Massive digital pattern sale: Celebrate the completion of our line-up!



It’s finally happened.

After years of work (literally), we finally have all of the Colette Patterns available in our shop for digital download! Most of the thanks goes to Sheli, who has been working tirelessly on the tedious job of laying everything out. It’s a huge job, and she’s been a trooper, as always.

We’ve completed our line-up with Macaron, Rooibos, and Lady Grey.

To celebrate, we’re having a sale! 20% off ALL digital patterns, now through Friday. No coupon code required. Stock up for yourself, or suggest a little last minute holiday gift, delivered instantly.

Visit the shop for 20% off digital patterns >

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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Darn. I really wanted to get Lady Grey during your last sale, but it wasn’t digitized yet, and since I really need to make a coat for the winter, I went ahead and bought a Lekala coat. Now that it’s already taped together and cut out, I don’t think I’m going to buy a second coat pattern.


is there a coupon code?


Nope, the discount will be automatically applied during checkout. No coupon code required.

gabriel ratchet

congratulations….and digital will certainly be less expensive and more advantageous to some people and in certain circumstances. that said, i will always prefer pre-printed patterns and physical publications, and will cheerfully pay more, and pay for shipping. i particularly love the attention you put into your packaging design and materials, and their attractiveness to my eyes and hands is part of the reason i buy your patterns and publications. i still haven’t managed to print the cooper e-book due to printer problems on this end.

(i didn’t deliberately try to use so many “p”s. it just worked out that way.)


This is great news, thank you so much! Being in the UK it’s hard to find places that sell your patterns so it’s always a lot easier to download.

My only quibble is that we have different paper sizes over here, so the margins are HUGE when printed (about half the page). Is there any way to get hold of a pdf pattern that makes the most of my paper as I literally throw away armfuls of offcuts when I print them out.



What we’ve done is create a usable area that prints on both A4 and US Letter, which is why the margins are going to be a bit larger. Also, because every printer has different margin settings, we also err on the side of making it printable on the widest variety of printers. Some printers cut off a LOT of margin.

We’re looking into ways to reduce this, and also possibly providing a version that can be printed on legal or tabloid size paper.

Kriston lion

Is there a way to buy a PDF as a gift for someone? Your patterns taught me to sew, and now my sister is interested. I’d live to teach her myself but we’re across the country from each other. Plus I think your beginner patterns will be a better educational experience than me rambling-haha!

Kriston lion

***LOVE*** to teach her :)


You could buy them, download, and then send them to her! It will have your name on it, but that’s probably ok. :)


Are you going to look into a “print at copy shop” option? I am sure this would be a popular addition


Most of the digital releases already have this option. I made it at 40″ wide, so if you take it to a copy shop, they should be able to print it on their plotters. Some of the older patterns might not have this, but I’m working on all of them having it soon.


What prices are they normally compared to the printed ones? I’m asking because I don’t see any discounts clearly marked on the website, nor when I put a pattern into the cart. I’m looking at the Zinnia which is listing at $12, but I feel like I looked at the price while making a wish list earlier this fall and it was the same. I just expect to see both original price and sale listed.


It’s a limitation of our website right now. What you see is the regular price, and the discount will be taken when you check out.

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