It’s a wrap dress!


Introducing Crepe, our very latest pattern!

The design of this dress was inspired in no small part by the design philosophy of Claire McCardell, that pioneer of American fashion. She was a champion of comfort in clothing, and believed in creating looks for women that merged seamlessly with the active lifestyle of Americans in the 1950s. She believed that elegance should be comfortable and effortless, and frequently featured dresses with ties or sashes that could be easily adjusted by the wearer.

Our homage to Ms. McCardell is an easy-to-wear dress wraps in the back for a comfortable dress that nevertheless looks polished and fitted. It’s a beginner-level pattern with no tricky closures to sew, simple cap sleeves, in-seam pockets, and an adjustable fit.

It’s simple to sew, easy to wear, and fun to make. Best of all, it is perfectly cozy for Winter and will look equally wonderful in a light and breezy fabric for summer. I plan to make at least three. The dress shown is in a lovely silk twill with a silk crepe sash.

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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Sarai, it’s beautiful! Hmm, perfect for a spring sew-along for beginners . . .


What a fantastic idea!!! Yes, yes, yes!!


I second Linda! It would be perfect!


Okay, it’s as good as done! Ordering my pattern now. :) I’d like to hear more about the floral on this too. Is that a fabric design that you’ve strategically placed?


Yep, it’s just a print! The fabric is silk with a floral print, and I just cut it to be placed that way. I have spring time versions too that I’ll share later on… it looks really nice in swiss dot.


I’m an absolute beginner and would love to do a sew-a-long. I need to get my hands on this popular pattern!


So unbelievably cute! I love the pretty neckline and flattering cut, as well as the simplicity of the style. Can’t wait to make my own!


i’ll definitely make that after the ceylon. it seems like the wrong order, but this just looks like such a cute quick project to do on a free afternoon!


LOVE that the wrap portion is in the back!


OMG that is awesome! I have wanted to make a wrap dress for so long but can never find a pattern I like. I think this is definately the answer to my problems.


Yes, me too! I love the idea of wrap dresses, but not the fact that they usually all look the same.




I can’t wait to make this!

Michelle Engel Bencsko

Love this! I have the perfect fabric for it, too.


I’m so excited about this new pattern, Sarai! Claire McCardell is one of my favorite designers, hands down. Her design philosophy was practical without being boring. I love that you’ve embodied that in this dress! I can totally see it in a light wool/cotton challis in a lovely autumnal floral I have in my stash (which means I may have to buy this pattern pronto! ;)…


Oh my! Sarai, this pattern puts and end to my quest for a perfect non-fuss but still polished day dress. I love it!


Beautiful! I tried to buy it right away but darn Paypal is being difficult. I love how it’s Swirl-like and so feminine.


I’ve never found a good wrap dress since they all seem to gape at the bust line on me. This one is perfect, since it’s opening is technically in the back. It’s amazing.

I love the fabric you used also!


What a beautiful dress! Hmmm.. I bet with a little bit of modification you could make the wrap in the front, too!


Hooray! So beautiful. I think I want to make it in somethin’ blue, with a white dotted swiss sash. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.


I love this pattern!! The wrap at the back is so practical and orginal. I love the sash too.

✄ Fabric U ✄

Wait! I want to hear about the flower embellishment. Is it embroidery or applique flowers?


It’s actually just a print! The fabric is a crisp silk with an engineered flower print. I cut the dress so the flowers run down the front that way.


Yay, great pattern. I can’t believe it. I spent lots of yesterday trawling sites looking for exactly this style of dress. It is a similar design to a very popular 40s style I discovered yesterday. Best of all we are going into summer in Australia and I can make loads.

Veronica Darling

So much nicer than heaps of other wrap dresses! I don’t like the gaping bust bits or leg slits that other wrap dresses provide… this one looks comfortable and modest!

Seams Forever

i’m so excited! what a lovely neckline too.


Oh my lord, I am so excited about this one. (Also the fact that Sencha is back in stock). Wrap dresses are so nice and no-fuss, but they tend to gape on me, so I love how this one laps in the back. Such stylish fabric, too!

I’m hoping there will be some pics up eventually using live models so we can see how it hangs on a person.


Lovely dress. I’d love to see it modelled. And I’d love to see both variations because I can’t really pictures why version 1 is only 1 fabric and version 2 is fabric and contrast. Is it because of the belt?


I will definitely be adding modeled shots, maybe with the next photoshoot.

And yes, you are correct… version 2 has the contrasting waist ties, but version 1 is all one fabric.


One question – is the contrasting fabric for view 2 used for the sash? Because I see a sash on view 1 but it doesn’t call for contrasting fabric, so I thought maybe it goes somewhere else on view 2…

As a side note, I bought fabric several months ago on a trip to Australia with the intention of using it for a wrap dress, so I was excited to see your newest pattern! The bummer is I only bought 3 yards of it :( Oh well, an excuse to go out and buy more lovely fabric!


Oops, I see that “G” posted the same question at the same time I did :)


Yep, version 1 is all in one fabric, and version 2 has the contrasting waist ties.


I’m a real beginner.. and I fell in love with this dress.
So I plucked up my courage, got the pattern.. bought some inexpensive ‘silk’ like material and gave it a go. (The material I used is normally used for the local ‘Baju Kurung’ –

I LOVED IT!.. My family can’t believe I made a dress :) I would be posting up pics soon

Thanks :)

The List Writer

I love this pattern and will be making it as my wedding dress this summer! Probably in white with contrasting waist ties, and maybe a few embellishments.


Sarai, where can I find fabric like this? It’s gorgeous!!

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