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The Wardrobe Architect Week 13: Free Download & Giveaway from 110 Creations!


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This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more.

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Today, we have a special treat for you from Beth of 110 Creations, creator of 110 Creations: A Sewist’s Notebook.

If you haven’t seen this book, it’s a wonderful little notebook designed to help you organize and plan your sewing projects. You can use it to sketch ideas, and make notes about details and supplies. So handy!



Beth has also just released a version for kids!

Today, as part of the Wardrobe Architect series, Beth is providing us with a free downloadable worksheet to help plan sewing projects.

She’s also offering two copies of A Sewist’s Notebook, one in the 8.5×11 inch size, and one in the 6×9 inch size.

To enter, leave a comment below telling us about your next sewing project. I’ll pick two winners at random. Enter by Saturday April 19th at midnight and I will pick two winners by random number generator. Good luck!

ETA: Congratulations to winners Shannon and Jamie, chosen by the random number generator!

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I’m planning a cotton summer top – bought the pattern and fabric in winter as a token of faith that Spring would come someday! Sleeveless, square yoke, pleated (pattern) or gathered (probably will do instead of pleats). And added pockets, because I want this to be my gardening/puttering top, and my hands are always full in summer.
Thank for the giveaway opp!


This looks like a wonderful tool! I am needing to make more knit skirts, but am waiting for the new book to arrive. :) And I have the fabric to make a silky pillowcase for my mom. And I have a dress that I am converting to a skirt… and… and… and…
But when will they all get done?!

Sewcial Warrior

My current sewing project is for Sewing Double challenge on the monthly stitch blog- making a Swoon Patterns scarf neck cardigan for me and one for my daughter. Got a garden party dress planned after that :-) Easter sewing here we come!


I’ve heard of these notebooks before- such a neat idea!
I organized my closet last weekend and threw out some silk pashminas I plan on making into summer tops this weekend!


My project for the weekend is a re-fashion – I’m dye-ing a old cream bridesmaids dress navy for an upcoming wedding. Should be fun.


Got some lovely coral stripped jersey- hoping to use for a summer dress eg Coco style


I have two projects coming up this weekend. The Emery dress for the Dolly Clackett group sew and the Mabel skirt version 1!


My next project is the Moneta dress – what else! :)


I’m planning an outfit for some interviews I’ve got coming up. Not sure I have time to make and finish it properly though! Thanks for the giveaway!


I’m looking for the perfect fabric to make a skirt and top two piece “dress”. That book looks like a great place to keep a list of all the other projects floating around in my head.

Nikki H

My next few projects I want to focus on dresses. I’ve been making mostly separates lately but my closet needs more easy flowy summer dresses this year. I’m going to New York this weekend and definitely plan to stock up on some knits.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Amber Hunter

My next project is the sewaholic Gabriola skirt. Just got my 5 yards of fabric for it! After that I want to sew the moneta. I am waiting for your book to come so I can learn knit tricks before I start.

This notebook is such a good idea!


I am learning how to sew underwear and I am loving it!


My next project is Vogue 1378.


My next project is another Spring Showers coat…this time for my little girl. Then it’s some selfish sewing for me. I have several blouses, a couple of dresses and some trousers on my sewing wish list.


I’m torn between starting on a summer dress and a series of t-shirts for the summer. Lately I’ve noticed that most of the tops I have in my closet have a quite deep neckline and I’ve been starting to like a bit more covered look. The girls don’t need to be out in the open all the time :P

And as I’m an organizing freak, this notebook/worksheet is a great idea. :)


My brother’s getting married in late may, so at the moment I’m not only sewing my dress, but my mom’s too. Mine is relatively simple, fitted bodice, circle skirt, lace overlay, but mom’s is SOMETHING, a very complex lace bodice and a flowing chiffon skirt. I’m really excited about it.


I am tooing and froing between a Moneta dress, and a Merchant and Mills Shirt dress. Have both patterns – I think it will all depend on what fabric I get my hand on, knit or not :)


cool! my problem is keeping on track — I have two t-shirts, a blouse and a jacket on my sewing table right now. Maybe if I wrote my plans down, I’d a little more focussed! thanks for the chance


I’m making a dressing for a wedding I’m attending in July I have a beautiful lace just a little undecided on the design, I keep thinking of different options.


I love these notebooks :) My next project is going to be a By Hand London Anna hybrid dress in a comic book print for the Sew Dolly Clackett sew-a-long.


I’m currently working on a Megan Nielsen Kelly mini skirt variation and the toile for a 1980s jumpsuit that I want to make from a set of bedclothes my mum gave to me. (I promise that that sounds way worse than it is! In fact, it will be fabulous! I hope.)


A friend commissioned a top and pleated skirt, so that’s my next/current project. There’s plenty after that, though! LOL


I’m new to sewing and especially garments for myself but I have just finished a knit top and it was so quick . I loved it. I bought this gorgeous ikat knit and I’m planning a cute dress for summer next.


My next sewing project is to convert one of my husband’s old shirts into a feminine blouse.


My next project is a pair of shorts, and the final project to be made from a 4 to 5 yard piece of dark green cotton double knit. This was one of several large pieces of fabric bought for $1 or $2 a yard last fall, an experiment to mass produce a lot of basics, try out new patterns, etc. This piece also yielded a long sleeve wrap blouse, full length lounging trousers, and a tank top. It’s been an interesting experiment, and because I bought so much fabric at once, still prevents me from getting sucked in to buying anything else for awhile, which was also part of the plan!


My next project: the Colette Zinnia (version 2) in a royal purple cotton/silk blend.

Brenda N.

I have started drafting a look-alike Eileen Fisher top. I now have to test it out before I cut my good fabric. I love these little books for sewing organization.


I do not know what my next sewing project is….I have so many in my head I really need to get organized and prioritize…. I need 48 hrs in a day to accomplish all my sewing ideals!


What a great idea! I could really use one of these. I’m currently finishing my Sew For Victory dress but my next project is a prom dress for a friend of mine. I’m making a version of Audrey Hepburn’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” dress.

Emily’s Vintage Visions


i’m planning on making a blue and white polka dotted dress for summer!


I’m about to venture into the world of bra-making. I’m just waiting for a few supplies to arrive. I’d love to have more matching sets of lingerie that really fit well.


I’m currently just getting back into teaching myself how to sew. I’m interested in sewing garments but I’m not going to rush into it. I think my next sewing project is going to be a gym bag!


My next project is a satin dress to wear to my friend’s wedding.


My next project will be a navy and white striped Mabel skirt. This will be my very first knit project!

Alexandra D

My next project I HOPE is a nice organic cotton Mabel :)


I always buy material with a project in mind but usually by the time I’ve put it to one side for a few weeks (I have a little daughter that is so precious but limits my sewing time very much!!) and by the time I’ve washed it and ironed it I’ve already forgotten what I purchase it for – I would love one of these books to help be organise my thoughts before they get lost!


(I loved these notebooks the first time I saw them.)

My next project is an alteration of a thrifted tapestry vest. I’m shortening it to waist length so it will fit my full-hipped figure and will be adding some extra trim. After that, I have a magenta linen skirt planned, a teal biocotton Cambie dress and maybe some lingerie. I only just got my sewing mojo back though, so I’m taking it easy deadline-wise.


I was planning on some Sewaholic Saltspring maxi dresses, but since winter is not letting go in my part of the country, I’m thinking a Moneta with sleeves is more likely to happen! Cannot wait to start my Spring/Summer wardrobe!


My next sewing project will be a spring dress :)


I’ve been wanting one of these notebooks as I’m planning out my spring wardrobe! My next sewing project is a swimsuit and rashguard. I’m drafting my pattern for a two piece suit now and love the swimwear fabric I bought, one is an impressionist style floral and the other is an abstract geometric print. Plus I’m sewing up some swimwear for the kids- rashguards, swim trunks and leggings- we’re in FL so lots of sun protection is a must!


My next few sewing projects are total basics. A swishy gathered skirt in gingham and several renfrew T-shirts for summer wear. Not exciting but my wardrobe is begging for them, as the weather warms.

Lynn B.

What a great idea! I could really use this. I always have a mental and sometimes physical pile of items I want to sew and I don’t track what I have done at all. I can’t wait to use the printed sheets from the download.


My next sewing projects will be a bunch of Mabels and some basic skirts!

Katie Emma

My next project is a Briar top from Megan Nielsen. I bought the fabric and then the Colette Knits book was announced, so I’m waiting to get started on it until I get my hands on the book so I can try out some of the techniques!

Claudia EB

I am making silk blouses for the fall/winter here in Brazil. They will be the basis of my capsule wardrobe.


My 3 yr. old son wants Fireman Sam and Super Mario costumes, and I want a dress. So, it will be one of those. Or all three!


I am pretty sure my next project will be the lovely moneta dress! I received the pattern, along with the wonderful book, last week.


I’m currently making my boyfriend a shirt, but my next project will be a stripped V-neck summer dress, that’ll be perfect for my Italian roadtrip vacations in June. Can’t wait to start this project !

Shelley Gibb

My next project could be an Emery dress in a floral cotton or a Laurel in a cotton bird print or a purple geometric print. Decisions, decisions…

Perhaps 110 creations would help organise myself, I suffer from fabric/pattern/memory compatibility issues.

When will the knits book be available on Amazon UK?

Patricia Jernigan

I’m planning on making some fun, lightweight shorts out of a chambray dress I’ve been hoarding for a refashion. I also have TONS of projects on my to-do list and this notebook will help me tremendously!


Can I play from France ??
My next project is a dress for me (Cami from Pauline Alice), can’t wait to start sewing this dress for summer !


Planning to sew up some basics for my kids summer clothes

Vairë Gwîr

Thank you for the giveaway. Those notebooks look extremely useful for a disorganised sewer like myself =)
My next project will be the Carme blouse by Pauline Alice. It’s just SO my style!


My next project is a new Cherokee tear dress. I’ve lost a lot of weight and my old one is too baggy to wear to pow-wows and stomps any more! I also want to try doing some ribbon applique work this time instead of just sewing ribbons on in stripes.


A baby quilt for a friend/cousin who is due in July!


I can’t wait to try out the Moneta, especially since I’ve been wanting to make a jersey dress with a back that has two panels that wrap and an expose little triangle at the back above the waist. I think I’ll make a Moneta without any crazy alterations first, and then a wrap back second!


I am going to sew a bra! It will be my first one, and I am completely absorbed by th proces of preparation. It is great learning new things!


My next make is for summer (whenever it makes it here!) – a Laurel dress for work. Thanks for this giveaway opportunity.

Helene Reinders

My next project is the Moneta! Also might be my next three as well. Just waiting for my pattern and book to arrive!

Sue gray

Making 3 little bags for flower girls to put their bits and bobs in at their uncles wedding.


As soon as my right foot is functional again (I broke my ankle in February), I’m going to be working on slip covers for the couch and armchair in my living room.


I just finished an Anna dress (By Hand London) for my brother’s wedding. I hope my next one is a Moneta :)


The notebook is a great way to keep sewn clothing information in one place. My next project will be sewing a pair of lighter weight pants in a rayon/poly blend.


I try to keep all my projects organized, but that usually never happens! I could use the notebook!


New sewer, but always just straight into the deep end – after making a kilt, I decided to make a waistcoat (without a pattern) and my next project is a shirt made by tearing up an old shirt and using the bits as a pattern (then jeans). Maybe I should have started with a cushion cover, after all.


I’m planning to make some tees and pants for my daughter for the coming warmer weather.

Johanna@projects by me

My next project will be a pair of blue leggings adn also a knit dress (maybe a Moneta) with wide stripes in white and navy blue.


Ooh yay! My next project is a “sexy” dress, aka a short purple version of By Hand London’s Georgia dress. It’s for a dance event and I’m going to pair it with my pink dance shoes that match my hair, and make a pink beaded necklace/earring set to match as well. ^_^


I am currently working on Simplicity 1652 in navy sateen, but my next project is a striped Moneta!


Im actually planning on picking up fabric to make a Mabel and a Moneta this weekend (Yay preorders!) I just started sewing knits a month ago and I’m hooked. I hope you keep developing new knit patterns : )


I’m making a Mabel skirt right now, but my next project is a Princess Anna coronation gown (from Frozen) for my daughter and her friend. I normally wouldn’t make dress up clothes for my daughter but this one is so beautiful, I couldn’t resist!
By the way, the book for kids looks great.


I am planning on a Mabel! A perfect knit starter project.


I am currently in love with papercut patterns. I am waiting for my next fabric to come in before I decide what to do with it.


My next project is already in the works – a summer dress in a rainbow print for my six year old daughter!


Oh my goodness I can’t Beleive this exists!!! So great! My best project is a raincoat that I’ve been putting off forever because I’m doing the pattern myself but am super excited to get started – I ordered my fabric this weekend!

Lynn H

My next project is a fun, summer skirt! Still searching for that perfect fabric!

Stephanie H

I’m planning to make Simplicity 2444 (after ogling so many gorgeous version in the blogosphere) out of a purple floral (watercolory style) cotton.

Chase Young

My next sewing project are wrap dresses, one in knit and one in woven fabric, just in time for summer! My daughters are working on making Quick Change Trousers from Anna Maria Horner with my help.

Jane Anello

My next sewing project (after finishing work in costume production class) will be a dress to wear to a former student’s wedding this summer.


I have so many projects in mind, but my next one will be the Gerard from Republique du Chiffon, a french company. I just need to find some times in my busy schedule!


I’m working on tops and dresses for the summer, next up is try two at a sleeveless top after redrafting the pattern combining two different sizes!


so far I have 3 mabels planned and 2 moneta’s planned as soon as I receive my gigantic order from Girl Charlee ( I have a serger and my son takes 3 hour naps)


That looks like fun! My next project is a fantasy gown from an old black and white movie I love.

Another great way to plan your sewing projects is the program Evernote. It synchs on my smartphone and computer and I can save all my reference pictures into it easily as well notes as to what I need and patterning, etc. (I think it’s free or a nominal charge or something.) anyway, enjoy! :)


I’m making a pair of pallazo pants in a medium stretch knit for a concert in May.


I have a Laurel cut out on my table right now made from navy blue sweatshirt fleece! And my Moneta and Mable came in the mail yesterday sooooo Moneta is coming soon! I have a lovely cream and mint striped ponte that has been sitting waiting for the perfect knit dress pattern! My mom and I bought the bundle book/patterns together so she’ll be making Mabel while I make Moneta! And I have been coveting this Sewist’s Notebook so I would LOVE to get a copy! (And I love the worksheet!!)


I’m working on a circle skirt this week, drafting the pattern myself. I have this really gorgeous butterfly-print silk twill by Milly and bought some silky soft cotton batiste to line it. I hope to fly through that on a day off tomorrow–and then hopefully my new Colette knits book will come and I’ll get started on Mabel!


I want to make a summer dress, have beautiful challis frabric for it, have to make a muslin (yikes) before I begin.


I have an apron and bag I need to make before the end of the month


I’m making a zinnia skirt with some lovely liberty and definitely a few knit dresses once my book arrives!

Diane @ Vintage Zest

No joke, my next project is a Colette Hazel! I just posted my plans yesterday, and I can’t wait to finish it up. It’ll be my first one!


I am working on a spring dress for a luncheon that I’m going to in a little over a week.


This looks like an awesome tool!
I’m working on a pirate coat, heavily modified from the Simplicity pattern, a bespoke corset, and perfecting my personal pants sloper.


I have a bag to make on my sewing “to do” list, but I’m hoping to get a dress in there too!

Stephanie F

I already bought some white eyelet fabric to start my Iris shorts….getting ready for summer!!

Tonia Jeffery

I’m currently stuck doing Easter dresses, but hope to make some tops for me next.


Baby blue leather top is currently on target :)


i currently have several works in progress but mainly kid projects however i have recently seen some of the new coletterie patterns that i would love to sew and this year i am hoping to branch out into adult clothing so machines at the ready, but this notebook would be both handy and inspirational.


Currently, I’m working on a rag quilt for a young friend. Next, I’d like to sew a sun hat to use when doing yard work.


It was going to be a grey shift dress with some fabric I got for £1 in a charity shop but now that I have seen Mabel… I have a metre of red ponte knit lurking near the top of my stash that’s just calling out to be made into Mabel!

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