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I recently received a sample of silk velveteen (beautiful, soft fabric!) and am wondering, what is the difference between velvet and velveteen or are they the same thing?


I thought velveteen was the “cheaper/more affordable” version of velvet, just as it is satin to sateen (sateen being made in cotton in that satin weave). So velvet vs. velveteen would be similar although if your velveteen is made of silk…???

Here’s what is says on wikipedia:
Velveteen is a cotton cloth made in imitation of velvet.

Linguistically, sateen and velveteen being dimunitives of satin and velvet makes a lot of sense.


Oops, also forgot that wikipedia also says on velveteen:
The term is sometimes applied to a mixture of silk and cotton.


I used to be afraid of sewing velvet…and I think the first thing I sewed when I returned to sewing as an adult was a velvet beret. That was a mess on my grandmother’s sewing machine. I basically gave up on sewing, until I bought a brand-new Viking Husvarna. I want to return to sewing velvet sometime. Just not sure when!

Carlotta Stermaria

I love velvet! I have a couple of silk vetvet fabrics I really love, but don’t dare to cut into yet, since from my experience with cotton velvet, it’s far from being the easiest fabric to sew…

Anyone with useful tips on sewing with velvet?

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