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Tilly is doing a really interesting project over on her blog that I thought some of you might be interested in.

It’s called OWOP: One Week, One Pattern. The idea is to wear variations of a single sewing pattern for a whole week, which I think is a really fun idea. As Tilly says, “It’s about celebrating those sewing patterns that we love so much we use them again and again.” It seems like a great way to remind yourself about your old favorites and standbys, or challenge yourself in the styling and details area.

I’m delighted to say that our patterns have a strong showing among the participants so far. Quite a compliment. But there are plenty of other independent companies represented too, which is very cool.

The idea came from a post Tilly did last year, about wearing variations of the Beignet for a week.

I really enjoy challenges like this. They make you think a bit more critically about your choices and what you value, which I think helps you allot your precious sewing time a bit better. So cheers to Tilly for that.

As for me, I don’t have time to whip up several garments at the moment, but if I did, I think I’d go with the crowd and choose Sorbetto. On the other hand, I do already own 5 or 6 of them…

What type of garment would you choose to vary for a week?

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Oh fun! I’m taking part in OWOP next week with a self-drafted knit top pattern. Very basic, but I can wear it as a layer under dresses and I’m even making my second dress from the pattern, just by shortening it and adding a half-circle skirt.
Next time around, I’m planning of doing a week of Macarons!


I’m taking part too :) I’ve chosen the Sorbetto & am thrilled with my variations (I made 6 versions this week)! I had so much fun making them & learnt heaps of skills along the way!! Can’t wait to start wearing them tomorrow!!


Sarai, this isn’t a sewing challenge, it’s a wearing challenge. It’s not about sewing up new garments, although you can if you don’t have what you need to participate in the challenge. You don’t have to sew new garments to participate, just wear you sorbettos (or clovers, or jasmine’s) every day for a week.


Definitely the truffle dress. I already made several, and I wear them all the time. So flattering, work-appropriate, winter, spring, summer, fall… The possibilties are endless! This might be an excellent excuse to whip up some more… I’m thinking button-up backs and collars!


Hmmmm I don’t feel inspired to participate this time. Too many things are going on at work and “life”. But I am curious to see the results! It reminds me of The Uniform Project ( which I loved so much!


I’ve chosen heavily modified Colette patterns skirts! I’ve got 2 modified Meringues and the skirt bit of the Pastille to take me through the week. I wonder how that will go, especially since the Pastille skirt and one of the Meringues cannot be work with T-shirts, my bread and butter!


If I only owned so much fabric and the time to sew!! Good luck to all who are up for the challenge!


This sounds like a really fun challenge! Too bad work keeps me too busy most of the time, and when I’m not too busy with work, I’m gallivanting in costumes.

I’d probably do a skirt. I’ve got a skirt pattern I drafted from an old Gap skirt that I loved so much that I wore it until it literally started falling apart. I remade it in white, like the original, but I’ve got the fabric for a green version, and I’d also like to have it in black, navy, and maybe a few other really fun colours. Maybe I’ll do it after my current project wraps, and I find myself suddenly only working 40 hours a week again. :p

Ashley at The Feisty Redhead

Dresses are my favorite to wear in summer, and I’m feeling really inspired by Peony lately. I made one with 3/4 sleeves for spring, and I’m thinking about doing another short sleeve one, then alterting a third to do a sleeveless versions.

Lynn Mally

Maybe I should wear my sorbettos–I have four and am starting a fifth today!


I’m taking part in this too. I have chosen the most easiest top in the world as I’m some what time short. But it has been the most intersting expeience.

Jennifer Lachman

I would probably use Simplicity 2700 amazing fit trousers. I have already made two pairs of trousers and I have been wanting to change the pockets a bit to make some jeans. I could also shorten it to make Capris or shorts.


I wanted to participate in this but ran out of time. I would actually choose a dress. Dresses, IMHO, are pretty versatile if you pick a simple design. Like maybe the Pastille. One could futz with the neckline (maybe scoop or square vs. sweetheart), the pleats at the the bottom (get rid of them, add some sort of trim between pleats), add sleeves, etc. Then there’s styling them. Sweaters, blazers, t-shirt under/over, tights, no tights, boots, heels, flats…


While I think the project is a fantastic idea and have loved seeing people’s posts, I just can’t imagine participating myself. As a new sewist, whenever I finish a project I am just busting to move on to another pattern! There are so many styles out there I want to make I know I can never possibly get to them all, but even so, making something twice feels like relegating another possible garment to the “will never happen” pile. I do think this is a mindset I need to work on a little, though – it’s the reason I have yet to make a muslin for anything :/


I’d like to add short sleeves to my Sorbetto but don’t have the skills for this. Is there any help out there? My arms aren’t as firm as they used to be and I’d like to cover them up.

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