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Any sewing goals for 2012?


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At the beginning of 2010, I was in a sewing rut. Actually, I might more accurately call it a sewing void. A dead zone. A black hole. I just didn’t have time to make anything for myself, and it was difficult to get inspired.

Honestly, what really kicked me back into gear was the structure of the challenges and sewalongs we did here on the blog.

We had two sewalongs last year for Clover and Rooibos as well as two palette challenges Spring and Fall. Something about the commitment, planning, and limited time frames really helps get me moving. The blog helped me get out of a sewing rut and back to making things I really want to wear. I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe now.

I’ve thought up a few new sewing goals for 2012 to keep me going. Here they are:

  • Make a list. I’d like to keep track of upcoming projects in a more organized way. I have bought way too much fabric in the last few months. I have enough projects lined up to take me halfway through 2012 already! I’d love to have a master list so I can stop planning new ones.
  • Buy less. This is related to the first one. I have so much fabric, and so many things I want to make, it’s kind of overwhelming. I’d like to sew from my stash more this year. I have so much great yardage already!
  • Sew more. Even though things have been cuckoo this year, I managed to make time to sew for myself. I want to keep that going!
  • Make more lingerie. I’m really into the idea of making some pretty underthings, because high quality ones are so darn expensive! I have plenty of fabric I could use up too.

These seem pretty doable to me. What are your goals? Anything you want to learn or try? Or just habits you want to start or break?

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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Ashley at The Feisty Redhead

I second the goal of not buying more fabric until I use a lot of my stash. Another goal is to stop being such a sewing chicken! Sometimes I pass up patterns because of buttonholes or darts or other skills I don’t have yet. My sewing hasn’t improved because I’m not trying anything new!


My goals are to work towards a useable wardrobe. I am leaving university so I have started thinking about my graduate workwear clothing. I’d also like to challenge myself a bit more. I’m impatient and if something isn’t finished within a couple of days it often gets left by the wayside. I’d like to reduce my UFO’s and only work on one short thing and one more time consuming project at a time!


I just cannot get a good fit when I sew for myself! I love to sew, and I’m good at it. But fit eludes me. So…I want to nail my fit and start getting the clothes I want, rather than the clothes I can find. I love Eileen Fisher: The idea of having a versatile wardrobe I don’t have to think about that is a backdrop to fun accessories, colourful cardis and scarves, dress-up/dress-down, and offers less consumption excites me. And I know I can do this if only someone, somewhere would help me with the fit of some basic pieces…like a pencil skirt, slim trousers, a T-shirt, a simple jacket, a dress.

I love your clothes. They are simple and adaptable and easy to sew (for me, at least). And I think, with some alterations, they would work. So…some lessons on fitting a pattern, or making a sloper would be awesome!!! Or, at least point me in the right direction… !


I am with you on the fit piece. The clothes I made in 2011 don’t fit well. So I never wear them. In 2012, I’m determined to sew clothes I will wear.

Good luck!


I am trying to take a more considered approach to my sewing and knitting this year, and begin to build up a wardrobe of homemade things I can wear with each other. My goals are:
1. Take a more considered approach to my making – try and really think about what I need and will wear, and try and make things that I can wear together more.
2. Keep to minimal high street purchasing
3. Get rid of my shop bought items when I have handmade items to replace them
4.Use my stash of wool, fabric and patterns as much as I can
5. Keep enjoying sewing and knitting – and take a break if I don’t


I like goal number 5 a lot. :)


i am a lifelong hand sewer who cannot seem to use a machine without breaking it. this obvs. limits me to only sewing very small items. after receiving your book and a gift cert for sewing lessons for xmas, i am determined to master the machine this year and make my first wearable garment! :D


My goals this year are to create a new wardrobe for myself, find a sense of style and develop my sewing skill set. I’m self taught and as I’ve started dipping into the world of sewing blogs and books I’m finding there are much easier, and much better, ways to do things.

Here’s to an epic, organised and successful 2012! :D


YAY for Sewing Goals!

I will:
1. Create pieces that are a part of the wardrobe I will wear.
2. Work through the patterns and fabric I already have!
3. Be more patient, and slow down.
4. Be comfortable, and CONFIDENT with my body.
5. Be more active in the sewing community- blog, comment on more blogs, reach out to others!!


I absolutely will be buying less! My stash is too big!

My goal is to not buy any clothing item I could make.


For the first time I’m making sewing goals:
1. Fabric stash reduction (have joined fabric stash reduction contest for 1 month. Motivates me to sew with a deadline, “the pressure of it all!”)
2. Sew with a plan – I have way too many “orphans” (mostly tops and jackets) and only black pants. I know there are more colours than just black, time to explore some colour options. First up some camel colour pants (okay I guess baby steps!)
3. Ditto for knitting; if I’m going to take the time to knit a sweater I need to have something in my wardrobe to wear with it, not just jeans!
4. Be more creative; not just collect articles on creativity but actually apply the techniques to a current project.


I have a similar knitting goal. Before I started the sweater I’m working on now, I made sure to think about what I’d actually wear with it. And I’d also like to knit more practical items (like slippers, which I desperately need!)

I think a lot of us have trouble with number 4. There’s so much inspiration out there, especially online, that you could spend all day getting inspired and never actually making anything.


I would definitely like to sew more for myself and work on refining my wardrobe (your book and blog have been a huge inspiration for this!). I have a ton of patterns already so I probably shouldn’t be buying any more until I sew up at least a few that I have first (lots of Colette in that mix :). I have a huge fabric stash, but most of it was purchased for sewing kids’ clothes, quilts and crafts so I think I will have to actually buy some quality apparel fabric for me. And yes, a list would be so very helpful. I’m so excited about all the sewing projects I hope to complete this year but a little overwhelmed with where to begin! And finally, I’m going to start making muslins first before cutting into my ‘good’ fabric, and try to focus more on the little details. Overall, slowing down and approaching my sewing in a more mindful way. Whew!


In a way, I have two goals…sew more and sew more. I have been away from sewing for so long…I have begun to forget how to :(

But since purchasing your book, I find myself wanting to be in front of the machine all the time :)



I’m continuing my stashbusting from last year– I managed to sew up/freecycle enough fabric to use up one of my 7 bins (and that’s not counting scraps and remnants!), and I want to get this down to a manageable amount, which I’m calling about a third of my original stash. I’d also like to get my sewing area and especially my patterns more organized. I like your idea of making a master plan of sorts– but I think I’m going to hold off, because I’m hoping to keep flexibility for things like sewalongs. If I have enough things on hand to do it, I think I’d also like to try that palette challenge of yours that I keep hearing about!


I also want this year to be about using up the stash I’ve accumulated. The interesting thing is I’ve seen lots of other bloggers mention this as a sewing goal for this year too! That’s pretty awesome :)


Great goals! I find most of my sewing gets sucked into the work I do for classes, which is why this year I’m integrating my offline teaching with my online sewing… I’m hoping it will work out well.

Double YES on the lingerie one… I definitely need to get into that more this year.


I keep window shopping for fancy underthings and I’m so astounded by the prices! I can understand paying a lot for a great bra (and I have), but often the matching underwear is $40 or more! That’s a little insane to me. I think this is one area where sewing could save a ton of money.

I also have a hard time finding loungewear that looks good AND has built-in support.


Oh, yes, the support thing. I can’t wear pretty lingerie/loungewear (including the Colette patterns) without a bra, which means not for sleeping, which means totally impractical.


I’m always trying to find ways to build support into my loungewear. Not always easy, and sometimes my experiments turn out WAY weird, but I think I’m getting somewhere with it…

Michelle Bannon

To organize my sewing room! I know that I will be more productive without piles of fabric and notions and patterns all over. (A tutorial or contest about this would be wonderful, hint hint). My other goal is to actually spend more time sewing. I am going to start scheduling my sewing time just like I do my exercise time. It’s nonnegotiable and it becomes a habit! I will also continue to challenge myself to move out of my comfort zone.


If it helps, I’m sure we’ll be writing about our own organization tactics and discoveries as we get moved in. We’re really trying to get everything neat and organized, but it’s SO hard! There are just so many little tools and supplies.


I went through my patterns on New Year’s Eve and chose about 35 I want to focus on this year. I’m sure that list will grow with new releases and designs, but that’s my starting goal. It’s a little lofty but I’m optimistic!
I’m not going to say I’ll buy less (retail therapy, it calls to me) but I would like to turn to my stash first before deciding I need to buy something. Who knows what I’ll find?


Definitely need to use up more of my stash – but one of my goals this year is to make pretty underthings. I need slips and petticoats in silk, so the only way I’m going to get them is to make them!


High five, fellow lingerie-maker.


With 3 kids to sew for – especially the boy, who has no hand-me-downs – I have a hard time sewing for myself; I’m too busy filling their wardrobe needs and trying to balance time with them with time to myself. Time with them usually wins. So with that in mind, here are my goals:
1. Sew less for my girls and more for myself this year. This should be easier since I’m buying a good dress form.
2. Try to use more from my stash. I’ve been working on that but I don’t think I’m going to drastically reduce it anytime soon. Still, I’m trying to make a dent.
3. Try to make garments that fit well AND can are wardrobe staples, rather than things I save for special occasions.
4. Try to clean up my sewing area at the completion of every project. I’m a messy sewer and I tend to not put away my spools of thread, etc. so this is key for creativity’s sake.

Most importantly: 5. Stick with the master plan I have – right now I make a list of things to sew (and the list has to fit on one page), then cross them off as I go. I try to trace everything at once, then when every pattern is traced, I cut out. Then I group things according to what color thread I’ll use so that I don’t have to spend so much time rethreading the machines with a different color of thread. I also try to group garments by fabric type so that I can do less needle changing. I mark each step on my list and cross off the project when I’m finished and my new rule is that I can’t start any new projects until the entire page is finished. It’s hard not to add to the list but I try to resist.


I’ve had the same problem, making special or fancy things instead of everyday things. I think I’ve gotten better, the more wardrobe planning I do.

I hear you on number 4 also. I am far messier than I would like to be. I think having more space so that everything has a home will really help me, but I also need to curb my laziness when it comes to leaving things lying around so I can use them later.

Lori Kramer

i have what I call the Ultimate Stash… and there is so much out there that is wonderful!
My goals are very much the same as yours. There is a vintage lingerie book coming out that I’m very interested in seeing and some information on sewing bras in this months threads, not to mention your lovely patterns….And speaking of overwhelmed.

Anna Christina

I didn’t quite understand until I read this post that I too am in a sewing rut! Thank you for putting things into perspective for me. I am hoping that the gift certificate I received to buy your book will get me out of this funk.


Good luck! I think a few fun goals can really help bust you out.

Hyena In Petticoats

Sounds like you have some admirable plans – I should really sew from my stash more, too!

I would love to see more posts on lingerie making – perhaps a sew along, too?

I hope this year is a big, fulfilling year for you – you deserve it!

Leah xx


1. Sew lingerie
2. Make a coat
3. Try sewing hats
3. Stop buying patterns and make more my own
4. Start sewing for somebody else


My goals are rather similar. I too have a stash of beautiful fabics that need to be used rather than purchasing more. Sew more is on my list too. I need to block more time off for sewing rather than leaving it to “leftover” time. There isn’t leftover time.


Ha, so true. I’d never get any personal sewing done if I didn’t plan it in advance.


Hi. I love the beginning of the year when everyone is motivated and inspired! A lot of people are talking about serious wardrobe building this year and I am one of them. My main personal sewing goal is to build a good, wearable wardrobe and learn to knit some cardigans and sweaters to go with them. I actually spent the day fabric shopping for a jacket sew along that is about to commence.

Good luck everyone on exceeding your expectations for 2012!!!!



My goals are pretty much the same ones as yours… I guess most sewers tend to suffer the same decease (read: buying too much fabric, having so many to-do projects in my head and not enough time on my hands…). I would definitely like to make a few things for my husband as I actually never have yet (how selfish of me!). I do have the Negroni pattern winking at me from the corner of the room so I think that’s going to be the first one!


Oh gosh. I owe a Negroni to Kenn too. He even bought the fabric for it months ago (very nice, very expensive Liberty fabric). Eep.

Anna | Mormor hade stil

Your gingham peony looks so cute!

My only sewing goal this year is to sew more, way more than last year.


My goal is to sew enough garments that I could have a decent wardrobe with just those items if need be. Either by sewing from scratch or upcycling. Another goal is to finally tackle making a pair of pants and to attempt a bra. Good luck everyone!


My first goal for 2012 is to sew replacements garnments BEFORE the old one actually falls apart.
I also want to use up my stash. Right, use it up. I usually don’t allow myself more than one (big, old) suitcase full of fabric, but it’s actually spilling over. I also have to much habdash laying around, considering that there are several fabric stores in biking distance.
Last but not least, I need to pull my wardrobe together a bit more, so I won’t be sewing garnment that I don’t already have something to wear with.


I would actually love to add to my little micro stash of fabric! I do need better sewing/crafting storage then I have currently though. I really want to sew clothes for my husband and speedily growing boys. Sew some clothes for me…and learn how to use patterns again well enough that I can adjust them for my substantial bust. I’m 22, 5’5″ tall, bigger hourglass and have a 50″ bust so finding anything in stores that doesn’t look like what ancient cat ladies wear is very hard on me. And I would like to try sewing lingerie as well :)


I am aiming to sew all my clothes this year and not buy any. Shoes, undies and workout clothes excluded, although I have seen very pretty undies that other sewers have made so I would like to give it a try. I suppose I old try workout gear too, but maybe save that one for 2013.


I have been thinking about that too! I’m planning to run a half marathon this year, and perhaps a full. But nice running clothing can get pricey, especially the cold weather gear.


I used to buy cheap running clothes, but you really do get what you pay for. I’d end up buying a few pairs of $30 running pants trying to find something that worked. I splurged on a pair of $70 cold weather running pants, and they make a world of difference when its 30 below. I’ll pay $70 to not have to run on the treadmill :)


No kidding. Treadmills suck all the joy out of running for me.

Katie M

Sewing lingerie is also on my list of sewing goals. Although I’m not sure I’m up for the challenge of an everyday bra yet, at least I can make other items.

Otherwise, I want to make more of my clothing in general. I don’t have much experience fitting for myself and this year I want that to change.


I’ve absolutely loved watching you build your wardrobe this year, you have such a beautiful sense of style and everything you make is so inspirational – so I cannot wait to see what you create this year!
I’ve bitten off quite a lot this year with my goals – working on a self-designed ’12 in 2012′ challengle. Hopefully I can pull it off. If I do, I’ll be seeing 2013 in with a lot of new sewing techniques and fair size of a handmade wardrobe!


Great to have this question posed, and very timely; I spent New Year’s Eve going through my fabric and making notes on amounts and a sample snip of it so I could get on with using up some lovely fabric I have been too scared to sew because it is too special! Since getting your book and developing a serious addiction to this site, I have sewn 4 great dresses and 3 tops for myself that I love. Previously I was mostly sewing for my son and other baby gifts.
This year I:
-plan to plan, as per several suggestions already made including a palette approach
-will improve my fitting skills
-turn that stash over
-will try a slip or nightwear item (this has never occurred to me before!!)
Thanks for all the inspiration crafty ladies!


Happy new year!
– This year I definitely plan to make more clothes for myself and fewer as presents, as in 2011 I barely made anything for me (a resolution to be more selfish feels so wrong somehow).
– This is an ongoing struggle, but updating my blog regularly is something I’d like to conquer.
– Get over my fear of bras!
Well, I think three sewing reolutions is enough for now. I hope you had a lovely Christmas!


oh my gosh, yes… so many sewing goals!! I have a lot of firsts to still accomplish in sewing, and I’d love to see a bunch of them achieved this year.

Also for this year, I want to participate in sewing contests, sewalongs and doing pattern reviews, as well as keeping up on my blog. I feel being a part of the community is an integral part of staying motivated and fresh :)


Well, I have a giant fabric/pattern start so I’m imposing a ban on sewing purchases for at least 6 months (notions and small fabric purchases needed to complete a project are ok, though!). I want to make another coat – just cut out the pattern pieces for that one. And I want to stick my toes into sewing some menswear! I bought my boyfriend the Negroni pattern for christmas and let him pick out a few pieces of fabric to make them up with… I just gotta get crackin’ on the muslin. He also wants me to make him a tie. We’ll see how that goes :)

I also want to start purging my closet of the crappy clothes I have to fill a void, and replace them with fine vintage or handmade. I’m starting with my sleepwear – lots of Cinnamon slips & camisoles coming up!

Lynn Mally

I would live to develop a pants pattern that I am happy with and work on a new, casual style for my life as a recently retired person. That means fewer elaborate silk jackets, more cotton and linen ones. And I would really like a jacket pattern from Colette!


I’m with you on the sew more thing! I started a new job this year, and I’ve been all sorts of lax on all my creative fronts as a result. And, well, I suffer for it, directly. I don’t feel like myself if I’m not sitting down to make something every once in a while. And so, this year, I WILL figure out how to juggle the job and the creative bits.

Laura B

Like another Laura said – my sewing is lovely, my fitting is horrible. I really love to plan and cut and sew the clothes I make, but they never, ever fit properly and I’m so frustrated with the hundreds of books and blogs and articles I’ve read that try to help me with this problem. I do okay with pants, but blouses are just beyond me unless I make a t-shirt type stretchy knit top. Like the other Laura, I think my best bet is to find a tailor who can work with me to make a basic blouse sloper with set-in sleeves and then I can go to town with my huuuuuge stash.

paige p @ luxperdiem

I’m actually not going to buy any new clothing this year, and try only to make my own!


I also want to sew more this year!
1.Sew my way through your book “Colette”.I need some dresses and skirts for a vacation in Peurto Rico,next month.
2.I also want learn to quilt.
3.I would love to learn how to make lingere.
4.I also would be interested in learning how to sew knits
5. My goal is to make a new wardrobe that fits me,Ilove,and is made by me!


Thanks to being the winner of your book and Five new patterns, I have a number of sewing related goals!
I’m echoing some of the previous comments; though I’m not sure if I have the willpower to refrain from purchasing more fabric. I cant help but melt when some print that I *love* goes on sale, as I know I’ll never see it again if I don’t snatch it up!
But the goals are:
1. Actually sew up the Lady Grey coat that I cut out last year.
2. make a few blouses to wear instead of t-shirts. Ditto for pants to kick the jeans rut that I’ve been in.
3. Yes! Lingerie! ( I have a box full of 1/2 to 2 yard silk pieces that would be perfect)
4. Sew my husband the two shirts that have been cut out for a while.
5. Document and blog about the completed items. I love the idea of being able to make a year end tally of what I accomplished.
I think I have a good chance for attaining these goals – given that I chose a pants, blouse, and lingerie pattern when I won the package from you!
Thanks so much, and Happy New Year!


Having a baby has thrown a wrench in my sewing works because all my free time… oops, I don’t have any free time anymore… So far I’ve managed to make a pair of pants for her. That means I did manage to figure out that I actually CAN sew knits on my sewing machine, which I didn’t think I could.

But I’m still breastfeeding, so just when I’m starting to get the urge to sew again and want some new pretty clothes after my weight has more or less normalized after being pregnant (but my shape is totally different now), well, I’m limited to frumpy breastfeeding clothes, which are basically frumpy high-necked t-shirt type things with alarming flaps. Or, weirdly, tank-top type things that reveal the architectural straps of a nursing bra (bad, bad design!).

What are the chances you guys could be convinced to make one eensy little nursing blouse that wasn’t ugly? It would be so nice to have something pretty that could be worn with jeans or dressed up with a skirt! And I’m sure us sewing moms would be forever grateful!


No resolutions at all to make, except to sew a little less! I got into it again this time in a biiiig way after a 15 year gap and developed a terrible neck and soso posture from sewing each and every day… Now I have vowed to get back to doing pilates and yoga at least every other day – so the sewing can’t be more than 3 – 4 days a week! hope I can do it…

I am definitely going to make everything in your book, plus the Colette patterns I haven’t tried yet like Macaron. Thanks to your palette challenge, I was inspired to plan more – this winter, I haven’t knitted any of the usual big bulky sweaters – but I have made two vintagey waist length cardigans that look good with my me-made dresses and skirts – and am making two more… a deep purple cropped one with rosettes to wear with my teal and (soon) grey meringues… and a red one to wear with my blacks etc…. and I will aim to keep the planning up… after the grey, a black meringue without scallops is cut out in a brocade and I plan to make a cropped vintage pattern jacket with the same fabric.

I second the request for a jacket pattern :) Would looove one with the Colette touch….


My only real goal is to just sew more. I rarely make the time to do it. 2012 has come with a house purchase which includes a workspace for me – you can bet my sewing machines will be in there. I feel like having this dedicated space means that I will be way more motivated to sit down and start working through all that material I have stockpiled!!


My goal is to make 6 swimsuits this year. Yes, six! I’m in the water three times a week and the chlorine does a number on my suits to the point they’re practically sheer in eight weeks. Now I’m going to use a double-sided swimwear fabric that I found online that I can order from the NYC’s fashion district. It’s pricey, but heck if it works…then maybe I only need 4 swimsuits this year!


My sewing goal is just to keep sewing! I bought my first sewing machine and taught myself early last year, and finished off 2011 by sewing a (very simple) Christmas quilt for my mom. I want to keep going, and to get better – maybe even take a little class.


1. Focus on fit. Making clothes that fit.
2. 12 dresses in 2012.
3. Work my way through the Colette Sewing Book.


I would love more little projects, I have tons of scraps of fabrics, a yard or less. I would adore more thing like the scarf and the headbands. I really love those small things.


After wrapping a year of food preservation I declared 2012 to be the year of clothing production (sewing, spinning, and knitting). I’m looking to learn more about pattern alteration and fit so the clothing I make looks and feels right, and I plan to leave a sewing machine on the table to keep my efforts consistent. I’m also trying to organize my space so creation is approachable at any time, not a big production that overturns my apartment.

I’ll keep with my previous approach in learning/improving skills… classes! Can’t wait to see what workshops end up in you new space this year.


My main sewing goal this year is just that: sew all my own clothing (with the exception of everyday underroos and socks). I’m really tired of never finding clothing that fits properly. In addition, I’d like to learn five new techniques along the way. I haven’t come up with which five. Buttonholes and seam finishing are high on the list, but seem relatively easy to master–famous last words!–so I’m looking for suggestions.


Hmm. I really want a couple of pairs of pant styles that fit WOVEN fabric. Finally got a handle on my daughter’s base pair and most of her fit issues solved. She stands with her hips forward so there tends to be diagonal draglines at the sides on most pants she buys.
This question was asked on a different blog and one of the best pearls will be to just keep records of what I did and how I arrived there. All to often I get going on a fit about fit , get alllmost to what might be possible solution and then have to disconnect to do actual work. By the time things are settled again, I’ve forgotten half of what I did and reinvent all over again.
I also want to explore more in my pattern software for knits… I’ve really enjoyed the results in the little time I’ve had to mess with it.
Oh.. and I’m still curious to find out what you meant by swayfront adj. in the pant fit cheatsheet..there wasn’t a link. < : )


Love the buy less goal, I think I will steal that one.

Otherwise the only sewing goal I have this year is learning to make a dress I will actually wear.


Thank you for this inspiring post! Somehow it made me finally look through my main problem in sewing: I make way too much things I never wear! I sew just for the sake of sewing. So my goals are these:
1. sewing clothes I actually wear
2. buying fabric for a project not because it looks so… [whatever cool] – I have too much fabric in my *huge* stash that don’t even suit me
3. improving my patience
That’s enough for me to start with :)
Thanks again!


How about some patterns for clothes to exercise in? Also,if you are going to get into bra making,how about some patterns for sports bras (especially for us gals that are on the busty side and need support!). Thankyou for your blog!
P.S. I saw one of your models, from your book, at Malibu beach wearing a white and red polka dot mini dress. That is a cover-up dress that I want to make for an up coming vacation!

Rochelle New

I definitely want to make more, if not ALL, of my own clothes!


My husband is a magician. My goal is to learn to make fabric gimmicks and stage costumes for magicians.


1. Sew more
2. Learn new techniques
3. Try to sew lingerie
We’ll see about those along the way :o)


Thanks for the inspiration!! I was in a similar rust last year, so I’ve decided to challenge myself by trying to sew myself one new and more challenging garment each month. And since projects like these are always more fun with friends, I decided to revive my blog and host a sew-along as well, I’m calling it Monthly Apparel. I’ll be using your book , patterns and tutorials to help me get through it all, so thanks!! :-)


You sewing room is one to die for! Its absolutely gorgeous!!


I don’t have a huge stash compared to some people- about 2 shallow rubbermaid containers worth- but i trying to use it up. My second sewing resolution is to do slow sewing and not rush through things in the excitement of a new project


I love this post. I made a sewing list of things I want to make. I often get detracted by what others are sewing or new cool ideas that the things I really want to do or try don’t get done.

Also this year I plan to sew less (but sew more that is really planned and thought through) and buy less. I cleaned my closet of tons of stuff. I donated all of it but in that I realized the buying cheap things because there cheap and sometimes cut was wasteful. Heres a link to my new years make less, sew less post.


Thats an absolutley structured way in doing things. Tick them off as they get done, Do it girl!


I’d just like to say that I love your sheer Jasmine! I keep meaning to buy that pattern, but I have so many patterns (including a few Colette ones) that I haven’t gotten to yet. Once I get my Rooibos and Macaron done, (I’ll give myself more time on Lady Grey) I am totally making a sheer Jasmine!

And like many, my goal is to not buy any fabric for a while. I have a 5×5 Ikea Expedit that is has 16 of its squares filled with fabric (plus more in another cabinet…)

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