Vintage Details: Ribbon Lattice


This would be a really cool detail to add to a simple skirt or dress, for someone with lots of patience. This beautiful vintage inspiration comes to us courtesy of one of my favorite online vintage dealers, Lauren of Dear Golden.

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Mary Beth @ Yarn U iPhone app

Patience, aye; terrific tools, even better. I vote for some KK 2000, a temporary spray-on glue and a disappearing ink pen. Draw on the grid, spray, tack on the ribbons, adjust to make sure they’re just right. Sew. Done!


What a lovely dress and the detail is very interesting.


Just gorgeous. I second Mary Beth’s suggestion of disappearing ink pen and spray on glue. It looks as though the ribbon was originally a match to the skirt, but I think it would look wonderful in a contrast as well. I may just have to try this.

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