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Check it out guys, there’s a little blurb about Colette Patterns in the latest issue of Bust! It’s just a wee blurb, but I’ve been reading Bust since I was a teenager, so it’s pretty neat to see my name in there.

If you don’t read Bust and you’re in a place where you can get a hold of it, I highly recommend it for a fun magazine fix! How often do you read a magazine and actually feel better about yourself rather than worse? It’s great to see the smart, independent, fun women I know reflected in the magazine, and that’s why I’ve always admired Bust.

By the way, the accompanying photo is of the lovely Roxanne, not me!

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. Her roles include communication, strategy, and creative direction. She also edits Seamwork magazine. She often thinks and writes about the way sewing impacts our lives – through body image, identity, and social awareness.

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Yay! Sarai


Congratulations Sarai! That’s so cool. I love Bust too, but getting it in Europe costs a pretty penny, so I tend to get the hand me downs from a friend.


A third yay from me! did you know you’re also in print in the UK sewing mag Sew Hip this month? Not the same as being featured in a mag you’ve been reading since a teenager but cool anyway I thought.

The Cupcake Goddess

Congrats girl! You totally deserve it!



k a t

I’m a subscriber, how do I not have this yet? Knowing you’re in there makes me even more excited to get this in the mail… soon though, right? :)


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Get all of our tips, tutorials, and discussions delivered to your inbox — completely free!