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Seamwork Radio: Let’s Talk Money with Heather Lewenza


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This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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Talking publicly about money is a little bit taboo for most of us. And yet, it motivates and influences much of what we do with our lives, how we spend our time, and how we cope with feelings.

In today’s episode, designer Heather Lewenza of Closet Case Files opens up about how money and spending have shaped her life and career, and led her to the world of home sewing. From working in an auto factory to designing shopping centers to running her own business, see how Heather’s relationship with money has transformed her thinking over time.

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Brenda Kimberlin

Love this topic & Seamwork Radio, but wonder if you would consider presenting these as taped “live” interview/conversations, instead of the radio-doc format – similar to Fresh Air or Radio Cherry Bombe interviews.


I loved this interview. Thank you, ladies at Colette, and thank you, Heather, for doing work that jazzes and inspires you. It’s is directly because of your work that I learned to sew garments. And I am completely hooked!
I can also vouch for the notion that there are a LOT of sewists out there, even relatively new ones, who are totally up for and wanting more advanced garment patterns. I am one of them. I started sewing clothing this year. After having sewn only 3 other garments (tiramisu dress, aster shirt, Akita top) I made a pair of Carolyn pajamas, which are quite complicated, with so many pattern pieces. I even made by own piping! It took me a while but I did it!! And they are awesome!! You’re right – with the right tools and instruction, and some practice, you can sew almost anything! And BTW, I bought the Clare coat pattern, and I am PUMPED to make it. xo, Amanda


PS I do bookkeeping/finance work to pay my bills, so I particularly resonate with this subject. I think it’s so unfortunate that money is such a taboo subject in our culture, and I always advocate for talking freely with each other about our challenges and our successes with our personal finances. We are all slaves of an imperial monetary system, and we need to stick together to help each other survive it, with our spirits and natural creativity intact!

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