My Studio (and a giveaway) at Blue Gardenia


Denise over at the Blue Gardenia has been doing a fascinating series on sewing spaces, and I was thrilled to be included this week! There are a few shots of my wee studio… I hope to share more in the future as things get organized and decorated. It’s such a lovely, peaceful place to work.

She’s also doing a little giveaway of a Lady Grey pattern, which closes Thursday.

Be sure to check out the rest of her series, it’s really fun to see how other people arrange their creative spaces.

(I’m including a few bonus shots or my studio here that Denise didn’t post)

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Betsy blodgett

I don’t know which I like more…the purple sofa or the bitchin’ cutting table.


I just love the awesome cutting table and the unique angles of the room. As for the “give a way”, I have purchased all but three of your patterns and already have the Lady Grey, however I will enjoy the series on sewing spaces. Happy sewing!


I just finished reading the studio space feature and thoroughly enjoyed it! :) Especially that you have a purple sofa and a polka-dot ironing board cover! It was so neat to see a peek of your (enviable!) workspace, Sarai! :)

♥ Casey
blog |


Love the fushia settee! Your space is so cleanly inspiring. Thank you for sharing and congrats!


I love, love, love your space! The purple couch-gorgeous! We are moving into a bigger home and I get my first sewing room! This is great inspiration to help me figure out what to do with my space. :)

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Get all of our tips, tutorials, and discussions delivered to your inbox — completely free!