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What we’ve been working on for the last year


Hey there & thank you for reading the Colette blog!

This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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For the last year, we’ve been putting together something very new and very special.

It’s an online pattern magazine – we’re calling it Seamwork.

What is Seamwork?

Ok, I’m going to back up. Let me start by telling you how I like to sew.

  1. I love the occasional really juicy, challenging project like a coat that takes a few weeks.
  2. I love working on dresses and separates that take maybe a weekend (or longer) and involve some planning.
  3. And in between those, I love fitting in fast and satisfying projects where I get to experiment with something new.

It’s that balance that keeps me motivated. The big projects fill me with pride and get my brain going. The middle projects let me practice the fundamental skills and make fabulous things. And the quick projects fill up my wardrobe, give me a chance to play, and remind me how fun sewing can be.

Maybe you see where I’m going with this.

Our patterns are great for the first two categories, but with perhaps one exception (Mabel), they aren’t projects most of us can complete on a rainy afternoon when the mood strikes and you just want to make something new to wear (and have fun doing it).

I wanted to create more patterns like that – wardrobe staples you can put together in just a few hours. Simple but satisfying projects that complements (but don’t replace) our usual line.

But I didn’t want any old “quick and easy” patterns. I wanted projects that really give you a chance to do something new, to try a new skill or work with a new fabric – and to do it in a low-risk way.


Quick patterns, in-depth ideas

So that is how the idea came to me. What if we produced not just patterns, but an entire online magazine around them? What if each month, we produced in-depth articles on new sewing techniques, embellishment ideas, textiles, tips from designers, and more? And what if each issue came with lovely little patterns you could download to try out some new skills when the mood strikes?

I’d like to introduce you to our forthcoming digital magazine launching in December, Seamwork.

Each issue of Seamwork comes with two digital patterns that you can sew in three hours or less, making them easy to fit between your more involved sewing projects. Patterns include truly useful wardrobe items like knitwear, accessories, lingerie, loungewear, bags, and beautiful basics you can dress up. All can be sewn in 3 hours or less.

The articles in each issue take you in depth on sewing topics, from tips for sewing new fabrics to embroidery ideas to vintage details. It’s like this blog, but… more. More depth, more ideas, more pretty, more writers.


The details

I know you’ll have questions, so let’s see if I can preemptively answer some of them.

  1. Seamwork patterns will be all digital. That’s what will allow us to produce them each month without going broke! If you aren’t into digital patterns, see number 2.
  2. We’ll still be producing our printed pattern line, and just as many of them. This won’t affect our printed patterns, except it might allow us to do a few more challenging patterns as well. The goal is balance.
  3. You can subscribe to Seamwork and get the two patterns each month for a low rate. We planned it to be a super affordable way to sew.
  4. Basically, I wanted to price it so that even if you don’t make all the patterns, you could still easily get your money’s worth making just some of them (and maybe saving some for later).

  5. Anyone will be able to read the magazine online, whether you subscribe or not. But subscribers will get the patterns and any extra bonuses we offer in the future.
  6. At first, patterns will be exclusive to subscribers. We may eventually sell them individually, but we’re still figuring that out. Mainly for technical reasons.
  7. Gift subscriptions will be available in various amounts (so now you have something to add to your holiday wishlist).
  8. Patterns included in the subscription will be in our new size range of 0 to 26 (or XS to 3X).

Your thoughts?

I’d love to hear your feedback.

Even more, I’d love to hear your ideas on the types of patterns you’d like to see in the magazine. We have several months of patterns in the works, but I’m quite open to what you’d like to see, especially in Summer and Fall 2015. Remember, these will be quick and versatile (so more involved projects are still welcome, but will more likely be in our regular pattern line).

Write for us!

Finally, we are looking for writers! If you have an idea for a truly amazing sewing article, join us!

I’ll be publishing a call for submissions tomorrow with full details on how to submit an article to us and writing guidelines. Think fabric guides, techniques, beautiful embellishments, and even short essays. If you are a professional or semi-professional sewing writer (or want to become one), we’d love to hear from you.


Get a preview, win free patterns

If you want to see a preview of the types of things we’ll be publishing, enter your email address to get on the preview list.

I’ll be sending out more on the first issue launching December 1st, and maybe even a preview look at the first two patterns.

When you sign up at the link below, you’ll also be given a special link that you can share with others. For each friend that also signs up for our preview list, you’ll be entered for a chance to win one of five one-year pattern subscriptions – that will be 24 patterns (!).

In other words, the more friends you share with, the more chances to win!

I hope you’re as excited about this as I am. More patterns, more tutorials, more everything in 2015 and beyond!


Sarai Mitnick   —   Founder

Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.

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Wow! Super excited about this and love the concept!
Looking forward to the first issue–congrats!


WOW! this is exciting news — I can’t wait to see!


Ooh, this sounds really exciting! I love the idea of focusing on more instant gratification projects for this, too.


I really want to be excited about this, but I can’t fit your patterns because they’re all C cup. I really, really, REALLY wished that you would offer b-cup drafts. It’s really a shame, since the existing pattern line is adorable, but I’m just not willing to haggle around to make fitting adjustments like that on “3 hours or less” projects. Those adjustments add up.


Most of the rest of the pattern world is your oyster (i.e. Big 4, Burda, etc). It’s nonsensical to complain about Colette drafting for a C cup just because it makes you have to do an SBA. I have to do an FBA for almost everything!

It’s normal to have to adjust any and all sewing patterns to fit YOUR body correctly.


I’m with Christina. It’s really frustrating to have to do an SBA for every pattern; it suddenly becomes a lot longer than three hours. Would you consider making your Seamwork patterns B-cup?


Please leave them as a C cup! I am a bit bustier than that but can get away without an FBA in some collette patterns… I have to do an FBA for every other pattern company.

If you hate doing SBAs/FBAs it might be worth drafting a bodice block. Then you can quickly make the necessary adjustments on the flat. This works for me…


Yes, please keep the C! I love having one pattern company that caters more to my type of body.
Also, extremely excited for the magazine. I will definitely subscribe and am very much looking forward to the first issue!

Mary Beth

Oooh, I’m a B Cup…I didn’t know this…yeah, that would make me shy away when many major pattern companies have bust adjustments built into their patterns.

susan b.

Oh yay! Can’t wait to see it! Congrats, Sarai & everyone who’s been working on this lovely project!


Thanks Susan! I hope you’ll contribute, you talented author you. ;)


I am very excited about this. As a new mom, I have found that my sewing time is broken down into infrequent, fifteen minute intervals, making clothing construction nearly impossible. I hope that this resource will give me opportunities to get back to my treasured work!


Fantastic news! Can’t wait to see how it looks.


This is awesome : )
I really like Colette’s style and I’m sure everything in this magazine is going to be super inspiring.
**Thumbs up!**


Sounds fun! I just have one request–that you offer the patterns in a print shop version. I just don’t have it in me to assemble pdf patterns printed on all those pieces of paper. I’d so much rather take it to the shop, have them print it up on the big paper, and go from there.


I’d really like to second this! Once I discovered how inexpensive (and fast!) it is to print digital patterns at a copy shop, I dread putting together the print-at-home ones.

Super excited about the magazine!


Yes, there will be a copy shop version!


I haven’t downloaded patterns before, but I have read about people stuggling with paper sizes. Will you offer the patterns in A4 size as well as whatever your standard size is?

And yes, I am extremely excited by this. Just off to sign up for your preview!


We lay out our pattern sheets so that they can be printed on either US Letter or A4 paper. :)

But we also offer the “copy shop version” in a wide format for those that don’t like messing with all the pieces.


Hi Serai, Not sure if you are aware, but the copy shop version you currently offer is too wide for Australian printers. I printed the Zinnia and 5cm was cropped off the sides.


That’s my problem too. In Malta, like in metric Europe, our copy shops print on AO, which is a couple inches smaller than the US 36″, and makes copy shop printing a waste of time.

Katie S.

This sounds really promising! There are all sorts of basics I’d be interested in producing for myself: from tank tops and camisoles (for wearing under sweaters and shirts), to exercise clothing to simple, everyday-type shirts for topping off a pair of jeans. I, too, am smaller than a C-cup but since I’m also petite and pear-shaped, I’ve come to accept that adjustments will always be part of my sewing process (I have lots of muslin on hand). This direction sounds like a good move and will hopefully provide even more resources for those of us attempting to clothe ourselves ethically.


This sounds awesome! It would be great with more patterns for knits :)


This is a brilliant idea! You’ve obviously given the concept a great deal of thought (as ever) and, coupled with the general brilliance and creativity of Colette, I think Seamworks has every chance of success. I’m excited to see the preview, and well done to all involved with its creation!


This is such a fantastic idea, I really love the concept ! I can’t wait, I am very excited to see the first issue :)

Sarah Clark

I think this is a great idea. I love magazines (kinda an addiction). I also want to say that it makes me SOOOOOOO happy that you draft for a C cup size. So few pattern companies do. Thank you. Also I tried to click on the links to sign up and it didn’t work for me. It could be on my end, but you may want to check your link.


What sort of problem are you having? Are you getting a 404 or something else?

Sarah Clark

Nothing at all happened when I clicked on the link, but it seems to be working fine now. Maybe it was just me. Thanks! Looking forward to the first issue, I’ll def be subscribing.


I am so excited for this! What a great undertaking – I wish you the best of luck and know it will be lovely. Idea for a possible project would be – gloves! I’ve never tried to make any before, but have been looking for a pdf pattern lately to no avail. Most are vintage printed patterns. Could be a fun new type of project and great for winter! Can’t wait to see the first issue in December!


I’ve always wanted to make gloves! I’ll add it to my list.


Gloves pattern is a really good idea! yay!

Heather Lou

WHOA NELLY!! This is an incredible announcement – super impressed with the thoughtful way your business is evolving. And I’m trying to figure out how you get all this work done. Robots? A device that slows down time for everyone but you? Buckets of coffee? Clones?


Working with awesome people helps. :)

Seriously though, one of the other reasons I was excited to start this project is to collaborate more with other writers, designers, and bloggers too.

French Toast Tasha

Ha ha I’m with Heather! I always wonder how you get so many ideas to the actual finished project stage. Seriously though, it’s really exciting to see your full idea for this! I can’t wait to check it out.

Tina D


I was literally JUST THINKING about my sewing goals. That I would like to start making larger projects, like a fully lined/tailored suit with different separates, rather than the twee (but much loved!) dresses that I currently make. And then I thought, “well, what if I get frustrated about such large undertakings. I’d love to have some small whip-’em-out projects to gratify my desires.”

And then, BOOM. This showed up on my blog roll. Thank you so much! Totally signing up right now.


I can’t wait to see the magazine! I’d love some patterns for tops made of knit fabrics – they are few and far between!

Melissa S.

WHAT this sounds amazing!!!!!!!


I’m sooo excited, this is going to be great! I really need quick projects in-between my longer projects, to keep me motivated :)

I’d like to see some quick, versatile tops, dresses, and fun accessories. It might be fun to have some quick workout options.


This is super exciting. I’ve been looking for a good sewing magazine, so I’m excited to check it out. I find your content and ideas so helpful, so I look forward to checking out something you’ve put together. I’d love to see some basic knit garments like a raglan t-shirt, a basic t-shirt, leggings, that sort of thing. I use Alabama Chanin for most of my basic t-shirt type needs, but I’ve been looking for the perfect raglan and haven’t found one I’m willing to try yet. It would also be fun to see occasional unconventional ideas (like the scarf collaboration Patagonia and Alabama Chanin are doing). Who ever thought of down-filled scarves? Fun (but also probably easy). Maybe I’ll think up an original idea and submit it someday. ;)


This is so exciting! I’m really looking forward to it!
I’d like to see some garment patterns that don’t require too much fabric, because I’m kind of cheap ;-)
For a few years, I didn’t do much sewing for myself at all because there aren’t that many patterns out there that are nursing-friendly (Hawthorn is, though, with the buttons), so maybe that’s an idea? I’m just about done nursing, though, so don’t do it just for me ;-)

Really, whatever you do with it, I’m going to sign up – I love your patterns!


Very excited for this! My wardrobe quickly filled up with Mabel’s. I love the quick projects that become wardrobe staples.


Awesome! I’m always looking for easy knit tops. A bag or two would be fun, too!


Wow! This is SO exciting!! Can’t hardly wait!!


Sounds really exciting ! Can’t wait to have patterns for nice and easy tops ! Tops, tops, tops is what I wish to see in a whip !

Wendy Lofthouse

Sounds awesome as long as not too expensive will it be available for people in UK


Yes, anyone can subscribe. :)


Horrid typo in my previous comment – please correct it for me?

Stina P

This sounds so exciting – both from a sewing point-of-view but also from a business point-of-view. I’ll be sure to follow you!


that is awesome cant wait

Sarah Francis

This sounds amazing!!!!!!!!! I can not wait to sign up!


This sounds so exciting! I’ll definitely be signing up for this! I adore all of your patterns and can’t wait to see this new project.

I would love to see a pattern for a classic, slightly tailored vest. Vests are great for the winter because they can look dressy but act as another layer to keep you warm.


I am looking forward to this. I have just returned to sewing after about 30 years away. Yeah, I am a bit older in age, but not in desire or energy. I am also glad to see that you are going to try to look at all different aspects of sewing. Blessings on this new project. Noelle


Sounds wonderful! I really admire your patterns, but as I started sewing not very long ago with very small projects (mostly bags) I never had the courage to try clothing. A weekend project might just be the perfect start!!


I love this idea, I have to admit that I love the idea of a big project but mostly always reach for the quick ones as I love the almost immediate satisfaction – although that goes hand in hand with jobs that don’t turn out as expected or don’t fit and the almost immediate dissatisfaction! At least if it is a quick sew I won’t be too worried about time wasted. I love the idea of simple projects but ones I could then work on from a design point of view – say for example, learning how to change the neckline to a pleated one on a simple woven top. I love that you draft for a C cup (since I am a GG at least it is closer than a B!!) and I understand that this is frustrating for those sewers out there that are used to fitting more patterns without adjustments – but really, isn’t it about time that we cater for the norm?
I have recently made the Maria Denmark skirt and I have fallen in love with a skirt that has details – yoke waist band with pockets and find myself thinking about how I can combine different fabrics to funk it up. At its core it is a simple skirt, very quick sew (about 2 hours) but the ideas of how to mix it up then become the challenge. I would love to see the magazine provide the staple but also throw some challenges out to us to nail the simple and then look for ways to tweak it to make it even more amazing.
I don’t blog (2015 might be the year for that!) but I love the idea of tapping into a community of people that have so much to say and loads of them say it with such eloquence.
Wow this has become a long one – congrats, I greatly look forward to the first issue and a subscription will be going on my gift list for sure :)


Yes, I feel that way too. I really like to pace my sewing with the hard, time consuming, and wonderfully challenging projects spaced out with quick and easy makes. It’s the same with knitting for me.

Your thoughts about community are great too. I’d love to add more community features to this new site! I’m getting way ahead of myself though. :)


Yay!!! I’m so excited about this!! I really had no clue what you were going to announce today, but this is beyond anything I expected!! I love the way your business is evolving over the years, so much fun to watch and be part of. I have to say, my favorite patterns are those that are more in line with “everyday basics”, ones that I can sew up in a day and wear everyday!! While I love making a special occasion dress every now and then, it’s the leggings, tshirts, Laurels and Mabels that I get the most wear out of in my day-to-day life. :) I’m getting excited about December 1st!! This is definitely going to the top of my Christmas list this year.


I love the seamwork idea!
Please do fitness clothes, like running tights, half zip tops (I have been looking for a pattern for this all over but nothing!), arm or leg wamers, hats, and the like. There is a real shortage of these types of patterns and they are generally pretty uncomplicated.


I second the half -zip top. I found a child’s pattern but no women’s and I would love to make merino ones for myself.

Oh and looking forward to Seamwork heaps :))


This IS super exciting! I absolutely adore your patterns. I love the elegant esthetic and am looking forward to seeing it translated into quick patterns.

gabriel ratchet

i’m just soooo pleased and impressed. i’m going to go out today and purchase your very own coletterie seamwork flash drive.


Ooooooh, we should have branded ones, just for storing all your new patterns! :D

gabriel ratchet

let me know when it’s available, and how to get one. :) i’m stuffing my own stocking this year. it works better that way.


I just wanted to say that I’m very excited about this!


The idea of finding the right balance of sewing possibilities is spot on. I’d love to see a sewing magazine that offers quicker projects that have a less ‘homely’ aesthetic. Looking forward to seeing the first issue!

Mary Danielson

What exciting news! As a writer and reader, I’ve been dying for more modern takes on classic sewing magazines. Leave it to Colette to answer that wish! I absolutely cannot wait to read the first issue.


I’m so happy to hear about this! I’ve recently gotten back into sewing after a several-years break due to grad school and have been looking for some direction with my sewing. It sounds like this will be perfect!

Angela Bowman

Innovative concept! Can’t wait to see it!


Sorry for my English. Does it will exist a frenche version?

Helen http.

What a great idea! I love the sound of this and can’t wait to find out more. Simple, quick projects are great “palate cleansers”, so I look forward to more of these!!!


An excellent way to put it!


As a plus sized beginning sewer – THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!!!! Specifically I’m looking for simple basics with that little extra design element… an A line skirt with an unexpected hem, seam, or pocket detail, things like that. Thanks so much for going up to a 3X!

I’m really excited for this!

Beth – Sew DIY

This is awesome! I can’t wait to see what you have in store!


It’s so exciting! And I have to say, I am REALLY happy you’ve expanded (punny, yes) the sizes in your pattern line. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am and forever will be a fan of Colette Patterns.


I am so excited about this!! What a great idea!


Thrilled , so happy for you!



Love this! Can’t wait!


Oh! It will be like Burda, but not completely daunting and difficult!

I’d like to see shirts and skirts and shorts and really whatever you dream up will be wonderful, I suppose. Fewer home items, because I don’t need a pattern to make a pillow sham.

I’m a H-cup. Everyone else was volunteering cup size, so I thought I’d throw it in here. :) It doesn’t matter, because you have lovely fitting guidelines and you also have excellent curvy bloggers in love with you. I’m so glad you recruited them, because I discovered a world of sewing wear the girls look like me and that is just everything for my self-esteem.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Ha! I debated on including home dec sewing for just that reason. Who needs patterns for that? Instead, we’ll include some home dec how-tos and techniques once in a while. It’s definitely not a focus.

If you’re referring to the Curvy Sewing Collective, I didn’t have to recruit them, they approached me about the Curvy Colette tour! And I’m so glad, they are an amazing group. :)


Such good news! I have bought several patterns over the years but finding time/space to sew big projects doesn’t happen as often as I would like. Can’t wait!


Would love to see smaller sizes and petite options too. A ‘quick sew’ isn’t a quick sew if you still have a ton of pattern alterations and Muslins too make first.
As an English size 6 so USA xxs it’s hard to make loads of changes. Would also rely love to see us and aus/gb interfacing options too in the uk and Australia it’s hard and expensive to get pellon range of interfacing we can usually only get vilene easily.

Still love your patterns and style :D


This sounds great!!! (That’s right. Three exclamation points.) I will definitely be subscribing!


Yay! I sometimes don’t start projects because of the length of time I know will be involved before I get that “finished!” satisfaction. That’s why I love the Mabel so much. Excited to subscribe!


I am unbelievably excited about this!


I’m so excited for this! I love the concept of both the patterns and accompanying articles. I second the idea for gloves! I would also love to see camisoles, lingerie pieces along the lines of the madeleine pattern, and seasonal items (scarves, bags, hair accessories). Can’t wait for the first issue!




Wow! Super excited and have signed up straight away. Sounds brilliant!

Canal Couture

I’m very excited to read the first issue!
Pattern wise I would be interested in t-shirts, loose fitting blouses, cardigans. I hope the magazine will also include wardrobe-architect-like content.


You make my day!!!! I am so excited.


Love this, what a great surprise…it´s like a present for my birthday on december the 5th.

Linda Rees

Yeah-what they all said! I will definitely be subscribing and like the others will look forward to quick modern products too. I like a challenge mixed with simple, quick things. Just learning to fit and want to fill my wardrobe with things I’ve made, in fabric I love, so I can throw out the clothes I currently wear that don’t inspire me. I have lots of your patterns and look forward excitedly to more. Well done on a great idea!


So excited cannot wait and the best bit is the size range thank you so much for thinking of us plus girls I am thrilled to be able to get beautiful patterns to fit my 127cm bust


Hooray! This is so exciting! Things I’d love to see: camisoles (with shelf bra?! May go over the three hours, though), pretty loungewear in knits and wovens, mittens/gloves, cowl-neck anything, simple cardigans, maxi skirts, varied underwear (tap pants, bikinis, thongs, different materials), tips for sewing with lace, and, in particular, knit tops with negative ease (!!!!!!) in long/short/sleeveless variations. I am clinging to my RTW wrap-front, faux wrap, empire waist, v-neck, knot-front, tie-neck, shawl-collar, mandarin collar, bib front, and other knit shirts past their expiration dates (I’m talking pilling and holes) because it’s so, so hard to find knitwear patterns that are a) drafted with negative ease and b) actually interesting and not a T-shirt rehash!


Oh wow – I second that on a quick (and stylish!) cardigan pattern! I wear RTW cardigans over EVERYTHING and have such a hard time good quality ones in stores. I’ve looked for a good pattern out there, but every one I find looks a bit dowdy. I found some cute lounge cardigans on Uniqlo website the other day that might serve as some inspiration…?



(I didn’t read all comments above, so forgive me for eventual repeating)

1st – I’ll subscribe!!!

2nd – as a suggestion, I would love some really fun, funky and coletterie-like undies. Most underwear available patterns are very (VERY) basic, and there is such a world to explore in that category!

3rd – Excellent idea! all my best wishes!

Happy sewing!


Oh, LAWD. I don’t know that I have anything to contribute except my enthusiasm, but this is so exciting!


Oh, and empire-waist anything. Please!

Rhi O

What exciting news! I am completely addicted to magazines but am yet to find a sewing one to truly fall in love with but I have high hopes for Seamwork as the quality and style in everything you do really shines through.

Pattern wise I would love some add-ons for your existing patterns, kind of like the collar pack for Moneta, for example a skirt pattern that could be made on its own with a waist band or added on to the Moneta or Myrtle for a different look, or some other variations on the Mabel (up there with my top 3 favourite patterns). I would love some knit tops but with unusual details, there are a lot of plain t-shirt patterns our there, but something with an unusual neckline or sleeve detail would be great (I would love a knit tee with short puff sleeves or one with a gathered neckline, there are a lot of tee/blouse patterns designed for woven with gorgeous details but very few in knits). What I would love more than anything however is a soft lounge bra drafted for larger sizes (I’m an E) I can’t find anything the right shape and I’ve tried doing FBAs on existing patterns without much luck. If you could do that for me I would love you forever!


I am very, very excited that this is coming, and that you will be using your new size range for the patterns! I will admit that I am not a fan of e-patterns, but I’ll use them if inspired enough. Truth is I just love sewing magazines! So I will of course subscribe, and ogle everything, and probably make a few items after swearing at the pattern pieces a few times. Thank you for thinking of those of us who like instant gratification!


I just want to join in the general gleeful clamor…what a fabulous idea. I’ve never been interested in digital patterns (don’t love computers, storage, cost to print, etc.), but if anyone can change my mind, it would be the Colette team. It seems as if I’ll be needing to wrangle some computer lessons from my son….


Looking forward to this! Exciting!


Hardy congratulations on your newest project! I, for one, cannot wait to subscribe and in turn become a regular at the local copy shop.

A couple quick questions: will the (back) issues of the magazine live permanently somewhere, or be replaced with each new issue? Would a subscription allow the subscriber to keep digital copies forever and ever and ever? I just know I would skip around a lot if that was an option. :)

Thank you so much for all your wonderful work and ideas!!!


The articles from each issue will be archived on the site, so they’ll be there forever.

As for the patterns, you download them and keep them. Plus, if you’re a subscriber, you’ll have a “pattern library” in your account so that you can re-download them whenever you need.

Right now, you won’t be able to get patterns from previous issues unless you were a subscriber at that time. For example, if you subscribe in February, you don’t have access to the patterns from January. But we’ll eventually make it so that you can buy those patterns individually as well.

Hope that makes sense!


Perfect sense! Thank you!


How exciting! I was just thinking yesterday that I wish I had more patterns like Sorbetto – whenever I feel like that quick fix I make one, but there is a limit to the number of Sorbetto tops a girl needs…

What a great idea! You’re getting this old ‘gran to appreciate paperless. I already appreciate the patterns. Can’t wait for those ‘quickie’ staple patterns.

Alicia C.

This news made my day! I’d like to suggest a (super easy) pattern for a reflective bike/running vest, and vintage inspired loungewear and/or men’s style pajamas.


This sounds so exciting, I can’t wait to see the first issue. I would love more separates, I seem to have sewn lots of dresses but tend to wear my jeans a lot so would love some pretty tops.


What an exciting thing to have in my inbox once a month! I love this new concept and I think for me, as a busy mom, this will be just what I need to keep the creativity and fun flowing. I hope that you will include “petite-able” help and hints as adjusting for my petite frame can be time consuming for me. Or maybe I’m just not fast enough?


Very excited about this. I would love to see underpants pattern, t-shirts pattern (long and short sleeve), sweatshorts/pants pattern. Thanks!


I can’t wait to see the first issue! Will you be providing the digital patterns for both a ‘large print’ format (e.g., send it to the printer and have them print everything on a single large sheet….) as well as 8/12 x 11″ sheets?


Yes, both will be included. :)


I have to agree with some of the above guests’ replies – I’m NOT a fan of e-patterns because getting access to an adequate printer is difficult for me. If I can sweet talk family or friends to print off the patterns in the magazine for me, great. I will continue to purchase your wonderful patterns in their paper version, though. I, too am happy to see the extended sizes and absolutely LOVE your patterns! How about a free preview of your new magazine???


Love it! Love it! Love it! Please cover both genders and all age groups! I love to sew up quick and easy gifts–if fact it is expected of me. Three hours, or less, sounds just right for these type of projects. THANK YOU!


Excellent, I can’t wait!

Will you be paying your contributors?


Can’t wait to see the finished piece :)


Oh. my. goodness. I am SO excited!! This is my kind of sewing! Can’t wait!! I’d like to see clothing patterns, like… tops, dresses, shorts maybe. I love your patterns so much, but honestly my stomach is my problem area…so I really like shift type dresses instead of fit and flare- on me personally. These can be quicker to sew and fit. :)


This is such a fantastic idea! It makes so much sense for you to try this new direction in publishing, something in between the weight of blogs and books. Of course you had me at lingerie ideas because they are my secret weapon for feeling like I’m making beautiful things that are quick and actually practical. Thanks for all you do to contribute rich reading on the craft of sewing! Great name, by the way.


You guys! You’ve done it again. Always taking things to new heights. Congratulations on this new adventure. Can’t wait to see what you come up with (and I might just be adding this to my Christmas wishlist!). Thanks for all the happiness you bring to the world. :-D


Sounds interesting. Of course the cost will of the subscription will a deciding factor. However one of my sewing magazines is no longer being published….Much to think about.


Good heavens, apparently I am not able to put words together today to make a clear sentence.


You are so clever to think of such a wonderful idea! I can’t wait to see your magazine.


This sounds great! I can’t wait for the first issue.


Since winter is coming – slippers! Would they be a quick sew? Maybe one style that just slips on, and another ballet style so your heels don’t get cold. The embellishing possibilities are endless – different fabrics, different grippers on the bottom (you can buy gripper dot fabric or make little patterns with puff paint), ribbon, feather trim, bunny ears/tails, pompoms…


Love the idea and this is the perfect thing I’ve been looking for! although I don’t want to be subscribed as such and pick if each month I like the issue and would be interested in completing it.


Being up to my eyes in a massive sewing coat project (I’ve just moved to Mongolia and I’m trying to prepare myself for temperatures of -40 – Interlining is my new mastermind topic!) this was the best news to wake up to. I am craving some instant satisfaction! My plan was to sew up some Christmas stockings for my family. I can’t wait for this magazine!


Having been a ‘Stitches'(Australian sewing magazine) and ‘Threads’ subscriber in the past I would jump at this!! A sewing magazine that’s not so……you know- yes please!


omg so excited about this. I just love quick makes and reading magazines but hate that magazines take up so much space! seamwork seems to be the perfect solution. btw I just love digital patterns! I have no problem cutting directly into them, but cutting in a pattern from the printed line is something I just don’t like. Digital patterns do save me the hassle of tracing.


This is a fabulous idea!! I don’t have much time to sew and any basics that can be done in a short period are very exciting. I would love to see patterns for basics, like perhaps a t shirt type garment with an interesting cut (and a couple variations offered to spice it up), or a longer camisole/tank that could be done in silk or a knit.


I would love to see some patterns suitable for the “mature” sewer which are still contemporary. I mainly wear skirts and like them knee length or longer, but not maxi skirts. So…..I would love to see some patterns for simple, flattering skirts suitable for older sewers as well as younger sewers, with below the knee length options. Also patterns for simple tops with some sort of sleeve to cover those sagging arms (which sag despite weight training.) Thank you for listening to me.


I second the request for more age-diverse, modesty diverse options. I just prefer not to bare too much skin…no judgement, just my preference.


Please pardon me for doing this twice, but I think I should be clearer: older women want style too. Many times style equals skin, modesty equals some sort of sack or tent. Stylish coverage seems to mean lots of seam, angles and sharp points. Learning new techniques was mentioned, and many have asked for ways to customize simple pieces to create interest. Colette patterns caught my eye because of the thoughtful details, the feminine, but not fussy styles, and the timeless feel of your designs. I have noticed that from time to time comments pop up from older women who would like to learn how to make the small tweaks that would make your beautiful designs work for them. I have the feeling you have another customer base just waiting….

I very much admire what you folks do, and how you do it. I do not mean any of this in the spirit of complaint. I am very grateful for the opportunities you provide to improve my skills. I just want to add a voice of support for those of us who rather hesitantly raise our hands, saying “We are here too”.


I am one of the “other” market, too. Returning to sewing after nearly 40 years. So happy to get at it again (will be using my mom’s old Bernina, the machine I learned on) — definitely subscribing! Love that sewing has become such a phenomenon in recent years.


Count me in too! I’m in my 50’s,love fashion and know I want some upper arm, knee and cleavage coverage.
Voting for those rayon knit tops that look like a wrap top, classic a line skirts, tight, and cardigans!
Thank you for making me look forward to winter ;)! I’m signed up!


I totally get it Lara! Sewists are a really diverse bunch in terms of age, and I think your ideas about making tweaks to make things fit each person’s style, age, modesty level, etc is spot on. I’d also love to feature some older models.


I’m also agreeing, and hoping for some stylish and simple cleavage/upper-arm coverage patterns as I’m 57 and have narrow shoulders so prefer not to wear low necklines. excited….

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