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New! An Important Change to Seamwork Subscriptions


Hey there & thank you for reading the Colette blog!

This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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We’ve made a pretty big change to the way Seamwork subscriptions work and wanted to let you know.

Previously, subscribing for $6 a month got you the two new patterns we release with each issue, plus discounts on any previous issue’s patterns you purchased ala carte.

We now have quite a library of Seamwork patterns, and many people have expressed interest in past patterns like Oslo, Florence, and Aberdeen.

So we’re changing things up to make Seamwork an even better deal. Now, when you subscribe, you get Seamwork credits for 2 patterns of your choice every month.

What this means to you is:

  • If the patterns we release one month don’t suit you, no problem! Use your month’s credit on a pattern of your choice instead.
  • Sew at your own pace. If you’re busy one month, your credits will still be there next month.
  • Make your favorites. You don’t have to pay extra to get a pattern that was published before you were a subscriber. Just use your credits.


We’ll still be publishing 2 new patterns every month, so the library will keep growing.

We hope this makes Seamwork even more fun for you guys!

Here are five of the most popular patterns in our library:


The Oslo cardigan, one of the first and still one of the most popular!


The Astoria, a quick cropped sweater.


Mesa is a sweet little t-shirt dress with just the right shapely fit.


Akita is a loose top that you make from just one pattern piece, perfect if you don’t like cutting.


The Moji pants are chic but relaxed pants you can make in anything from linen to rayon to wool to silk.

Enjoy your new patterns!

Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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Ok, ok, I’ll stop stalling and subscribe already!
Thank you so much!!


Hahaha, I was just thinking the same thing!


I like this idea. I didn’t sign up right away, so I missed out on patterns that I’d now like to get. I like the idea that if I’m not totally loving the current issue’s patterns I can use credits to purchase a back issue pattern that I love, instead.


This is fantastic news! Thanks!


As a new subscriber, I love this! Thank you!


Hum-hum… Really bad for me: I subscribe from the begining and don’t download all the patterns because I d’ont need them just at the moment and I can download them when I need it…
Now I have only 2 download credit with the current issue: bad deal for me!
(I don’t think I am the only one in this case and hope this can be solve in few days… but bad new for me when I saw this new rulles in seamwork)


Don’t worry, you still have access to the older patterns! Just go to your downloads page, and they will still be there. Seamwork credits work just like the regular monthly downloads, except that you can choose a different pattern from our collection if the current month’s patterns don’t appeal to you. Since you already have our full collection of patterns, you can either use the credits for Paxson and Denali, this month’s patterns, or hang on to them for future use. We will be adding some bonus content you can use them for in the future. Seamwork credits do not expire. Hope this helps!


I’ve been a subscriber since the beginning – I still have access to all previous releases, right? And from this month on we have 2 credits to our account to use?


You got it! You can hang on to the credits if you are not interested in this month’s patterns, as we will have bonus content in the future, or you can use them to download Paxson and Denali this month.


Yay! I was just gifted a subscription for my birthday. I’m so excited to start sewing!


Hi, NO!! What happens to all my the patterns in my library/account that I paid for? Please write back……


I was concerned about this as well, but when I went and checked it says I already own those previous patterns, and even after I used my two credits for the current patterns I tried to test download one of the older ones and did so with no problem. I deleted the download, and downloaded again to make sure, and it downloaded it twice with no credits.


Don’t worry, your patterns will still be on your downloads page! You can use your Seamwork credits this month to get Paxson and Denali, or you can use them to download any two patterns from previous issues.


What do I think? I think that you guys are great, simply.
Also for people that subscribed at the first issue, I think that they have no choice but they have what they where promised. So it’s ok.
Thank you.


This is a great change to how the subscriptions work! Love it! It’s obvious you care about customer satisfaction and their sewing enjoyment, thank you :)


This is great for newer subscribers but not so much for your true believers who have been with Seamwork from the beginning. I’ll be looking out for that bonus content so I have more options with my credits going forward. But overall this is a good change since there have been a few patterns that I won’t make.


Nice one Seamwork!! I’m definitely looking forward to going back for patterns I’ve missed!


Great change. Thanks for publishing such a great magazine.


This is great and make sense. Thanks for continuing to refine the magazine. I’m glad you have so much support!


I love the change! Thanks for being so great!!


Wow. That’s so cool! I’ve been on the fence about subscribing because not every pattern fits my style/lifestyle, but there are definitely some past ones I’ve had my eye on. So this is great! Thanks so much, and what a great idea!


This is great. I already purchased past patterns that I wanted but this will be good for the future. Thanks.


Thank you! You all are wonderful. And very generous.


Agree with other comments. It will continue to work for everyone. You can still get your 2 patterns each month or if you choose to save your credit you can select from a past pattern. Gives everyone flexibility. Thanks, great idea!


I have been a subscriber from the first issue. This change is a bit confusing for me. Since I already paid for October issue including the two new patterns, I assumed these patterns will be in my pattern library, but they are not. If I decide to download them then I will have to use my credits to do that? Was I charged $6 for the magazine articles not including the patterns?


Your subscription includes credit for two patterns, and there are two new patterns for the October issue. You may use your credits to add these patterns to your library.

So essentially, you will still be getting the two new patterns every month. You just need to choose to add them to your library. We’re exploring ways of giving some extra benefits to our long term subscribers in the future also.

The credits let you acquire a pattern and add it to your library. From there, you can download it as many times in the future as you wish, same as always. :)


I don’t think the long-time subscribers understand – we don’t lose anything! We have access to download all the previous patterns. We simply gained flexibility. Use your credits to download this month’s patterns. Or don’t. Nothing from the past changes!


That’s exactly right, Leela. I’ll see if we can clarify this further on the Seamwork web site. In the meantime, anyone who has questions is encourage to email us.


It’s true that those of us who subscribed from the beginning don’t lose anything but we don’t gain anything either. And the change is a great change!! The problem is that newer subscribers have a large selection of older patterns to use their credits on, but those of us who already own the patterns do not. So if we don’t like this months patterns and we bank the credits, what are we going to use those credits on when we already own all of the older patterns?

Now, it has been mentioned that bonus content will be added periodically so that may solve this “problem” for those who already own all of the patterns.

But to be clear, I think this is a great change and I look forward to the bonus content so I can maximize my Seamwork subscription like everyone else!


I really like this idea! An even better deal, if that was possible. I’ve just recently bought Oslo and made it three times already. Next project, A mesa. I’ve been thinking about the Astoria sweater for weeks and couldn’t decide if I should buy it or try to make it, but this is kind of unbeatable.
I love the shaping and fit or your Seamwork patterns, they’re simple, yet so beautiful.


Will there still be a discount if you want to buy more than what you have credits for? I loved being able to catch up on some of the older patterns I originally missed!


Yes, you still get the discount. :)

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