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Announcing the Aster Sewalong: Starts July 13th!


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This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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It’s almost time for our next sewalong over at!

Together, we’ll be making the Aster blouse in all of the three variations: short sleeve, long sleeve with shoulder pleats, and flutter sleeve.

Our sewalongs are in-depth, free tutorial-based classes that you can have delivered right to your inbox. Use the sewalong to get more detailed instruction with photos and ask questions as you sew.


This sewalong will be co-taught by Haley and me. I’ll be covering the long sleeve version of Aster, and Haley will be covering the short sleeved versions. It should be fun!

The Schedule

The introduction to the sewalong will go live on July 13th, along with the complete and detailed schedule of lessons. On July 14th, we’ll cover fabric and supplies.

The following week (beginning the 20th), we’ll cover some fitting guides, including bust adjustments.

The next week (beginning the 27th), we’ll start sewing. This gives you a couple weeks to get your fabric ready before you really need to cut and sew.

Lessons will be delivered every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until August 7th, when we’ll finish up and start sharing our projects.



Join up!

To get the Aster sewalong delivered to you, sign up here. You can also follow along with your RSS reader, or visit the website. We recommend signing up by email so you don’t miss anything.

You can pick up the Aster pattern here.

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Miss Crayola Creepy

Woo hoo, I’m in!


Sweet! I have mine cut and ready to go, so this is the extra push I need. I’ll be ready to jump in once the stitching starts :D


I’m interested in this sewalong, but it will be my first garment. I’m also smaller than the size 0 on the size chart… should I make this in a muslin during the sewalong?



Hi Caroline, I definitely recommend sewing a muslin, especially since you fall outside of the size chart. This will ensure that your finished Aster will fit nicely.


yippee! I have my pattern and my fabric. I am ready.


YAY! I’ve had some fitting issues that I want to resolve because I just love the look of this – blouse? shirt? I have a stack of fabric to make up ranging from casual to posh! Let’s go!


I’m so excited because I bought the pattern a while back but wasn’t confident I could do it. I love you! Thank you!


I’ve been looking forward to this. Thanks for putting this at the best part of the summer – the lazy part! ;)


Hi, I’ve never made a button up blouse before. So when I saw your having a sew-along I just had to get your pattern and sign up ! Thanks you so so much


I have made 4 Astors to date! the first one with sleeve, the second sleeveless, the third also sleeveless, the fourth I have completed as a dress! With each one it gets easier and easier! but I will say I have found a flaw in the patter :( when attaching the front panels to the shoulders, I have found rather than placing the front panels right sides together with the shoulder yoke, you have to put the front panel with the back facing the front of the yoke for the whole thing to turn out correctly when you pull all the pieces inside out. the first three I have made all turned out wrong and I had to rip out the front panels and try to slip them in and sew them down, very tricky! with this my 4th Astor, I tried it as I mentioned above and it came out perfectly! has anyone else experienced this problem or have I been reading the pattern wrong? My fourth Astor is a dress length and I am delighted with it! I even made a belt to go with it!

Alice Elliot

I think you’ve read the instructions wrong. I followed them and they came out correct. It’s a factory technique for yokes that you don’t find in big commercial patterns. They all call for you to slipstitch the last seam on the inside of the shoulder. Be sure to read through really carefully. I change all my other pattern company yoke instructions to this method, even coats!!!


Hi! I’m so excited!! Looking forward to the FBA…


Yippee!! I’ve been obsessively checking the blog for the past month, just waiting for this sew-along announcement. haha. Can’t wait to get started.


Excited for this. Love the elbow length sleeves!

Alice Elliot

I’ve already made the long sleeved version and I love it1 I had a bit of difficulty getting the topstitching to look good at the very top of the placket. Of course, right under my face!! Looking forward to some detailed instructions in my second one. I bought a beautiful Liberty cotton print on sale at Mood and it’s ready to go in the short sleeved version.


Alice, i know how to slipstitch in knitting, i have no idea what you are talking about in sewing! I am not the only one to have had this problem, I fixed it, but I too am looking forward to this sew-along to get detailed instructions on this. you should try making it into a dress, its lovely! can’t wait to make another!

Alice Elliot

I think all will be revealed when we receive the yoke instructions with photos.

Alice Elliot

I’m going to try to post a photo of my fabric for the short sleeved version. It’s a Liberty print from the sale at Mood. How do I do it?

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