Vintage Details: Navy Rose and Vines


Ooh la la. This navy dress from salvagelife is really lovely.

I really love how the taffeta contrasts with the crepe of the dress, the way the leaves fan out from the waistline, and how all the appliques are fairly flat so they don’t add bulk at the waist. Anyone have any ideas on how you would create those leaves? I like the look of them!

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Oh wow–this is such a stunning idea! I’ve always been partial to tone-on-tone embellishment that has a bit of a different finish from the main fabric for some visual interest. Simple and quite. :) I’d probably make the leaves individually (they look like they’re seamed down the middle) and applique them that way. Although it looks like the rose is made from strips (ribbon???), so I wonder if the leaves were manipulated from similar?

Very neat!!!

♥ Casey
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This reminds me a little of a few pieces on Anthropologie that have tone-on-tone floral applique. There’s a sleeveless navy dress with 3d flowers there that keeps catching my eye.

Casey, I love that you’re immediately thinking about the technical aspects! You’re a designer, dyed in the wool!


That is what I was wondering too, Casey. It looks like all the other embellishment is done with strips (bias tape or ribbon), so I wondered if the leaves were done that way too. I just remembered that I have a book of victorian ribbon crafts, I’m going to look in there!


I can’t see with too much detail how the edges are finished, but I know you can seal polyester taffeta with heat and get a nice smooth line like that.


What a gorgeous dress. Perhaps the rose is made from a bias strip and the leaves are circles folded in half and sewn down each side of center.


Oops. I meant Ruche, not Anthropologie for the navy sleeveless dress!


That is a stunning dress. I love tone-on-tone embellishments. I think this particular one is done with a lot of folding and handsewing. The leaves look like they are folded and almost appliqued; rather like fabric origami. Gorgeous!

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