with a contrast from this black lightweight denim: Now I’m going to have a look at all the others’ choices, I didn’t want to look before making my own choice.

Karen D

I love this fabric: Floral Dots Silk Satin Fabric Brown. Thank you for the giveaway.

Cicily H.

I think the dress would look great using Hart’s Rayon Challis Fabric Fashion Pink Floral. I really love fitted dresses in tiny floral prints!

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