Introducing Negroni…


I can hardly express how excited I am to be offering you our very first men’s pattern.

This pattern came about because you asked for it, honestly. So many people told me they wanted a casual men’s shirt with some vintage style, but without the boxy vintage fit. That is exactly what I set out to create for you.

But the real fun in this was the details. Men’s shirts have a very specific construction. It’s almost like a recipe – once you’ve mastered one, you can whip up all kinds of shirts based on this basic pattern.

The challenge is that some of these construction details can be rather tricky. The sleeve placket, the cuffs, the yoke can all leave you scratching your head if you’ve never done them before. I wanted to make this easier, to make the pattern almost like a little sewing lesson.

So, Negroni is the most comprehensive pattern yet. I’ve carefully illustrated the steps for you, showing you exactly how to create this professional-looking shirt with flat felled seams, cuff and placket, and collar loops. I’ve even included a free download for more pocket variations you can try!

Negroni is what is sometimes called a “camp shirt.” It has a convertible collar, meaning that it can be worn open or closed and still lays flat. There’s no tricky collar band, since it’s a more casual shirt, not meant to be worn with a tie. It has the classic collar loop found on midcentury shirts, flat felled seams throughout, a back yoke, and either long or short sleeves. It looks great in flannel (obviously!), but would look equally wonderful in a soft chambray, shot cotton, linen, or a nice cotton shirting.

And the best part is that you can get this pattern in time for the holidays! If you’ve got a special guy or two in your life, get the pattern and make one now, or give him the pattern and let him choose the perfect fabric with you. I’m planning to whip up one or two myself for the men on my list.

By the way, the name for this pattern comes from the Negroni cocktail, a classic Italian apertif that’s bitter, refreshing, and very vibrant.

Buy Negroni now in the shop!

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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Mary Beth @ **updated**✄ Fabric U ✄ iPhone app

I’d like to see the back detail…Otherwise, it looks very nice!


I’ll see if I can dig one up and add it in!

Claire (aka Seemane)

Hi Sarai,
I’d love to get this in time for Christmas & whip one up for my lovely Hubby! Do you know if any of your UK stockists will be carrying it very soon please – as this will save me on international shipping costs ?
Many thanks,
Claire :)

Leah Taylor

Hi Claire, Leah here from Sewbox! I have just ordered these in and hopefully they will be with me in the next 1-2 weeks, it really does depend on Customs though , it might be quite busy at this time of year.. but you can pre-order the pattern in the shop to reserve your copy and I’ll send it out as soon as they arrive in stock! Leah x

Claire (aka Seemane)

Thank you Leah! I’ve just gone to Sewbox & I’ve pre-ordered the pattern (plus I ordered some glass head pins whilst I was at it too LOL!).


Nice shirt, especially given all the extras you’ve added to the pattern. Unfortunately, DH is so incredibly picky about his clothes that I’d be reluctant to make one for him. We’ll see.


Love the shirt (and the cocktail)!


Ooh, you’re doing cocktail names now! Yum. The shirt looks great, love the curved pockets!


I love it! A really nice shirt pattern. I shall definitely be getting hold of this one. Thanks!


I find it very nice. I am showing it to Mister in a few minutes, and we might order tonight!


Yay! I’ve been waiting for this and am now going to place my order. My husband will love this.


I was looking forward to seeing this one! That was a great idea to include tips and such for menswear since it’s a whole different beast. Can’t wait to give this one a try someday!


How exciting! It looks awesome, and I love the plaid flannel shirt on the model!


My husband walked by as I was reading and said “Buy that and make it for me, ok?” Did just that-except for the making part.


He’s so handsome! The shirt looks great.


This is a great pattern. I only wish I knew enough about tailoring to turn it into a womans’ shirt so I could wear it!


So hip. So now. So Portland! I love it and I know my husband will as well.


Oh golly! I cannot wait to make this for my lovely gent. So glad you are delving into men’s patterns now Sarai :-) Love the name too!


Do you know the womens’ Pendleton version? The 49er Jacket?
That would be a hit!
I might even learn button holes if you posted one of those!


YAY! I’ve been wanting to sew a shirt for my Mr for a while and have been very nervous about it so cute pattern + detailed Colette instructions = happy Roisin and Mr!


I’m so excited about this one! I think this is definitely going on my post-holidays shopping list, since my husband has been wanting some new shirts to revamp his wardrobe a bit. I can totally see this in a bunch of casual shirtings–and I can’t wait to learn how to construct a man’s shirt too!

Bravo on another fantastic and well-designed pattern, Sarai!

♥ Casey | blog


Thank you so much for this. Shirts for my better half are well over due, unfortunately it won’t make it in time for his 40th but should be finished in the new year. I even have gorgeous vintage check flannel sitting here waiting to be made up and have been promising him one for a long time.


Love it! super cool! My boyfriend loves to sew for himself, I’ll have to pick this one up for him.


Just wanted to say my pattern arrived safe and sound in New Zealand and I can’t wait to make it up.

Thanks for going the extra distance and delivering overseas, much appreciated.


I say! There is certainly something about a flannel-clad man and a fixed-gear bicycle that makes me think this shirt would be perfect for my GL! The dream of the nineties is alive in Portland!


I must agree with Adam! The unbelievable union of Buddy Holly and Paul Bunion makes this man…er shirt… irresistible! Who wouldn’t want to play “find the tribal tattoo” with this guy!


He will be interested to hear that he has so many admirers, I’m sure!


I was quite excited when I saw a shirt named after the deliciously refreshing Negroni. I looked closely for some hints of red showing an homage to Campari, but it appears as though the only Campari here is in the belly of the wearer.


Sorry Mike, you have to add your own Campari. Maybe I’ll coordinate colors and cocktail names for the next one. A violet-colored Aviation? A yellow Sidecar?


As a fashion design major, my eye goes right to the collar of this shirt as well as the cuff links. The detail of the pattern is so intricate. I’m always looking for a good buy such as this. Also, random question on the side, is this model guy single?? I am!Let him know that a bunch of my friends and I are drooling over him right now!


Just finished my second shirt, the first was a learning process, but finished as a wearable item. Thanks to Sarai ,and Peter over at “Male Pattern Boldness”, I have managed to make 2 wearable items of clothing. Not too shabby for a 54 year old man who has never sewed in anger before other than the occasional button! My wife and children are now starting to drop hints for clothes for themselves!

Just one thing Sarai, when are you going to add to your mens items? You are still only listing the Negroni, you must have something more in the pipeline surely?


That’s excellent, Richard! I’m mulling over other ideas for menswear, definitely. Perhaps another shirt, or perhaps a jacket?


I am sure that whatever you come up with it will be popular. I am no expert on patterns, but yours do seem to be very complete and instructive.


Hi ! I would like to try this one. Is the negroni a slim fit shirt ?


It has a fairly slim shape, but not tight. You can check out the examples at the bottom of the pattern page to see what the fit looks like on men of various sizes:

Nathan Hogan

Hi, do the guides show how to measure for a specific size / shape?


There isn’t a guide on how to measure your body, but there are charts on the back of the pattern for choosing a size based on your measurements.

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