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Introducing Albion and Cooper, from Walden by Colette Patterns


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This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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I’m frequently asked which pattern in our line-up is my favorite.

I think people are surprised when I’ve said it’s the Negroni shirt.

Why Negroni? I just think there’s something intensely satisfying about making a man’s shirt. Menswear is so classic, so stylistically rigid, that making it really gives you a chance to focus on technique and small details.

I’m also proud of the level of instruction in the pattern. I really feel it epitomizes what I want our patterns to be: fun and fulfilling learning experiences.

I think you guys have agreed, because it’s been one of our most popular patterns. And little by little, I began to see women adapting the pattern for themselves too. I loved this idea!

So why not introduce more men’s patterns that women could wear too?

Walden, our specialty menswear and unisex line

Today, we’re announcing Walden by Colette Patterns, a specialty line of men’s patterns. This smaller line-up (which will now include Negroni) has a new look, with even cooler packaging.

(I’ll talk more about the packaging at the end of this post, but for now, let’s move on to the important part… say hello to our 2 new patterns, Albion and Cooper!)

Introducing Albion






I have always loved a classic duffle coat on both men and women. A style taken from the British military and popularized in the 60s and 70s, it looks just as modern today.

Simple, clean outerwear

We kept the overall construction simple and the lines clean, so with its simple straight shape, this is one of the easier pieces of outerwear you might sew.

At the same time, we didn’t neglect the important details that make a coat look polished.

The Coat

Version one is a longer lined wool coat, designed to be made in a typical wool coating and lined with flannel, just like a traditional cozy duffle coat.

It has both outer patch pockets and roomy in-seam side pockets, so there’s a place to warm your hands and a place to stash a wallet and phone.


The 3-piece hood also has a completely removable button-on neck tab to keep you extra cozy on blustery days.



The Jacket

Version two is a shorter unlined jacket, a great transition piece or rain jacket.




The jacket works beautifully in a sturdy canvas, like the blue canvas version Zoe wears here. You can also use a waxed canvas for a more water repellant finish, like the deep green jacket worn by our male model. Or try a heavy twill or a strong waterproof fabric.


Because it’s unlined, the seams are neatly finished in a combination of felled seams and bias-bound seams. The in-seam pocket has a clever construction, so it also acts as a hidden interior pocket. This jacket looks as good inside as out.

Unisex style

Albion looks great on women as well as men (I’ve actually taken the navy sample Zoe is wearing home for myself).

Because Albion is available in sizes XS through XXL, even smaller women can likely find a size that will fit. You can wear it loose and boxy with a slightly dropped shoulder, or follow some of the tweaks we’ll be covering in our soon-to-be-released companion book to give it a more feminine shape.

Get more help and sew along with us!

Outerwear can be a little intimidating, but it’s so much fun to make a big project like this with other people.

We’ll be announcing a sew-along for Albion coming up in a month or so, along with an optional companion book. So you can get plenty of support when you make this beauty.

But first, we’ll be working together on our other new pattern.

Introducing Cooper

We wanted to do something a little different for Cooper: create a truly practical, versatile, and well-crafted bag that men and women could both use.






We turned to our friend Laura, designer of Pansy Maiden bags, truly an expert on creating exceptional non-leather bags (though you can use leather in making Cooper too).

Laura designed this fantastic bag in 3 variations, with just the right hardware and details to look professionally crafted.



Messenger, Backpack, or Satchel

Version 1 is an adjustable messenger bag, great for carrying a laptop or transporting books to work or school.





Version 2 is a backpack. It has adjustable straps, a hanging loop, and plenty of pockets inside and out.



Version 3 is my personal favorite (by just a hair). It’s a satchel with clips on the back for attaching to your bike rack.






The Companion Book and Sewalong

If you’re new to bag making or just want tips and instructions for customizing your bag, check out our brand new Cooper Companion ebook!

Like our Anise Companion before it, the Cooper companion offers tons of extras to help guide you through the bag-making process.


It includes:

  • Hundreds of step-by-step photos. Over 400 photos fill this 130 page ebook to the brim with in-depth visual detail.
  • Learn more about bag supplies. We included lots of information about fabric choices, hardware, and special tools that might make your job easier (and more fun).
  • Learn special technique. Get even more information about special techniques like reinforcing stress points, installing magnetic closures, and squaring corners.
  • Customization tutorials. We give you instructions for even more options, like making self-fabric straps, adding a key ring attachment (so useful!), installing feet, waxing your own canvas, and creating a shoulder guard.






We’ll also be announcing our Cooper Sewalong tomorrow. We’ll be covering the whole process in the sewalong of course, so you don’t need to purchase the companion book to sew with us. But if you want all the fun extras and an extensive bag-making guide to hold onto for the future, it’s a great supplement to pick up.

Get going with kits

One of the challenges with making a bag can be sourcing all the hardware and specialty materials. With hardware especially, you often have to buy large quantities, which can get expensive, or get something not-quite-right.

So we have kits to help with that, available now at Gifts for Crafters.


Our hardware kits come in an aged bronze finish, so everything will match. Choose from a kit with enough hardware to make the messenger or backpack, or a separate kit for the satchel.



We also have full kits for making a beautiful forest green and oak brown bag in waxed canvas. Waxed canvas is a heavy cotton impregnated with special waxes and oils to repel moisture. It ages beautifully, with creases and scratches giving it a wonderful patina over time. Many of the bags above were made with it, and you can see how well it holds its shape, and the aged look it develops.

These kits include the same aged brass hardware, along with fabric, ripstop lining, and cotton webbing. They are a very limited edition item, so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Pattern instructions that lay flat!

Finally, I wanted to show off our fancy new packaging for Walden!



Take a look at those new kraft paper covers and spiral binding. That’s right, these new patterns will actually lay flat while you sew!

With me all the way to the end? Let’s review!

  • Walden is our new specialty line for men (that can also be made for women).
  • Walden patterns have fancy new packaging, including lay-flat spiral binding.
  • Albion is our brand new duffle coat, in sizes XS to XXL.
  • Cooper is a 3-in-1 everyday bag, including messenger, backpack, and satchel.
  • We have kits available for Cooper. Purchase just the hardware, or a complete kit with hardware, webbing, beautiful waxed canvas, and ripstop lining.
  • We’ll be announcing a sewalong for Cooper tomorrow.
  • Our companion book for Cooper has hundreds of step-by-step photos and even more variations.
  • The sewalong and companion book for Albion will be coming up soon.

If you buy Albion, Cooper, or the newly revamped Negroni through Gifts for Crafters, you can get 15% off when you enter coupon code WALDEN at checkout. That coupon is good until Friday, November 15 at midnight PST, only at Gifts for Crafters.

You can pick up any of our patterns at Gifts for Crafters, along with kits, tools, and all kinds of other goodies.

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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You’ve outdone yourself! I am very very very happy. :)


You guys really knocked this one out of the park. Both items are so beautiful and thoughtfully constructed!


WOW. You all have been BUSY! These are beautiful. Congratulations!


These are both wonderful! Well done.

Beth B.

WHOA! I love ALL of this SO much!! Thank your for what looks to be a wonderful men’s pattern, something that is lacking in the sewing world.


Sooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!! LOVE all of this! Pretty sure I’ll be making at least one of each, maybe his and hers of both… Good work, you guys!


Wow! These are amazing – totally worth the wait! I want to start making them right now :)


Brilliant new patterns! Wow, just wow!

Kirsten D

Your not helping in making my sewing list shorter! LUV!


I love it i love it i love it!


These are above and beyond beautiful. Such gorgeous patterns- I must have them right away! I can’t wait to make the bag and at least two coats. Wonderful work, you guys!


These are gorgeous. I love the lay flat pattern instructions AND the kits. I know, having made a lot of tote bags for gifts just has sourcing the magnetic closures can be, at affordable prices.
Great Job!
I still have the very first jacket/coat I made. It was from a kit from Sierra Designs, I believe. It was great not having to source all the correct materials and it became a much less intimidating project.


wow wow wow! gorgeous stuff!


Sorry, this is a pass for me. I don’t wear the unisex look well and I don’t sew for other people.


I think the coat in a feminine wool would work quite well. I wouldn’t do the waxed cotton either, but in a great wool coating, why not?


Love them! Awesome patterns!


These are so lovely! The bag is fantastic–guess I know what my husband is getting for Xmas this year! The kits look great–any chance you’ll be doing them in the grey/brown combo? Or, alternatively, do you know of some places that source waxed canvas pre-waxed?


I’m going to put together some supplies resources in the next couple days, so keep an eye out!




Just wondering….would it be easy to substitute buttons for the toggle closures? My husband is not a toggle kind of guy but otherwise would like this coat I think.


Sure! Toggles work well if you have many layers of thick fabric (like the Albion coat) so if you use buttons instead, just make sure to make a longer button shank and reinforce it well.

Sharon Pickles

EEEEEP! Here’s hoping these new patterns get to the UK before Christmas!


Beautiful patterns – congratulations! The only thing holding me back are the high shipping prices to Canada. Do you have any plans to release the patterns in pdf format? I love that bag!


Of course! We have downloadable PDFs available for all three of these in our shop.


Thanks, Kenn! I was too excited to see straight. But I ended up breaking down and paying the postage for the printed pattern – the design looks so great on those new ones. Congratulations again!


You definitely do NOT disappoint!


So impressed. I love that Colette is expanding to include simple, classic designs that can really work for a range of personal aesthetics. Still working on sharpening my sewing skills, but when I do, that jacket is ON.


OMG! I love these patterns! Do you think the cooper backpack is big enough to put books and folders in? I’d like to make one for school.


It is! I can fit my MacBook Air in mine. I would just suggest that you use canvas, as the twill makes for a more slouchy style bag.


Awesome versatile collection!! And I love the hardware kits, that is so helpful and motivating to get a project like that underway (I usually have no clue when it comes to hardware haha). You’ve outdone yourself, keep up the good work!


SO COOL! I am have a beautiful piece of leather for this bag! YAY! Great stuff!

Scarlet Threader

I’ll be passing on these. I had high hopes for something feminine for the holiday as I don’t wear unisex clothes and my bags are all purchased.


These look wonderful! I love the new bag and unisex coat! And the new spiral bound packaging is awesome. Thank you for sharing these amazing new things with us! I will have to order these patterns even though I already have so many Colette patterns I have to work on :)


Love Cooper! Is the coupon code only good on pattern or on kit as well?

Diane @ Vintage Zest

Nooooooooo!!!! These are awesome! The only reason that it isn’t a “yesssssss response” is because now I know my sewing list is going to be getting longer before the holidays, especially if my guy sees these patterns are now available for him too!

gabriel ratchet

love ’em both, wish only that the companion e- book could be purchased pre-printed. i don’t like my craft/art materials on devices. in fact, if you ever publish nutmeg as a physical pattern, i’ll buy it again. but that’s picking at nits….


Yeah, I like that idea too, it’s just that printing a 130 page book would be pretty expensive for a small operation like us (since we wouldn’t be printing 10s of thousands like a large publisher). But we are exploring some options like this for a future project we’ve got in the works!

gabriel ratchet

i love anticipation…. meanwhile, back at the ranch, improvisational bookbinding is under way…


Love the Cooper bag! And I totally agree with you about men’s shirts – they’re one of my favorite things to sew too!


I love both new patterns, congratulations! I am an advanced beginner but I am sure that with your step by step instructions I will be able to learn to sew a lined coat! Thank you


The jacket is gorgeous! My husband has been wearing a coat that he picked up at a yard sale a decade ago, and he refuses to part with it because it is a) long enough (he’s tall), and b) warm enough. My only hesitation with the pattern is that he DOES NOT do hoods. I wonder if there would be a way to convert the pattern to have just a collared version? I’ll have to look around and see what I can come up with…


If you line it and use the same neck measurements, you should be able to easily install a self drafted collar. Let us know what you decide!


Love the name Walden too :)


Wow love them all! And need them all… early christmas prezzies for myself?!

Melissa S.

That jacket! That beautiful pattern book! So wonderful. I’d like join the sew-along for sure. I’ve never sewn outerwear before but I’ve always wanted to, so this sounds like the perfect time to take the plunge.


Wow. Your Cooper pattern is the answer to all my problems!! ;-). My husband has two Barbour waxed cotton coats and I wanted to make him a messenger bag (with upcycled waxed cotton from a HUGE dog bed that my husband bought and we’ve never used). So, this is perfect! And all of your new Walden patterns are gorgeous. Thanks!


Those Barbour jackets are so amazing.


The wait is over and I do love these two patterns. I can easily picture myself in a warm Walden (love the name, so beautifully chosen!) coat and thanks for the idea for the bike bag !!!
You did great, thanks so much !


Ok made a mistake about the name of the coat. Walden is the name of the men’s collection. I nevertheless repeat that i think this name is a great choice : ” I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”


So, I have two questions/observations. I see that Rachel has already half-answered one (thanks!), but maybe I can get a more accurate answer.

1. Can we get finished measurements for Cooper? I love the backpack version, but I’d like to make sure that it’s actually big enough for my needs before I buy the pattern. Being able to fit a MacBook Air into it is good, but I need to be able to carry some more stuff besides my notebook, so I’d really like to compare the Cooper measurements to the (ratty old) backpack I’m currently using (and have been wanting very badly to replace!).

2. I was going to ask about an update to Negroni that includes the XS size for those of us who have already bought the pattern, but just saw that I could download the new version from my account. Thanks so much, that’s awesome! You might want to update; it doesn’t have men’s XS yet. (The size chart included in the updated pattern has it, so that’s good.)
If only I hadn’t promised my boyfriend a Negroni that I haven’t yet made, I could make one for myself now. Guess I’ll have to buckle down and actually make his at some point so I won’t feel bad about making one for myself as well. (;

Thanks so much! If my boyfriend were willing to wear a duffle coat, I’d grab Albion too. Since he isn’t, I might wait a bit and eventually get it for myself instead. Ha!
(I’ve just finished a jacket for myself and need some other stuff more urgently, but I’m really tempted anyway. I love duffle coats!)


We had a problem with the “supplies” section being missing earlier, but it’s fixed now! If you click the supplies tab for Cooper, there are some finished measurements there.

Negroni sizing is updated too now! And I’m glad you pointed that out… anyone who has purchased a Negroni digital pattern in the past and wants an updated version with the new look and XS size can download it from their account.


Very helpful (and quick), thank you!


I am so in love with both of these patterns!! They are just beautiful, and so timeless. It’s hard to decide which one to tackle first, but because of the Cooper kit I think I’ll go with that one! It will be a fun project for school break over the holidays.

I’m wondering about the instruction booklet that’s included in the Cooper kit. Is that the same as the ebook that’s available for sale?

These were worth the wait!! Congratulations on all your hard work. I can’t wait to see what others make of these patterns!! :)


The ebook and pattern are different. The pattern includes our standard (and pretty extensive) pattern instructions along with illustrations.

The ebook includes hundreds of photos that illustrate each step, along with extra technique tutorials and variations you can do. It’s 130+ pages, so there’s just a lot more room to go into depth!


Thanks so much! That makes perfect sense. :)

Ann frederix

I LOOOOOOVE these patterns. Just have to wait till they arrive here in Europe. I prefer paper pattern over PDF! Wow,so great what you made.

F. K.

This is so awesome! I’m going to be looking forward to seeing all the unisex items you come out with!


I’m so excited to get my Albion and Negroni patters! I’m loving the Albion jacket, especially in the navy. Looking forward to the sewalong.

I’ve a few mens’ shirt patterns from the 60’s/70s, but they don’t fit my 6 ft husband. The Negroni has that vintage look and in a variety of sizes that I can fit both my sons and dh. Well done, Coletterie!


They’re easy to lengthen/shorten too. Our model was 6’3″.


I couldn’t be more excited about both these patterns. I often lament the absence of decent mens patterns. My poor husband gets nothing except pj’s! With Christmas coming up these are perfect. THANK YOU!


What’s the fabric requirements on the bag? I like to research sources and such before I purchase a pattern.


The supplies were missing from the pattern page earlier, but they’re up now!

Xenia Kathryn

Great work, Colette Team! Love it, as both items would make great gifts for loved ones!


Really, really lovely patterns! So well done. Congratulations, Colette Patterns!!!

But I did notice and error on the Albion jacket page, the tab for “SUPPLIES” is completely blank! Oh, no!! I wanted to see what it would take to make one up. Thanks!


We’re working on this! It should be up soon.


I see it’s up and at’em now… now time to see all the details for the supplies :)


HA!! You totally fooled us! Good job! It’s so much fun when it’s a surprise. I was delighted to see the bag and coat patterns today. So practical, and something I could really use….or make for my boyfriend. What a great idea! Unisex patterns and menswear. I love the name, too. Excellent choice. And a sewalong! Thank you, everybody at Colette Patterns! Your blog is so fun.


Love, love, love both patterns. I’m definitely ordering the kit for the bag. It’s absolutely gorgeous.


It is times like these that living down under in New Zealand really does feel like the other side of the world. I’m making mental lists of sewing projects for summer and Colette brings out a beautiful pattern for a winter jacket! Which is probably why I’m super excited for the Cooper bag, something I’ve always wanted to make yet is not season specific!


These are brilliant. I have recently purchased a Gazelle electric bike (instead of a car) and have been looking for a great bike bag and coat.

Congratulations on the new men’s line!


PHWOAR I want to marry that guy.
Also, great patterns :)




Duffel coat – I guessed right! Yay! And also, yay for the patterns! So classic and classy.


OMG, I love both of these patterns! I’ve been looking for a good Duffle Coat pattern because I have a coat someone gave me but it’s black and I want one in a brighter, jazzy colour. My boyfriend also loves them, so I think a his and hers are on the cards. I also love the bag – I’ve needed a new bag for aaaaaages – I like rucksacks but don’t like sporty-style ones, so this is perfect!

A Morris

I thought it was going to be walking stuff and bags
..excellent news, keep up the good work.Can’t wait until available in UK stockists….Can we get our hands on the kits or are they only available in US? Thank you !


The fabric kits are sold out, but you can buy the hardware kits from Gifts for Crafters!


These are such great looking patterns! So professional looking. The craft shop is adorable too. Oh, and this is random, but I totally thought that was Christian Bale in the first photo! Hehe.


I am so excited about making a sturdy bag. Between biking and taking the train to work, my bags take a beating and I don’t use leather. Thank you!!!


We’ve been sewing some with faux leather and I actually really like it! It’s super sturdy, so it’s a nice choice for the bottom of the bag in particular.


Lovely patterns, as always. Quick question for those of us who want to purchase the new patterns as a PDF (living in New Zealand makes shipping expensive, plus instant gratification, yes please!) AND take advantage of the 15% offer. I see in order to get the discount we must purchase from the new Gifts for Crafters website but there is no PDF versions available on this website only the Colette Patterns website. Is there a way to purchase a PDF version AND get the 15% discount? Thank you.


The discount is for paper patterns only.

Adri H.

Neat-o! Nice job, Colette! these look great!


I’m really flabbergasted. The bag is amazing on its own, but the coat is something to keep forever. Really beautiful. I’m so happy for you all.


These are both so beautiful! Will you be doing any posts on sourcing fabric and supplies for these two amazing patterns?

Michelle Rose

I don’t know where you’re located, but Rose City Textiles (Portland, OR) has a fabulous selection of outerwear fabrics, notions, etc. They’re super-helpful and can help you out over email or phone.

Michelle Rose

And despite my last name, no I’m not affiliated. Just a happy customer.


A Resource List for Cooper will be included in tomorrow’s post.


Love the direction this is headed! I was actually just thinking of how much I would like a duffle coat for myself. I made my man one last year from the Japanese Coat Book and yikes – tracing off all those pattern pieces was murderous. Your pattern already comes printed (win) and there are english instructions! Yay! Beautiful work. Love the new spiral bound pattern layout. And the craft shop is extra lovely!


Great work on the new pattern collection. These all look amazing. There is a shortage of Outerwear patterns available from independant pattern designers. You are filling a need here!


Any suggestions on where to purchase waxed canvas? I can’t seem to find it in fabric stores in NYC and don’t know of an online source. I am starting a sewing with leather class this weekend but will probably start small with that material…..


I’m going to put together some resources for you guys, I have a bit of a list of suppliers for some of these harder to find things.


WOW! the cooper kits are already sold out. In what? 5 hours!! AMAZING!
Any chance you might make up more??


The fabric kits were limited edition, we will not be making more. We still have hardware kits available.


I’m in love with that pendleton wool backpack! Both are fantastic patterns!!
You hit a home run!


I would love to know where to buy toggles for the duffle coat online. I am located in Australia – and I haven’t been able to find somewhere locally that sells them in the quality I’d like.


These two new patterns are fabulous! I’m already dreaming up fabric…


It’s mentioned that Negroni has been ‘revamped’. Does that mean there are changes from the prior version? If so, can you explain what they are?


We’re mainly just referring to the packaging (with the new binding) and graphic design. The only other change is that it now includes an XS size, to match the other patterns.


I love the patterns! Great job. And the male model is yummy….

Karyn Proudlock

Oh WOW. This is the most sensational job I’ve seen – I love the branding, I love the little touches, and most of all I love the patterns! Its really hard to find contemporary things to sew for men and I think the duffel coat is just fantastic. My husband had a duffel coat when he was young and he has been lamenting that he can’t find one he likes now. Guess I know what I’ll be making for his birthday!


I love that sample cooper bag in that brown & navy/gray colour. What material is that? Waxed canvas or faux leather? I’d love to hear where I can get ahold of that material for my very own cooper bag!

Also, what material is that last white & brown sample made of? It’s such a classic combination that looks so lovely.


I used a faux leather for the main fabric and tan/white ticking for the contrast fabric.


A short anecdote: I had a long day today, starting with a genuinely crappy morning where I missed the bus and had to walk four miles to work through the snow in a less-than-safe neighborhood. I came home exhausted, and remembered the patterns were coming out today–though it seems like a small thing to be excited about, it really made my bad day a lot less bleak. I just wanted to say thank you: thank you for your hard work, for these awesome patterns, and making sewing exciting time and time again. Colette staff, you guys rock!


Awwwwww, thanks Claire!


Oh! I need to make that bag! And that coat!
Will you be refilling the kits that sold out today? I hope so!
well done!


Unfortunately, we bought the entire stock of the fabric our supplier had for those kits! But now that we know how popular they are, we’d like to do more limited edition kits in the future.


WOW!!! I love these! So glad you are doing a pack with goods included! It is so hard to find stuff over here in Aus! :)


I LOVE these!!! Wonderful designs! I really want to make that bag.

laura versteeg – onthelaundryline

Truly fantastic! I haven’t had a chance to sew the Negroni yet, but I bought the pattern a while back and I’m hoping to give it a go for Christmas for my hubby. If he is excited to have a handmade garment, that coat is next on my list!! And this is all so beautifully styled, the promo video is just gorgeous.


Awesome job on the new packaging and patterns. I like this new direction!


So nicely done! I’m usually weary of the idea of “unisex,” but Albion is a perfect balance! Plus, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to increase the number of patterns you have for men anyway. I haven’t yet sewn anything up for other people, but this inspires me to practice menswear details for myself or for someone special.

And the bag! Love!


as I live in a tropical country, the coat will not be on my sewing list :( But I really love the Cooper bag. Will definitely make one soon :)


Love the new patterns!! So beautiful. Can I also say that the hunkasaurus modeling the men’s versions is doing an EXCELLENT job :D


Excellent and beautiful! Well done. Does that fine specimen of man come with the kit too? :)


Good question – I didn’t see him listed in the shop… :)


Can’t wait to see the fabric resources for the Cooper, I love all three styles of the bag but would have no idea where to begin finding fabric for it. My dad’s been wanting a satchel just like that, actually… Might just have to grab some of the hardware kits while they’re still available.

Isis St Pierre

Seriously guys, you’re just showing off now!!!!
But really I’m flabbergasted at your new releases, and I congratulate you on your hard work.
I will be making every one of these three new patterns.
Oh and love the new lay-flat patterns. nice one!


Oh my gosh!!! I’ve been wanting to make a duffle coat forever. I even bought an old 80s pattern that was horribly huge with inexplicably short sleeves. This is exactly the pattern I’ve been dreaming about! And just in time for Christmas gifts.. Can’t wait to see the resource list, because I can’t seem to find affordable waxed canvas (especially that ships to France). This is my first Colette pattern, and I’m so excited to see the direction that Walden is going in!


This is awesome- love both patterns. Love the kits. Love the updated lay-flat instructions. All of it is officially on my WANT LIST!


I’m really blown away by the mountain of great work that you all have been up to behind the scenes. It’s amazing that you only have 5 people on staff! Congrats on this big release. It’s great to see a small business doing so well and a staff so dedicated to its customers. Very inspirational, well done! :)

Vairë Gwîr

I am blown away. I tend to like how your stuff looks on others, as it is as a general rule “too girly” for me. I really enjoyed sewing my Juniper, and every time you released a new pattern I kept my fingers crossed to see something that may fit my lifestyle better than a dress or a cute shirt. And here it is. I understand that you are taking a risk by departing from what defines your brand, which is feminine garments with a vintage flavour. Thus, I want to thank you for having taken that risk with this new pattern line. An instant favourite!


Another triumph for Team Colette! Your hints really had me stumped! I love both patterns and would have definitely snagged Albion in navy for myself, if I had the chance – LOL! Congratulations!


Gorgeous designs! However, my husband is very plain in what he is willing to wear T-Shirt/Jeans mostly and doesn’t really ask me to make anything for him even when I offer. It is just not his style. And for me Unisex or menswear for women really isn’t my style either, though I do think it works well for others.

How will you handle both lines in the future? Will you be releasing for them both at the same time, alternating, etc. Will this reduce the number of times you release for standard women’s wear?


We plan to keep Walden pretty small. We haven’t finished planning 2014 yet, but it shouldn’t effect the number of Colette patterns we release next year.


I wonder if those clips on the satchel could be adjusted so they hook around the telescoping handle of a suitcase? It would be a great “personal item” carry-on bag, especially if it can be made to integrate with carry-on luggage.


What a great idea! I think you could make that work.

Amy Peck

I love the Negroni shirt (and the new jacket and bag!!!), and was wondering if you had tips for making it a little more fitted/feminine? You may have posted this already but with so many comments I wanted to ask!


The Albion companion will include some tips, like adjusting the shoulders or adding a drawstring at the waist.

We don’t have anything like that for Negroni yet, but I’d really like to put together some tutorials like that


I like Cooper’s uncomplicated, classic lines. Does the companion contain any customization for laptop holding, like a laptop pocket, padding, or securement?


It mentions it as an idea, but there aren’t specific instructions. However, it would be very easy to enlarge the interior pocket pieces to make a large pocket that’s big enough for a laptop.


I have never been tempted to buy any Colette patterns before, but these look so lovely. Ill add them to my Christmas list.


LOVE LOVE LOVE the new patterns! Sadly, being in Australia and one day late I have missed the Cooper kit. Glad to hear you will still have the hardware kits, that is really helpful. Can’t wait to make the cooper and I am going to make Albion for the husband.
PS. Had to check out Pansy Maiden – she is fabulous!


I’m over the moon to see you’re designing more menswear patterns! I have an incredibly difficult time finding nice looking patterns to sew for my husband. I just sent him a link to check out the Albion coat to gauge his interest. :-D


For the first time, I’m REALLY impressed with what you guys (girls :-) have come up with ! I love the new patterns and the whole idea of a versatile, unisex menswear-based line. Kudos!


Oh, I love the Pacific Northwest – so beautiful! Also, your models are gorgeous! These aren’t even my style and I’m still tempted.


These are exquisite patterns. The details are beautifully done! I am right now trying to convince my husband that he should let me make him a duffle coat. Who wouldn’t want a classic piece like that? What would be really helpful is to know where you source fabrics. You see, to be very lucky in Portland, but I suspect that most of home sewers are working with limited access to fabric. I live in the 5 th largest city in the US and even here I have limited fabric supplies. Fabric Row lives in a different century and these days is mostly about upholstery or pagentry. While I like to source my fabric locally, I mostly end up ordering online. It would be great to have some Colette recommendations on where to buy fabrics online.

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