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More tool organization, courtesy of Ikea


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My organizing frenzy continues.

I actually bought these Ikea knife racks because I thought they’d be handy for holding my presser feet, which have long outgrown their wee cabinet. Unfortunately, it seems my feet are made of aluminum which makes the magnets totally useless for that purpose.

But they work wonderfully for something much closer to their intended purpose: holding all my scissors.

They’re also perfect for holding bobbins and small tools. My bobbins are no longer spilling everywhere, and I can see what color thread is on each of them at a glance. Not bad.

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Love it!
So what happened to the other racks that you had? LOL


My tool rack? It’s mounted right next to it, filled with all my other tools!


I think that is FUN storage! Too bad the presser feet don’t work, that would have been awesome. I’ve been trying to figure out a good way to store mine. I love that the bobbins stick and the bias makers!


That’s brilliant! Especially the bobbins.


Brilliant! I knew I need to go to IKEA for something! Now, if only my bobbins weren’t plastic…


I was always losing my scissors before I did the same thing a few years ago. With the ikea knife rack over my cutting table and a peg board behind my sewing machines my tools are always right where I need them. Heads up thoough, after a while your scissors will become magnatized themselves from sticking to and being pulled accross the powerful magnets, meaning that they’ll grab pins off your table or even from your fabric! Just keep your eyes out when cutting near pins to prevent nicking the blades of your shears. (comes in handy for picking up dropped pins though)


I love this, and the buttons post from yesterday! As for pressed feet, I found a vintage type case and mounted it on the wall, and put them in there! (Along with a bunch of other little things…thimbles, needles, my bobbins, etc…)

Anna in Atlanta

Oooo, I LOVE the idea of using this for bobbins. Mine drive me nuts! One thing I’d worry about is if the metal in the bobbin becomes magnetized, will it keep it from turning freely in the machine? Please let us know how it turns out after a few weeks. Thanks!


Please don’t keep bobbins on there! If they become magnetised themselves they can cause problems when you use them in the machine. They’ll stick to the bobbin case and not rotate as freely as they should, resulting in messed up tension and thread feed.


Have you had this problem? Hmm. I’ll keep an eye on them, and if they start to exhibit signs, get one of those cheap little demagnetizing doohickeys at the hardware store.

Mrs Napalm

If your machine is computerised, don’t put anything magnetic near it- It will do far worse than jam the bobbin!


Another great idea! This looks just as adorable as yesterday’s post!


Scissors can become magnetized too, nothing like having pins clinging to your scissors when you try to use them…kind of like having crying toddlers clinging to your legs while you’re trying to make dinner in the kitchen. Not that I have a lot of experience in that area (clinging toddlers) but it’s what I remember from growing up and watching upcoming toddlers at work on my mom.


You could always get the steel spice jars with the see through lids and put your presser feet in them.

or use baby food jars:


I thought about that! I think I may just get a clear box with lid and compartments, though.

Cat Munzing

I kid you not, I was JUST saying to my hubs that I need to get these!! Best idea, I can’t wait to complete the project :)



I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who organizes their thread by color! :)


Get outta town! This is GREAT! I’ve been trying to think of a way to store my bobbins. I’m going to make a special trip to Ikea just to imitate your idea. Love, love loving these organization inspirations.


What a great idea! I’m in the middle of organizing my craft space as I was inspired by your blog post yesterday!


I bought those for the same reason! I found that some presser feet have just a tiny bit of metal that will stick to it, but most wont. Mine now holds my scissors and some spice tins with notions inside as well. I wish I could find a better way to organize those presser feet!


Spice tins with buttons would be pretty cool too.


Yes yes yes. Love this idea! Next time we go to IKEA I was already intending on buying that same knife rack to mount inside our broom closet for our keys. Never considered it could be good for scissors. Maybe then I won’t lose them underneath everything on my sewing table. Sometimes I feel like I need them stapled to me. ;)


Gotta weigh in on the “great idea for bobbins.” Mine are always falling out of their little useless rack in a drawer and the threads are unwinding….etc. etc. I even have a magnetic rack that is languishing in a drawer somewhere. Now to find it…….


I have the very same magnetic racks for all my sewing implements and think they are wonderful.
Having been frustrated at yet again buying a (Brother) foot I already owned , I made a mini pocket organiser with an old pinboead as a rigid support. The pockets are made of transparent polythene/plastic used for protecting tablecloths, edged with fabric and sewn on to fabric. the pockets are just big enough to hold one foot and its instructions for use. It hangs on the wall, looks pretty and I can see what I have. Need to make another one for my vintage Singers.
If anyone is interested, I could post a photo on my poor little neglected blog (


I recently got a similar rack for my scissors, and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s so nice to be able to actually be able to find my scissors and seam ripper!


my bobbins are plastic and i’ve been trying to think of a better way to store them with the matching thread…


My (plastic) bobbins have been driving me mad – you could say I’ve been getting rather wound up….- but I’ve finally found a kind-of solution which is this soft plastic/rubber bobbin ring:

Not exactly aesthetic and the material might deteriorate in a few years’ time but things look a lot tidier now.


I like to keep my bobbins individulally in little clippy bag with the reel of thread. Not as pretty as a rack or stand but so much quicker than trying to work out if that red bobbin goes with that red thread.


Sharon, I agree! I found these “bobbin and a spoolin” sets (bottom left corner) at my local sewing machine store, they work quite well. My mini-ziplocs were getting messy.

Hanny Bobbins

Lovely idea. I use a box designed for fishermen to keep bait in for my presser feet – obviously new and unused – otheriwse euch!! It was so much cheaper than buying something specific for sewing and does the job really well.


Altoids tins also work wonderfully on the magnetized racks….good for holding safety pins and other small things.


Brilliant! I might have to try this, I love the altoids box idea too…


That’s such a clever idea, particularly for the bobbins although mine are plastic so I’ll have to keep thinking on that one. My studio is our conservatory so I’ve got lots of windows and no wall space!


Love the way you organised , Especially bobbins , like it!


Lovely idea!I’ve always find my bobbins all around and messed!It’s so nice to be able tosee all the colors organized!


Just be careful with magnets around computerized machines. I was warned, when I bought my Pfaff not to keep even a manetic pin catcher near it.

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