Tutorial: Corded Loop Pocket


This vintage inspired detail looks so cute on patch pockets! I added pockets to the Ginger skirt with this fun detail. I’m definitely in the pocket-loving camp and if pockets can be added to my garment, then I almost always add them. Patch pockets are really cute, but extra touches like this really make them interesting to me.

I really enjoy looking at vintage garments, taking those special details and finding a way to incorporate them into my own sewing. The inspiration for this came from a 1940s suit jacket found on ebay.

Are you a pocket lover like me?

Items needed

  • tubing or cording
  • pins
  • handsewing needle
  • pocket pattern

1. Using any pocket pattern, draw a gap in the middle of the pocket as shown. Draw the seam allowance as ⅝”.

2. Cut 4 pieces of cording to fit your pocket piece. Sew two pieces of cording together by hand for both pockets.

3. Handstitch ends of circle cording together. Be sure to sew over edges so they do not fray.

4. Snip pocket fabric at an angle toward circles.

5. Fold seam allowance in as shown. Finish edges. Press in place. Now fold the top edge over and press in place. This is the edge where you attach the cording.

6. Pin cording to pocket the top edge. Place circle tube over scalloped tube section. Pin the ends of the cording between the seam allowances [see #8]. Hand sew into place.

7. Edgestitch along pocket edge. To finish, fold sides under and pin to garment. Carefully sew in place. You may need to tack the cording to the inside with some hand stitches before attaching to the garment.

8. This is what the backside will look like.


  • use a contrasting fabric for the cording
  • instead of cording, use a metal circle for the connecting loop
  • play with the number of pieces of cording you use

Caitlin Clark   —  

Caitlin is the Colette Patterns design assistant. You can follow Caitlin at her blog, the story girl.

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I love this pocket I am going to try to apply it somewhere.
Thanks it is beautiful.


Wow! That is so cool. I have started to look at all the possibilities for pockets, and this is yet another amazing cool look. Have you seen this post from Ikatbag? She makes a quilt with 26 different pockets, and includes instructions on how to make each one!

I like the ones with smocking and, of course, the tulip one!


I absolutely LOVE this!!! What a gorgeous detail!


What a gorgeous detail to add to a plain dress or skirt! I’ve never seen anything like it before, wow. Thanks so much for the inspiration, and the tutorial!


hi, is the top one of your patterns? thanks


Yes, that’s our Sencha blouse.


thank you!


Such unique and eye-catching pockets. I really would like to try this.


Way to go, to embellish a skirt.


This is so so cute! I think it would look good on a little jacket or even a bag – thanks so much for the full tutorial!

liza jane

Very, very cool!


Excellent tutorial, adds such a cute touch to the skirt, thanks for sharing this idea!


I really like this a lot! A great detail to add to so many things. I can see this also nicely on accessories. I wish that the ends would not finish as they do though. I would like to try and rework the idea to have the ends hidden somehow.
But don’t get me wrong, I love this and find it so utterly inventive! Good on!


This looks like fun. I’ll definitely be putting a corded pocket on my next project!


Thank yoy

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