Tutorial: Pretty Felt Flowers


At the book launch party, there was a table devoted to crafting with felt. I made several flower pins and some templates for others to use. I thought it would be fun to show you how to make a couple of those flowers. I drew inspiration from two Japanese crafting books: this book and this book.

I love working with wool blend felt! It just feels so nice as you play with it, and it cuts cleanly without all the shredding that cheap felt does. We purchased all our lovely felt from Sue at Giant Dwarf. It’s a great resource, especially if you can’t find wool felt locally.

Tools Needed

wool felt
pin back
scissors, embroidery scissors are excellent
hand sewing needle
glue gun, optional

For both flowers

Draw your templates. Here I drew two long rectangles and two wavy flower shapes in different sizes, as well as some leaf shapes.

Cut out the felt using your templates.

Flower 1

Fold the rectangle lengthwise and snip into it all the way across. Make sure you leave about 1/8″ – 1/4″ at the edges.

Repeat the previous step for the smaller piece.

Keep the felt folded over and sew a basting stitch through the bottom layers.

Pull the thread tightly to gather. This will make the felt bunch up. You can play with it to get it just as you’d like. Sew the flower in place.

Repeat the previous steps for the smaller piece. I made the smaller one bunchy in the middle.

With a couple of stitches, sew the smaller piece into the middle of the flower. Make sure you sew through to the back of the flower. This will ensure it’s tightly attached.

Using a glue gun, attach the pin back to the flower. Or you can do as I have done and sew them together.

Flower 2

Begin rolling the large end towards the smaller end. Stitch as you roll, to keep the flower shape. You may need to pinch the base of the flower. Make sure you sew through all the layers.

Hand stitch the flowers together at the base. This is to make them extra secure.

Hand stitch the leaves together.

Attach the flower and the leaves together. Be careful not to sew through to the top layer.

As above, you can use a glue gun to attach the pin back to the flower. Or you can do as I have done and sew them together.

Happy crafting!

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dragicap…made by me …

Good idea and fantastic way to decorate own dress,hats… I love it!

Rachel W.

How cute! I wasn’t sold on the idea at first, but these are delightful. My winter coat needs a couple to jazz it up for those days when I don’t wear a scarf.

I love wool felt, but it can get pricey. For a recycle-y option, I bet this would work with scraps of wool coating or thick wool flannel that’ve been felted down a bit by a trip through a hot washing machine.

Theresa (Miss Charlotte)

How very darling! I should make my way to my local fabric store (they just received oodles of new wool felt squares in the shop) and get to crafting! Cheers!


simple and lovely. Just the ticket this time of year


This flowers are so pretty and easy to do!


I agree about the feel of wool blend felt! Cuts and sews up so nicely. These flowers would be great gift ideas.


Hi Sarai,
Thanks for sharing this nice tutorial!
I love these flowers!
Have a great evening!


These are really fab! I’m going to have to give it a whirl :)

Sky Turtle

Nice! :)


does anyone know an online site in Canada to buy wool felt? thanks.


oh my goodness, this will look perfect on my dresses. thank you!

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