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nelly don dress

nelly don dress

I am lucky enough to own this very pretty vintage Nelly Don dress (the pictures are from the seller). I really love the way the embroidered vine snakes down the side of the dress, and the pretty little daisy appliques stick out a bit. It would be a really lovely way to embellish a simple sheath: just add some embroidery for the vines and some of the adorable vintage daisy appliques you can find on Etsy.

pink daisies

{9 vintage flower embellishments, $2 from obesolete}

more pink daisies

{100 applique flowers, $4 from Vintage Starr Beads}

daisies and bees

{vintage bumble bee and daisy assortment, $5 from In With The Old Vintage}

I can just see these daisies and bees floating along a pale yellow dress!

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Ooh yes I love this! I just recently began an embroidery project and really enjoying it. It has me think of other things I can embroider and what types of designs I would like, but doing something big-scale like I’m imagining would take forever… These appliques would be perfect, though! The look of embroidery without all the work! :)


I believe the ‘daisy appliqués’ on that dress are what used to be called ‘guipure lace’ , cut up into individual flowers as in these What a charming use of an otherwise rather old fashioned lace !

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