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Weekend Reading: Phones are everywhere, how to take time off, and soft sandwashed silk


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This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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It’s been good to be back in the studio this week, although we’ve been met with a whirlwind of activity. Proofs have arrived for our next print run (yay!) and Kristen is leaving today to go on a cruise she won in a contest (!).

As for me, I’m headed up to Astoria this weekend for a writing workshop. Here’s hoping I come back with just a little more clarity than I left with!

Here are some good reads this week:

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Sewing Princess

Thanks for the video! I will keep it in mind!

Isaboe Renoir

I don’t have that problem with my phone (it’s an 8 year old flip-type), but I do have that problem with my laptop. I tell myself I only need to look up A or B, or just want to “read the paper” over coffee in the morning, but sometimes the “ooh, what’s this, let’s click and see” monster gets a hold of me. I partially solved it by treating my laptop as a desk top, and purposely use a not-the-most-comfortable-chair at my desk. I also left my browser homepage blank because so often I’d open it up, see something, and what I wanted the computer for was completely gone from my mind.

I think too it has to do with the idea that your “phone” is for everything you do now, so many don’t even have a separate computer anymore. I spoke with a friend recently who lamented that her phone seems perpetually stuck to her hand; I offered her a few suggestions but she thought I was crazy. For instance, treat your cell phone as a regular phone – leave it plugged into the wall (via the charger) or leave it on a specific table and only talk there (I miss telephone chairs…) not in your pocket or purse; read real books instead of using your phone as an e-reader; play real games instead of only computerized versions (yes! solitaire was actually played with a deck of cards once, as was cribbage; chess and backgammon have real boards too, among many others); and I feel most importantly, stop talking and texting while you do other things (“yeah, I can talk I’m only driving” so I’ll say “oops, let me call you back I have to get the door/ tea kettle, etc. !”). I find when people take the time to pay attention while they talk or text, they suddenly don’t have anything important to say anymore… hmm….

Well, perhaps I digress… I definitely feel like the lady in the video, especially when people only seem to see me through the filter of their phone’s video/ photo function. (Hey, wait is that philosophically deep? People never really see me anymore!) Funnily, I’m a professional baker and often while I’m setting up a cake there are people between me and the cake trying to get pictures – can you wait until I’m finished please? Okay, now I’ve digressed… and I’ve finished my coffee, everyone have a great day!


My solution to maintaining a healthy relationship with my phone is simply to refuse to upgrade. I still have a dinosaur-era flip phone with no email, no internet, and no touch screen… and I love it. I keep it in my purse with the ringer off while I’m at work, and I’ll get back to anyone who calls/texts at the end of the day. I know I’m one of the last hold-outs, but I really have no desire to carry the entire internet in my pocket at all times. Sometimes being unplugged is a good thing. :)


Same here! My ancient phone does calls and text messages, nothing else. The idea of having Facebook etc with me 24/7 is completely appalling. (My boyfriend had to replace his phone recently but got a Nokia 105, intended for developing countries so super-long battery life and no frills at all.) We got on a crowded train together last week and were the ONLY people not frantically involved with our phone screens.


Finally! Someone who liked the Stars Wars interpretation of Kate and Laura Mulleavy’s latest collection!

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