I love my Bernina… and you can win one soon!



I’ve owned a lot of sewing machines.

Maybe it’s because I’ve moved around a lot (Los Angeles, New York, LA again, all around the SF bay area before settling in Portland), but I never really invested in a great machine until a few years ago. I’ll be honest. Until that time, my sewing machine purchases had largely been based around the size of the discount I could get. All I wanted was something that could do the basics and last me a while. I looked for machines with metal parts and a decent price. That’s it.

That changed about 4 years ago, when my last machine finally bit the dust. After battling with it for months, I realized it was time to invest in a more versatile and reliable machine. You know, the kind where parts don’t randomly fly off while you’re sewing and scare the wits out of your cat?

I did the usual research, reading reviews and looking over specs. And one thing I noticed was how in LOVE Bernina owners are with their sewing machines. Also, because I work with a lot of independent fabric stores, I noticed that stores that sold Bernina were crazy enthusiastic about them.

The idea of loving a sewing machine was totally foreign to me. Until that point, I’d say my relationships with various sewing machines had oscillated between indifference and raw hatred, depending on the task. But once I started sewing with my first Bernina, I have to say… I became one of those people. The Bernina zealots.

I guess the main difference with my Bernina (I’ve been primarily using an Aurora 430 for the last four years) compared to other machines is that it’s clearly been designed with thought and attention, and that’s a big deal to me. If I want to do something, there’s always a simple and elegant way to do it, from automatic buttonholes to installing elastic.


The other thing I love about sewing with Bernina is the huge array of feet and attachments that are available. Seriously, there are a bazillion of them, for every type of sewing imaginable. My other machines always came with extra feet, but they were so fussy and hard to use, I rarely took them out. My bernina feet are constantly getting switched out. My favorite is the #10 Edgestitch foot, and the perfect #35 invisible zipper foot. I can’t tell you how much easier they’ve made my sewing life. (If you’re interested in seeing some of these feet in action, you might check out some of the video tutorials at the Bernina blog, WeAllSew. They do a lot with video, which is also really helpful.)



I’m aware that I’m gushing a bit, but I truly do love this machine. If you’re interested in checking them out, the best thing to do is find a local Bernina dealer in your area. The dealers are really well trained and can help you figure out exactly what you need (computerized machine or mechanical? Embroidery? Accessories? Software?). The experience is pretty different from buying a sewing machine at a chain store.

A special prize from Bernina!

In case you can’t tell, I’m a fangirl.

So I’m excited to tell you that Bernina has graciously given us a sewing machine that we’ll be giving away as the grand prize in the upcoming Albion Sewalong and contest!

This machine is a beauty worth over $2000 and will be our grand prize, so start scheming your beautiful coats and jackets now! Stay tuned for more details on the sewalong and contest a little later in the month.

Any other Bernina users out there? I’d love to hear about some of your favorite feet, because I’m always looking to add to the collection.

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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oooh….what fun! i’m hoping this contest is after christmas! i have been dropping hints that i would love this pattern so i think i might find it wrapped up under my tree!


Yes, we’re going to be starting after the holidays when everyone has more time. But I’ll post more about it beforehand.

Beverly Miller teaforjove

I bought my first Bernina a year ago and I, too, have become a convert. I just discovered that Bernina has a #70 and #71 felling foot to be used with flat-felled seams. These seams have always been such a challenge for me and I usually just made a mock flat felled seam but with this foot, it’s a breeze.


Oh..I would love to win that machine :) I have a bernina serger and I love it! I’m sure I would love a bernina sewing machine as well …and I need a new machine at the moment.


I’d love to try a Bernina serger too. It might be my next major upgrade.


Oh my goodness!! This may have convinced me to enter into the sewalong–I’ve been pining for a Bernina for years!


Gosh, I think I love my Viking the way Bernina sewers love their machines. It’s too bad the Bernina feet can’t be switched out to the Vikings and vice versa. I love the A, B foot on my machine…and often use the rolled hem foot too.


Count me in with the Bernina lovers! I inherited my mom’s 1230 when she upgraded, and it’s a workhorse!


I bought a Bernina last fall and I have to say I have never owned a piece of machinery like this in my life. I got the 350 PE. It sewed through leather like it was sewing butter. I have to admit I am still bonding with it (I often have to leave it in New Jersey to work in Alaska), but overall, I think it is a machine incomparable to anything. It is quiet, it moves with grace and precision, it is beautiful and elegant.

As far as feet go, mine came with the walking foot with three soles as well as a variety of other feet. I haven’t used too many of them yet, but I am really anxious to see how the walking foot works. It also came with the knee lift as a bonus. I haven’t used that feature, but I am looking forward to it. I am planning to purchase a teflon sole because I sew with vinyl and I would like to try to install an invisible zipper, so I would like to have the accessory foot.

I am not a mega sewist, so I probably don’t understand all of the amazing things about it, but it is amazing.

Vairë Gwîr

I love my Janome, but I never tried a Bernina before. Iquite like the Albion, but I was resisting buying it because I have too many patterns. With this price I think i am giving in and joining the sewalong!

Debra J Webb

How do we enter this contest?
I would love to win a sewing machine and or serger!


It will be the grand prize for our Albion coat sewing contest. I’ll be announcing the details later in the month!


Yeeeh, I like to win such a machine!!!


I too LOVE my Berni (as I affectionately call her). I bought her from a friend for a good deal a couple years ago and oh my. I am a fairly new sewer and had been using the uber cheap-0 Singer which made me hate my life. That thing was so awful always tangling thread and the stitch quality was crap. But my Bernina is a dream…She is smooth and does what I ask! I have not experimented much with her feet (though the zipper foot is great!) and need to sit down with them and figure them all out.


I’m on my 4th Bernina sewing machine (and have a wonderful serger, too). I have the 440 for lotsa stitching but have the big 780 now for embroidery, etc. I call it The Silent Giant.
Isn’t it sad how awful Singers became? They used to be the go-to machine through the 60’s and 70’s (telling my age, huh?) with real steel. My grandmother had a treadle Singer and Mom had one of the black-and-gold scrollies and then one with a hard plastic exterior. My first machine was a black and gold scrollie that had been retired from the local high school home ec departments and it was very dependable.
My biggest disappointment was a Kenmore, talk about tangled thread and skipped stitches. In the early 80’s I’d bought a nice little Pfaff but when I went to upgrade I found the name had been sold overseas and it was not the machine it was before.
So I stumbled over to the Bernina section of the sewing fair I was attending; the dealer sat me down to try their Bernina (“Here, see how you can zig-zag these two pieces of fabric together?”) and I’ve NEVER looked back. A lot of my good experiences come from a great distributor here in the Portland Metro area, A Common Thread. Their classes and know-how really make sewing a good adventure.
I just had to reply to your Singer experience…it was sure a let-down for me too since I’d thought I was a third generation Singer owner.


My mom gave me her Bernina 1230 when she upgraded to another. At first I wasn’t sure I would like it (I was sewing on a Pfaff 1027, which I still have and use as my backup), but the Bernina has become my daily driver over the last decade and I would have it no other way! My favorite feet are #35 (for invisible zippers) and #5 (for invisible hems). I’d love to find an 830 or even 730 Record one day (I dream of locating one in a thrift store for a reasonable price), as I love the idea of an all mechanical Bernina (the 1230 has a computer chip, so when it goes it won’t be an easy or cheap fix).


I wish I had a sewing machine that I loved …

Love your blog!

Sherry Thompson

Have never had the pleasure of sewing with a Bernina but I am game! I have never seen so many feet…didn’t know I could ever need them but you have enjoyed them!


The feet on the Bernina are so well designed. They really make certain tricky tasks a lot easier.


I would LOVE to win a Bernina. I have never sewn with one, but a good friend of mine owns one and sings its praises. I am scared to death to enter into a sewing contest, though! HA! I have sewn a couple of other Colette patterns. The Peony and Negroni to be exact. Here is a link to my Negroni: I was never brave enough to post my pics to the flickr group. I guess this will be just the motivation I need to sew-along and join in the contest.



Do it, Amanda! They’re a lot of fun and really motivating, if nothing else.


I also adore my Bernina. My mom has had one for years, and when I asked her for my first machine last year, we tried out an older model and it was love at first stitch. I think they’re great for beginners and for people who haven’t spent a lot of time around sewing machines. I keep pulling out my instruction manual for various things and the instructions/diagrams couldn’t be any simpler, haha.


I’m new to sewing and purchased something that I knew would only be used to get me off and running. I wish I had the chops to join the sew along & enter to win, but alas…. in the meantime, I’ll have to keep wishing on that Bernina.

Good luck Sewers!


I got my Bernina 330 last year as a Christmas gift and gush over it all the time. My favorite foot? The invisible zipper foot! The zippers always go in smoothly. A close runner up is the blind hem foot which makes hemming a breeze. Yay for your giveaway!


I’m another Bernina fangirl and am completely in love with my machine. It just WORKS. I got an Activa 210 last year, which is one of the more basic (and affordable) Berninas, and my sewing has been a breeze ever since. I owned an inexpensive machine years ago, and it doesn’t even compare to the workmanship, performance, and reliability of my Bernina. Once you go Bernina, you never go back! :)

Oh, and the first time I used the #35 invisible zipper foot, I almost cried.


I have Babylocks right now: sewing machine (Decorator’s Choice) and serger (Imagine). I LOVE my serger. It has auto tension and air threading, so it’s a breeze to use.

The sewing machine is fine, but I am hoping to upgrade to a Bernina in the next year or two. I had wanted one when I bought this machine about 4 years ago, but got scared away by the price. Now I know what I’ll be getting myself into, so I’ll be prepared this time around. ;)

Michelle Rose

I’m with you on the Babylock sergers. I just bought a new-to-me Evolve serger/coverstitch, and I love it. I no longer need to dread re-threading my serger!

Michelle Rose

I’m so happy to hear that you’ll be doing an Albion sewalong (and that it will be after Christmas). DH really wants one, but I still need to buy fabric, toggles, etc. (Hint: If you could make a blog post about sourcing toggles, I’d love that.) I’ve had a Bernina Activa 230 that I bought refurbished from a dealer 7 years ago and I LOVE her. I don’t see myself ever trading her in or selling her, but I’d love to add another Bernina to the family!


I use a Bernina at school and I plan on getting one eventually. They are excellent machines even at the most basic versions available. I can’t wait for the contest.


I started sewing on a Bernina that a friend let me borrow. I now have a Brother. I’ve considered upgrading – I just can’t seem to save any money – it all goes to fabric!


I love my Bernina too ! It’s a vintage 1977 Bernina record with original feet. It sews like a dream. I was sewing on a cheap modern singer until my mum hunted this one down second hand for my bday. She has been sewing on the same model for years and loved it too. I can honestly say it is awesome. I haven’t sewn on the modern bernina’s but I am sure they are wonderful too.
My favourite foot is the overcast one. It works as good as a serger !!!

Caroline Joynson

I love my Bernina too! I got it as a joint 19th birthday & Christmas present from my parents – I’m 41 now so its definately stood the test of time.
In his old age my ‘Bernina 1015 Sport’ may sound a bit tank-like and clunky but the sewing stitches are always beautiful and the tension is sublime.
My favourite foot is weirdly the darning foot – I spent my 20’s at art college and specialised in embroidery – particularly free-hand machine embroidery where you drop the feed-dog and go wild. My machine has spent many hours sewing through all manner of crazy stuff – we have been through a lot ; ) Bernina’s all the way!


I had a Bernina 830 Record with an amazing amount of feet. I had to sell her to afford my new 550. I like my 550 but I missed my Record. 2 weeks ago while on a walk with my son I found one on the sidewalk under an old matress. I luged it home 4 blocks… that was a work out… and it works! No pretty red case or accessories like my old one but I feel like an old friend is back.


P.S Favorite foot is the ruffler. I like it for even pleats.


I would LOVE to win a Bernina! Can’t wait to hear more details!


I’m in love with my Bernina, too. I am the third owner of a 1080 and it is a workhorse. I am currently overhauling Nutcracker costumes and it sewed through some massively thick layers when I reset a sleeve in a bodice. My Janome would have rolled over and died if I had tried to sew something not even half as thick. I would love a new one but I can’t really justify it when this one works so well. I would like to have an automatic buttonhole, knee lift and embroidery. Someday :)


how fun! I just have a brother that treats me well :) is this open to Canadians?


I too have the Aurora 430 and you couldn’t pry it from my cold, dead hands. I own about 6 sewing machines myself and this one is my true love. Having sewn on just about every machine imaginable through schooling and industrial machines at work it’s still my very favorite. The ability to change the up/down function when you stop stitching is so brilliant. So powerful it eats through leather and canvas with ease but so precise that I always have perfect control. (her name is Hot Donna, in reference to that 70s show).



Christina in Cleveland

I adore Bernina’s but only NEW ones. I tried out a couple of used ones in my local dealer and neither one would work right, even for the sales person. Nevertheless, I still adore them and dream of having one. (Don’t tell my Brother, Juki or all my Vintage Singers I said this, please!!!)


Oh me oh my o!
I drive a bernette!
A little cute Bernina!
Mum gave me one as a gift when I was a kid and I left it in NZ when I moved to Australia…I now have another one.
I still love it but realise I have totally outgrown it! Especially since I am sewing cushions to sell at markets now days!
Sewing….my joy! Need a big girls machine now…..will keep posted re your competition!


I drool over the Bernina machines at my favorite local quilt shop. I have only Janomes right now, but I desperately want a Bernina next upgrade!


How do I love my Berninas( I have 4) let me count the ways.
I was converted in my textiles class at University & saved up $800 for my first Bernina in 1992. I sti travel this to fashion parades, shoots & school productions I work on. She has done 1000’s of kilometres in her trust travel case.
After doing my graduate certificate in costume, I realised I needed more grunt & invested in a used semi industrial, Bernina 850 , with all the same stitches as my 1000, but crazy speed & the ability to sew anything imaginable.
In 1999 I got my overlocker(serger) that is still going strong. And finally I have an old eBay purchased 1010 that lives in Sydney(I live in Melbourne) when I have to travel for work. I refuse to use any other brand. I just have to remember to take all my feet with me.
I get asked about machines all the time & I always recommend Bernina.

Lady ID

I am still chugging away with my ten year old Singer 2662. It has held up really well over the years without servicing but I believe it is now time to service it. It came with a number of feet that I use frequently – zipper, invisible zipper, rolled hem. I also got a walking foot for my first quilt

I looked into getting a Bernina a few months ago but I didn’t really have much incentive. When I do upgrade, I will be looking at Bernina for sure.


I am just crazy about my old Bernina 830. She is a powerful, reliable friend who has never let me down.

Fabric Tragic

I learned to sew on my mum’s Bernina, which she bought when she was about 24, and she’s just turned 61, and that little machine is still kicking butt! Great product.


I love my Bernina circle attachment. It’s so simple to make circles.


I have had a Bernina 330 that I got as a birthday present from my man for 2 years now and I looooooove to sew with it. I know I have to take it to my reseller (who yearly trains in Switzerland on the new models in order to know them by heart) in order to have it serviced but it is so hard to let it go !!!! I am amazed at the number of feet you have. I recently borrowed a straight stitch needle plate as I am about to embark on a princess gown journey and I can’t wait to use it.

Would love to try and win another one but how will it work for non US residents?


Wie wil zoiets nu niet winnen!


I’ve had my Bernina Aurora 430 for over 3 years. I LOVE my machine! It has the heirloom stitches I require. I rarely quilt and have no interest in machine embroidery so this was a good choice for me. The first time I sewed a blind hem with it, I was amazed. I grew up sewing on my mom’s mechanical Bernina which still sews beautifully. I sewed two other brands of sewing machines into the ground before I “earned” my baby. Any issues I’ve had with this machine has been purely operator error.


I forgot to mention that besides the #10 Edgestitch Foot, my favorite feet are #34 Clear Foot, #50 Walking Foot, and #86 Ruffler. I use the Clear Foot instead of the Zigzag foot because I find it to see what is happening with the stitches.

Carrie Jo harsh

I’ve had 3 hand me down singers
Finally bought a brother a few years back.
It will cost more to fix it and clean it than
To buy a new one. My daughter has a little
Project runway brother and I have to borrow
Hers for light sewing.
I miss my machine and Christmas gift projects
Are backing up! My husband is in the army and
as of today ge is in Fairbanks on a mission, but
I am in anchorage and we missed the Black Friday
Sales on machines :'( so I got the kids their gifts and this
Machine looks impressive !! Whomever recieves this,
Will have one blessed holiday of sewing!! Good luck

Sewing Princess

Love my Bernina too. I have a 440 and I agree on the two presser feet you mention. I would add the walking foot that makes sewing knits like a breeze. The only downside is that the embroidery unit is an expensing add on and in the end I didn’t buy it.

Alice Elliot

I am right there with you! I love, love, love my Bernina Record 930. It’s a big old heavy solid metal, Swiss-made work horse. I couldn’t live without the blind-hem/edge stitching foot, for flawless edgestitching. And the invisible zipper foot! Zowie!!!

emily marie

I have a B 215; I got it because it’s one of most basic Berninas you can buy and I love simplicity. It functions beautifully but is a bit small for some projects and didn’t come with any proper feet, only snap-ons. I am looking to upgrade to a Bernina with a few more bells and whistles (I realllly want a knee lift!)

Thanks for the foot recommendations! The edgestitch will be next on my list.
My favorite is the button-sew-on foot (18). The button feet that came with my previous machines were so laughable that I’d just sew buttons on by hand, but now I don’t fret over buttons, it’s actually enjoyable!

Anna Christina

I really loved reading this post because it is so comforting to know that there are others who feel as emotionally attached to a sewing machine. I got my Bernina 910 in 1987 when my daughter was a small baby. It has been more dependable than many other things in my life and given me a lot of joy. I hope to someday make her wedding dress with this same machine I made baby clothes for her. I use the blindhem foot for everything I can.

Kim Dimond

My favorite foot is the 10 too. I never put it away in my organizer. I loved the 6 week class that came with the purchase of my Bernia. Learning hands on how to use all the feet before purchasing them. This took my sewing to a whole new level.


I love my Bernina too! I upgraded from a really terrible modern plastic Singer that skipped stitches all the time to a Bernina Activa 220, so it was a drastic improvement. I got lucky – found a really good deal on it used on craigslist. Really, really good. I was debating the necessity of a nicer machine, but when I mentioned the price to my sister on the phone, her reaction was “Hang up on me and email that craigslist person right now about buying that Bernina.”

My machine is one of the simpler computeriezed Berninas but it still has a nice variety of stitch patterns and some neat features like setting the needle to always stop up or always stop down. But the main thing is how sturdy they are – denim, leather, layers of quilt batting… the machine plows through all that stuff.


I’ve never used (or seen, aside from internet pictures) a Bernina, but I can definitely empathise with your love of the collection of feet. I actually sew with a 1951 Singer 201k, and have almost all of the accessories. I know you’re probably thinking, “OMG, not a straight stitch machine”, but I have actually compared it to my sister’s more modern machine, and with the fancy zig-zag and other attachments I find that it actually sews *just* as well as the swing needle, even with stretchy fabrics. There is a trick to it, however. The same techniques don’t work on both types of machine. I’ve spent some time researching how best to use these machines, and I can make all the modern patterns, even in knits and other stretch materials (and it faithfully sews leather and thick denims and canvases without complaint). It’s great as I get to feel all eco-friendly for using something others might assume was merely decorative, and it didn’t cost anywhere near as much as a modern swing needle with the same stitch quality. I’m definitely a fangirl too, but for these old machines.

susan Gruening

Love the button sewing foot! It also works for the eye section of hooks & eyes.

Do you have a preference for needles, though? Bernina brand needles are hard to find in my area, and some shop owners have told me to use Schmetz. Just wondering what other Bernina owners preferred.
Thank you, and congratulations!


I am the daughter of a Bernina zealot (my mother has a 35 year old mechanical Bernina that makes the most perfect stitch), so when I decided that I was going to sew for the rest of my life, I bought a Bernina too. It replaced another machine, which I’ve kept, but haven’t looked at twice since I bought the Bernina. It’s perfect. Sigh.
I also have a Bernina overlocker, and that is another testament to Bernina wizardry.
My favourite foot is the narrow hem foot. Hemming voiles and other lightweight fabrics is a snap with this foot.


I use the Bernina #5 foot, blind hem, to edgestitch/topstitch. It has made the most difference than anything I’ve done in sewing.

Michelle Wyman

I too am a Bernina groopie! I started with the 330 and loved it. I traded up for the 550 OE which has a little more room and power as I maneuver quilts through her. I love the #24 darning foot for free motion quilting and the #5 walking foot for stitch in the ditch.
I inherited my mother-in-law’s 1958 221 Singer featherweight who keeps “Bernie” company and is wonderful for piecing my quilts before they are quilted on my Bernina.


The edge foot (your #10)is also my favorite. Although, I have to say, I work on an industrial machine at work and we have a hemming foot that I wish I could find on a home machine. It does a single 1/2″ fold and sews all at the same time – very similar to the rolled edge foot but it only turns once. VERY, very useful.
I am shopping a new home machine now and Bernina is on my radar but there are no dealers close. :-(


I still have the very first Bernina that I purchased in 1975 – and the stitches are still perfect even if it is a very basic machine. When I began sewing almost daily about 5 years ago (enter grandbabies!), I decided that it was time to buy a new Bernina. I got the 820QE and absolutely loved it. But, eventually I decided that I really wanted to do more embroidery work. I used the QE as a trade in for the artista 730 (Stella, by the way!) which does an amazing job on everything I’ve tackled. But, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished for my QE – it just made some of the really tiny baby kinds of work easier. So, I’m saving my pennies for another QE – and this time I promise not to trade her in! You can’t go wrong with a Bernina and, while very expensive, definitely worth every penny.

Tina Rathbone

I bought my first Bernina, the Artista 170, years ago. Then recently, I won one! We have a quilter’s “ShopHop” here in San Diego, and after hitting all the stores I dropped off my completed “Passport,” and won a Bernina 350 QPE. When I bought my Artista, it was top of the line, so this new one is great, but I still am in LOVE with the 170.
As far as feet go, I have 20+. The Bulky Overlock #12 foot is fab for making piping, and then sewing it on. It was meant for super bulky sweater knits, so one side is shorter than the other underneath! Best of all, it has a hole in front that works great for couching down fancy threads. Another favorite, very often used foot is #37, the Quarter-Inch foot. Great for piecing, but also for perfect patch pockets and other types of precision sewing and edgestitching! Ditto to those who like the Walking Foot, the Edgestitch, and the Buttonholer, but I wanted to make you aware of some that haven’t been mentioned yet. I love your site. I’ll let someone else win the Bernina, though! Tina in San Diego


I love, love, love my Bernies! I have two: a 1030, a 1230. What originally sold me on the brand was the variety of feet, ease of changing them (at that time Bernina was the only brand where you could switch the feet so quickly), and the quality of stitching. I have to say the walking foot is probably my favorite. If a fabric is too slippery or I have many layers to manage, I can usually solve the problem with that foot.


I remember where you got that #10 foot. ;) it’s a gem.


Ha, yes! Credit goes to you, lady!


I’ve had several Berninas – currently I have an 801 sport which I bought new when I first started working, a nova I got secondhand for my daughter, but my absolute best ever machine is a bernina favorit 740 manufacturered in 1964. I’ve sewn on new Berninas too which are hands down better than other modern machines but I adore my older mechanicals


Oh! I got so carried away raving about my Berninas I forgot to mention all the feet I love. I can still buy new feet to fit my 50 year old machine too! I love my 1/4 inch foot, walking foot, Teflon foot, invisible zipper foot, roll hemmer and flat felling foot. My sewing looks so much better with these tools, I wouldn’t want to be without any of them

best buy

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I love your site! Thank you for all the helpful information. Please let me know how I may enter to win a machine.


Due to unforseen circumstances, I must sell my wife’s Bernina 1080. seldom used and in perfect condition. Any suggestions on how to find a buyer?



I am ready to buy a new machine and I have been reading many sewing machine reviews and have my eye on a Bernina Ellageo from a dealership. But I read that the Ellageo was being discontinued? Does anyone know about that? Then I see that you are giving a Bernina away – sign me up!!

I love this website.


Hi all,

I’m a Newbe here & excited about a purchase I am about to make?
I found a woman with a Bernina “1090 s” that she would like to sell. Said she only used it once or twice and just never got into sewing….hopefully her loss my gain. It is being sold with the table as well. What is a fair price for this machine? I appreciate your feedback.

I also do not know the difference between the Bernina 1090 and 1090s
please comment…

Thanks so much for your time & response.


I am in the market for a new machine. My current machine is a Pfaff that I purchased new about 20 years ago. I have started looking at machines and looked at a Bernina 350 today. Machines have gone up in prices these past few years! I sew almost every day, everything from doll clothes to dresses. I sew for people so need something durable that I do not need to puts with . Would you recommend this machine? The price was $1299, the next step up was teh #380 for $1699, a couple extra features but not sure if worth the extra money. Any thoughts or suggestions on a new machine would be helpful. this is a BIG investment and a machine I hope will last me the next 30 plus years.

Pamela Foster

I would love to win a great machine like this. It would allow me to do much more sewing. I hope it is not too late to enter!


Iwant to buy a simple bernina straight and zigzag stitches if possible with over lock ple look for a model ,.Thanks

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