Quick Look: Swiss Dot


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the only problem with dotted swiss is I can’t find anywhere to buy it near where I live! probably one of my very favoutrite of fabrics! thanks for these posts!


I didn’t know that! It’s a lovely fabric…

MB @YarnU iPhoneapp v1.2

I’ve written about dotted swissed in my fabric app. How this for a little history? Dotted swiss was used in leg-of-mutton blouses by the Victorians.

If you’re going to sew with today I’d line it with batiste because it’s so sheer.


Well, MB, if you line it with batiste you could edit out some of the fabric’s natural loveliness. I works really well as a sort of airy layering fabric. Like a hot, summertime layering fabric.

Carlotta Stermaria

Do you give it a different name when it’s not sheer?
In French I think we call it equally ‘plumetis’. I love that name!


Hmm, I’m sewing a blouse out of swiss dot right now, but it’s not sheer. It resembles regular, lightweight cotton, but with the adorable little dots weaved in. I’ve never seen sheer swiss dot, but it does look lovely.

I think it’s my favourite cotton, just because of the built in dots! :)

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