Vintage Detail: Star studs


I really love the star-shaped studs on this vintage navy dress from Mill Street Vintage. I wonder where one could find such lovely trimmings today? I bet they’d look fantastic on a blouse collar.

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Mary Beth @ **updated**✄ Fabric U ✄ iPhone app

There are plenty of ‘studs’ out there…now they’re of the iron-on variety. Vogue Fabrics has plenty of them bagged up on on the notions counter…I’m sure they’ve got some online too.


Oh yes, I’ve seen those, but I do like the look of the prong-set ones.


I bought some at Botani Buttons in NYC last February.


Oh wow… Yet another instance of vintage embellishment that makes me go a bit ga-ga! I have been toying with the idea of studs on vintage-style projects lately anyway, and while plain ol’ round ones are great, these are ten times better! Thanks for sharing this!

♥ Casey | blog


I used to get star studs at the local punk shops. They had all different shapes.


I LOVE low waists.


Also, very often you can get various studs at shops specializing in leather.


I was wondering if this was a job for the bedazzler. Looks like it could come in handy:


Oh my gosh, I totally forgot about the bedazzler! So funny, I bet that would work perfectly too!


where to find? anywhere. hobby lobby, joann, michael’s. i have some for a bedazzler, too.

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